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Mystery and Miracles

What you think the cause is usually is not the cause.  Life is full of mystery and we would not have it any other way.  Mystery makes life fun and exciting.  Consider for a minute how your life would be if you knew everything that was going to happen and when.

We will call it a flash forward.  You could see all the challenges you would face in this lifetime all the way down to the detail of who is with you, how you met, and how long you have known each other.  You would know when you die and how, as well as the same for everyone in your life.  How would your life be different?

I am sure many of you are saying, “Kool” I would love to know everything in advance.  But just think about it….  Have you ever gotten a gift that you knew what it was in advance without the other person knowing that you knew?  How did you act?  Was this fun?

Mystery is a gift that you have given yourself!  It adds intrigue and gives you something to look forward to.  It is a reason to go on with your life, because you have Hope that things will be getting better.

If you knew that life was not going to get better would you end it?  Without the mystery, life is lacking a vital aspect of humanity.  Knowing that you can handle whatever life offers up is a great feeling and with the added bonus of mystery it is even better.

The feeling of Joy that comes from taking a risk and experiencing the consequences are not to be underestimated.  Even if you fall flat on your face, you get up and try again.  No harm no foul.  Say for instance that your risk leads to death.  Then you have gained a valuable experience that would have otherwise been lost.  (yes, it is true – Life never ends, only experiences do).

Are you ready for the next great experience coming your way?  What is your attitude about it?  Your expectations set the tone for the experience, even if you have done it a thousand times, no especially if you have done it a thousand times!  Remember to stay open to new experiences, embrace the ones that present themselves, and look for the mystery & miracles that abide in every moment.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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No Order of Difficulty in Miracles

One of the most powerful if not the most powerful concept you can understand is that there is “no order of difficulty in miracles”.  This concept comes from a book called “A Course in Miracles” which I highly recommend picking up.  Do not be in a hurry, because it will take you over a year to read this book.  But then what’s the rush, you have the rest of your life; let’s just hope that lasts longer than the year! 

The main premise of this world we live in comes down to one thing, separation.  Everywhere we look we see separate people, things and places.  This is not a new concept that I am introducing here, I talk about it often because it is so important to the workings of life.  God is all there is and by now I suspect that you are pretty comfortable with that idea, but are you comfortable with that reality?  I would think not since you and I are still here! 

ACIM calls the world illusory and what you think you are seeing is only a product of your thoughts.  Notice I did not say imagination, because this world has rules and structure so that it seems very “real”.  To quote a favorite character of mine Morpheus from the movie The Matrix, “What is real”?  You will remember that he asks further, “Is it something to can touch, taste, see or feel?  If so those can be broken down to electrical signals running through out your body.”  Real suddenly becomes a lot more ephemeral!  ACIM teaches that God is the only “real” there is and we are already there, cradled safely in “all that is”. 

Life takes on a new meaning when we understand that there is “no order of difficulty in miracles”.  So what is the purpose of miracles anyway?  ACIM teaches us that the false belief that we are separate from God is corrected by miracles.  So this means that miracles are simply here to “correct our misperceptions”.  You can think of this as a shift in consciousness.  Miracles join us with Christ mindedness or Buddha consciousness or simply with GOD.  Unity is indeed the goal of all Miracles! 

With this understanding now we can see that miracles join or unify, and it makes no difference whether we think something is hard or easy, big or small.  Moses parting the Red Sea so that Hebrews could re-join their brethren is a wonderful example of miracles having no order of difficulty. 

Looking at miracles this way means that a simple smile can be a miracle when it joins two people.  If you are not experiencing miracles everyday then you are out of synch and need to take another look.  All it takes is a shift in consciousness and that can happen in a instant!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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