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Mirrors of Friendship II

Transition is a long and sometimes arduous journey so it is very important to treasure each moment of Joy and each success along the path.  Doing this alone is certainly possible, but the Joy grows exponentially when there is someone who cares to share the experiences with.

Often the decision to begin the transition journey i.e. come out to your partner or parent(s) is the biggest challenge.  Will they accept you?  The real question is do you accept yourself?  The only way to know if you accept yourself is to observe how others treat you.  I know this may seem backward or strange, but this is just how it works.  Understand this… you are all there is, all else is a reflection of who you are.  This may seem odd and self-centered, but it is the Truth and it is both good and bad news.

I call this the mirror principle.  Life is often like living in a house of mirrors, and it can get pretty confusing.  This being said let’s get back to your partner who is having difficulty with your coming out news.  Each person in your life has their own vision of you… as a reflection of themselves, because from their perspective they are the only person there is!  So, be gentle with your expectations of them just as you are gentle with your expectations of yourself.  Do on to others as you would have done on to you, because they are you!  We are One.  Each person is an individuation of the whole; the One; all there is.  All those who are close to you will transition with you or they will fall out of your life.  Transition/change is like walking into a new room, if they do not come with you,… well you get the idea.

When you think about this it explains a lot about the reactions and treatment you get from others.  You may or may not be treated well, however the longer and deeper your understanding of this reality the better life gets.  Those who see themselves to be like you or see something in common are going to be supportive and understanding (and vice versa).  This is a great reason to join a support group!  The internet is a great place to look for one, or you could ask around, network with friends and if you still need help, contact me – I am here for you.  The time spent with others on a similar journey will help you to better understand yourself and give you the opportunity to grow self love.  The Love you give is the Love you receive!  Not only do support groups offer much needed information such as where to go to get the things you need, what to look out for along the path, and who can help you; they show you who you are and I find this to be the greatest gift anyone can offer!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Life is your Mirror

What does your lifestyle say about you?  Look around and see for yourself!  Is your car cluttered with “stuff”?  What about your desk, bedroom, living room, yard, or closet?  Is this stuff a sense of identity for you?  It is for most people and I question this.  Not if it is right or wrong, that is subjective, but what purpose does identifying with works of art or advanced technological devices serve for you?

Have you ever considered why you have to have the latest computer or that cute trinket from your vacation?  Everything you do, say, or think defines you.  Take a step back and see this.  Who are you?  Really?

Your environment also defines you and tells you much about the person you are.  Is your life about clutter or order, dirty or clean, scarcity or abundance?  The cluttered mind is reflected in a cluttered life, dirty thoughts are reflected in a dirty life, and abundant thoughts beget an abundant life.  I hope you will take a minute to look at your life and start living with intention and purpose.  Make a conscious choice to be one way or the other.  Clean your house because that reflects the type of person you are, not because I or anyone else says you should.

Life is a reflection of your thoughts, words, and actions.  So if you wish to know yourself, just look at your friends, family, job, activities, and living space.  It can be a sobering event!  And it can be inspiring too.  This is one of the most important principles you can learn! Once you start living on purpose, the world becomes your oyster and you are the pearl.

Living Consciously means being aware of the details, appreciating them, but not obsessing on them.  It is a fine line, but one that is very rewarding!  What is important to you?  Who are you?  What do you need to align with this?  The mirror is your best friend, as is pain, the bully that kicked your ass, and the accident you had last month.

“A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror.”  Ken Keyes

Be the Love (insert your choice) you desire!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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