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A Multi-Dimensional Being

The way you make love is the way God will be with you ~ Rumi

Have you considered how you connect with the rest of the world?  And I am not just speaking physically but multi-level… think chakras and the energy each manifests.   This is what is meant by a multi-dimensional being. This is who you are and perhaps a source of dysphoria or simply a feeling of not belonging.  Why do you feel this way, you know the feeling of being separate from everything.  Others don’t understand you and at times you don’t understand them either.  Is this feeling necessary to live in the world of physical matter?  Perhaps, however we are looking at the big picture today and your task is to relate this information to your own life and perspectives.

For more on the chakras and what I speak of there being different levels of being please read this article which is quite good at explaining each level of chakra, and remember each level has different dimensions(bodies) such as physical, emotional, mental, astral, etc. for more on this I found this article on human nature.

I realize this topic can be a bit overwhelming it has taken me many years to grasp only a fraction of this knowledge.  Take one step at a time and with only a little effort the puzzle pieces fall into place.  I can’t tell you how beautiful the finished product is because you must see that for yourself, and this could quite possibly be the reason you are here reading this now.

Moving on to another message which I find intriguing and again quite possibly the reason I am here writing this blog.  I wish to more fully understand and embrace my inner being.  This quote sums it up…

“When we touch the place in our lives where sexuality and spirituality come together, we touch our wholeness and the fullness of our power and at the same time our connection with a power larger than ourselves.”
― Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective

Focusing more directly on just one aspect of the greater system, the second chakra in orchestra with the others seems to be extremely important to living a whole life.

“If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately in the world then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel, know, and value deeply.”
― Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective

How does this fit into the gender journey?  And, how does our relationship to other-self determine the quality of life we live?

The answer lies within each person uniquely.  Speaking from the transgender perspective I know I am a multi-dimensional being as I sense this acutely.  Even the label human feels odd to me and as I work down the path, male, caucasian, american, heterosexual, woman, each identity is ephemeral in reality.  Must I embrace my sexuality to define my being?  Can I be without orientation?  Is this desirable?  The quote above would suggest embracing ones sexuality is the key to a full expression of self.  From experience I have to agree.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Multi-Dimensional Life

We live in more dimensions than simply the 3rd (the physical world you think is real).  Actually life is much more complex than we realize.  For simplicities sake we are only aware of one dimension at a time.  At this stage of the game the brain can only process data from one dimension at a time.  However this is changing, the human body is evolving.  Our minds are expanding and the body we need to process this information is growing to keep pace.

When you sleep your life is lived in another dimension.  It is where the 3rd dimensional life is constructed.  It is a realm of the Spirit because you feel no pain there and yet you do feel things just in a different way – sometime pleasurable, sometimes frightful.

Have you ever experienced Deja’vu?  You know the experience of already having lived a certain series of events.  This is the mind connecting the dots; remembering both the dream creation and the 3rd dimensional experience.  It means you are on the right track, doing precisely what you intended to do.  The dream world is quite fascinating and if you practice you can remember your dreams quite clearly.

Set your intention to remember your dream before going to sleep.  Keep a writing pad by the bed and when you awaken write down as much as you can.  Move slowly, and stay relaxed.  Focus on the dream and remembering.  Once the dream is written down you can process the dream.  Another important thing to do is ask yourself what the dream means, what is significant?  Pay attention to your feelings as messages are often conveyed in feelings.

The dream world is your life in another dimension.  If you intentionally meditate on other dimensions you can experience them as well.  Having a guide on these mediations is helpful.  Many good meditations exist online, youtube, etc. and certain aids can be helpful.  Binaural beat sound therapy is excellent at harmonizing the brain to function at full capacity.  There are natural chemicals that help you attain the experience of other dimensions such as Ayahuasca (ayawaska), Peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, etc.  (Artificial or man-made chemicals/drugs are both dangerous and harmful so stay away from these!)

Sacred Geometry is another great tool to assist in this journey.  The emissary wheel with its 12 pointed star is perfect to travel the twelve dimensions.  The Merkaba is another good tool for meditation.  These methods are offered for your research, so experiment with different techniques, but do not become attached to any one method.  Let go and let God, while always seeking to expand and deepen your experience.  Intention is so important in this Journey of Love!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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