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Affirmative Thought

The use of positive affirmations to manifest your desires is somewhat like praying but with a big difference.  When you pray to God or anything else you put your power outside yourself and out of your control.  God is not outside you but in, through and one with you.  God is not separate!

This little detail makes a world of difference in the results you experience.  When God is no longer outside you, there is no authority to judge you and send you to Hell or any other bad thing.  This has always been true but possibly not always your experience.  The ego mind is creating those “bad” things in order to prove itself right, “see you can die, we are separate” would be the ego thought pattern.  Or “I am a bad person for being different – I am freak.”  This is all illusion made up by your ego mind. 

Knowing the Truth will set you free!  The Truth is that you are a blessed child of God/Goddess/Universal Mind.  The way you can use this truth for your betterment and the betterment of the world is to affirm this Truth.  Affirmations are a great way to shift your thinking to the positive and create habits of seeing the good in everything. 

There are a couple of ways of using affirmations, but the simplest is to just notice the positive truth.  “I am a beautiful woman/man/person” stated over and over seeds itself into your conscious mind, then filters down to the unconscious mind where it is manifest.  You see if these thoughts are not in your unconscious mind then they are not manifest.  You can say “I am a millionaire” for years and years, but if you do not believe it to the point of it being an unconscious truth then you will not experience it, even though it is true. 

The next way to say an affirmation is to reason with yourself like this:

“I know there is one infinite loving universal intelligence and it is all there is.

Since it is all there is I must be a part of that oneness, which makes me perfect, whole and complete. 

My abundance is constant and ever flowing as is my wisdom and vibrant health. Peace and loving relationships come easy for me as they are the natural flow of life.  I am expressing divine feminine in all that I do, while still honoring the masculinity from which I spring. Creative self-expression is one way in which I enrich the world around me.  My understanding is that all which comes my way is here to deepen my appreciation and enjoyment of the world, so I step forward each day with Love and hopeful anticipation.   I am Woman, Perfect, Whole and Complete!”

This statement can be left this way as a good affirmation or extended into a complete prayer by adding the following:

Anything that appears to be contrary to this is false and I allow it to fall away naturally.  I go with the flow….

Because the greater truth about me is that I am woman – sexy, loving, vibrant, accepting and understanding, I rest in gratitude.  When I speak my feminine voice is heard! 

For this awesome truth I give thanks in this knowing. 

I now release these words that they may resonate through the cosmos and do their good and effective work!

And so it is. (Amen)

Be creative and edit this prayer to your Truth, make it yours.  Remember that the more often an affirmation is said the more seeds are planted in the conscious mind.  Feel the truth of it.  Feel the Joy!  All else is let go. 

One more method of using affirmations is to surround yourself in these statements, pasting them on the computer, on the walls, on the calendar, on the dashboard of your car, on the mirror, on the fridge, etc.  Say things that you wish to experience more of; statements that are in line with your desires.  For instance, I love you, I am abundantly wealthy, I can easily afford a new car, I am happy being me, Learning is fun and easy.  Don’t worry about what appears to be true or not true, only about what you desire.  I think you get the idea, so have fun with this. 

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Dream a Little Dream

Transitions are always a part of our lives, it just depends on which one takes front stage at the time.  Many of us are transitioning jobs, homes and families these days and the reasons for this are many and complex, however on the larger scale I would say the whole world is transitioning! 

As is predicted with the 2012, Age of Aquarius, we are going through a time of great change which is touching each of us deeply.  This opportunity to experience something that only happens every 25,000 years is quite remarkable.  I am not sure you grasp the significance of this, and I am not sure I do completely.  What I do know is that life is changing and will never be the same again.

Stay awake and aware of your role in this process.  Know that your choices do matter, literally.  Have you noticed that it is easier to manifest your desires?  That your wishes are coming true faster and with greater accuracy?  As the days go by to the quickly approaching Age of Aquarius the possibilities will turn into probabilities and the probabilities will turn into certainty.  Now is the time to become a believer if you were not before.  Hold on to your dreams now more than ever! 

I cannot stress how important it is that you stay focused on your dreams and that you think about what works for you.  What do you really want?  Notice how you feel after you get it.  It is human nature to yearn for something better, more or greater.  So let’s put our sights on perfection.  This is where many of us loose our way.  Life already is perfect for this moment, and each moment is expanding, so it is the nature of the Universe to grow, improve, expand, gain complexity, be perfect in that moment.  Your life cannot help but improve! 

Your thoughts are directing the flow, so are you staying positive?  Focusing on your desires, wants and needs?  Or are you getting side tracked with saving the world or building an empire?  It is important to set your priorities in this time of drastic and quickened change.  Think not only of yourself but what is best for everyone on earth.  As you wish for yourself, so will others experiences be.  We are all in this together!

A personal observation has been that what I desire I see other people experiencing.  For instance, I buy a lottery ticket and I pick up the newspaper to read an article about a homeless man who won the jackpot.  Or I say a prayer that I get a new car and a friend is talking about her new car she just got.  It is all in divine order!  We truly are One, so you see why it is important to be positive and dream wonderful dreams for all the world.  We are all in this together, and it is not about you, but about them!

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