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Identity Vs Role Play

Identity vs. Role Play

When was the last time you considered your identity consciously?  I mean were you really aware of your self-identity and how you relate to the world?  Who are you?  Where does the roles you play fit into your identity and where do they separate?  These are questions I ask myself regularly so I will share some of my insights.  Your experience here will likely be different than mine, but then this is what makes life worth living.  Variety is the spice of life.

Breaking down the question “Who are you?” leads to who = person, are = state of being, and you = ???  “You” is a broad term and as we grow spiritually we realize that there is a lot more to “you” than realized. There is the individual you (the self-identity), the roles you play as you (Mother, Daughter, housewife, friend, etc.), the larger you connected through community (teacher, activist, citizen, steward, etc.) and the Universal One you, which is the only “real” you there is.  I use “real” loosely here which is why I put it in parenthesis.  Perhaps it is “real” which we ultimately seek, but for now we will stick with identity and roles.  Using them as the barometer for which we measure these things.

We each play roles constantly and this includes the one you are playing right now as you read this. It is important to clarify the roles in each situation of your life so you may more fully experience who you really are.  Wait, is this true?  Are you the roles you play?  Perhaps the answer lies in context and it is the very Matrix you exist in that determines who you are at that moment.  Not to say because you swim in the ocean you are fish, but it does mean you are fish like and the connection to life in the sea is that much more relevant to you.  The sea will also inform your actions and vice versa.

I believe life to be circular, meaning who you are informs life and life itself informs who you are; it is a give and take, an ebb and flow!  This means that who you are is constantly changing depending on your thoughts and the feedback you get from “the Universe”.  Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am”.  Does this mean we are our thoughts?  Or that it is thought that creates us?  Who is this “I”?  Most likely you have some idea to your answer to these questions and it is as valid as any I can offer, however since this is my blog I will offer up my answer.

Identity is like an onion with many layers each informing the whole as an aspect of the greater whole, the totality of existence.  As one aspect of this totality, Universal Intelligence or “All that is”, I am as I identify, and in each moment this identity takes the form of a role I play.  So I am not the role, but the role is who I am at the moment.  The role will shift often instantly from one to another and so does my identity from the perspective of the Universe, but not from my own perspective.  I see myself as unchanging (often we identify with our body) and so to really know who I am, I must interact with this Universe (other people, nature, etc.).  We know ourselves through others; they reflect back the identity I project.  This is done through thought, so what you think about yourself determines your identity in this world.  To know what this is one must engage life.  Looking in the mirror only shows you the exterior form, which is far from who you really are. This is one page in a very long book!  In the end the only way to know what is, is to know what isn’t.  This is the lesson we are each here to learn in our own way.  For more on this scroll to the bottom of this page, and experience the Journey of Love!

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Labels, Good or Bad?

The labels we speak of today are the ones we put on our identity and the identity of others.  We are not discussing if it is a good idea to label our food with contents and source, although that is always a good idea in my humble opinion.  Upon further reflection though maybe we are talking about all the labels we use whether they are for food, pets, neighbors, or house plants.

This world is obsessed with labeling everything!!  Even “Good” or “Bad” are labels, so let’s begin by considering what label means.  The meaning we discuss here is “to put in a certain class; classify.” (  Consider the role labels play in Gender Identity and any identity really.  What about roles and role playing?

Everyone plays roles and sometimes more than one at a time.  Mother, Father, Child, Engineer, Doctor, Maid, Saint, Sinner, Biscuit eater!  Roles and thus labels provide definition in life.  Imagine an actor being asked to act without a script or a director.  How would that movie turn out?  It could be good, but most likely it would be confusing and you would not even watch.  Life is a one person show!

You are the writer, director and actor!  This means the labels you choose are personal.  If you choose labels others can relate to then you will find popularity and acceptance, however if you choose labels others see as absurd then your experience will be very different.  Have you ever seen a cat that acts like a dog?  Following you around, fetching a ball, and chewing on shoes?  I have and it is funny, although it also sends a message that labels always fall short on accuracy.  Why?  Because life is personal, and of your creation so each person will experience life differently.

Labels do serve to provide a point of reference and provide a suggested experience, but they do not determine the outcome, that is up to the individual.  Try this exercise, go for a walk in the woods or anywhere really, and let go of your definitions of the world around you.  Label nothing and instead find an object and become it by saying “I am that, I am”.  The maple tree becomes you, and you become a maple tree.  Feel the energy and imagine the processes going on inside you (just as you probably do with your human body).  Feel the sap flowing, the sun energizing your leaves and the wind moving your branches!  Labels suddenly lose their importance, and Spiritual essence takes over.

Yes, labels serve the purpose of defining life, but do you really want to have everything boxed up and neat?  What about the joy of discovery?  The surprise in finding a treasure you never knew existed!  As my mom always told me, there is a time and place for everything.  Be careful how you use labels.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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All The World Is A Stage

We all play roles in our lives all the time and this includes the one you are playing right now.  It is important to clarify your roles in each situation of life so that you may more fully experience life.  Even more important is to realize that you are not the roles that you play.  It is easy to get caught up in role playing and believe this is who you are. 

The daily social roles are the easiest to get stuck on, such as mother, daughter, grandmother, spouse, partner, friend, and caregiver.  The occupational roles such as Doctor, Lawyer, Mason, or Chef are also something that many identify with and this can be both stifling and liberating depending on how you view them. 

“You” is a broad term and as you grow spiritually you realize that there is a lot more to “you” than you realized.  There is the individual you, the roles you play as you, the larger you that is connected through community and there is the Universal One you, which is the only “real” you there is. 

Knowing this is important because if you get caught up in a role it will rule your life instead of you being in charge.  It is like putting the cart before the horse.  When you know who you are and come from this core place you always have a strong foundation on which to stand. 

You are not this occupation or that social role but a Divine Child of the Creator and an heir to the throne.  You are a humble servant of the Most High.  How you serve now can take any form and will change often from moment to moment.  You may be a beautiful woman, mother, spouse, daughter, and lawyer all at the same time!  The trick is to allow yourself to be each fully while in that role.  While on the phone with your daughter be the mother that you are fully and completely.  As soon as you hang up with her you are back to being the lawyer so you give that your all.  A co-worker compliments you on being beautiful and in that moment you experience gratitude and humility.  The joy of the moment will stay with you but your role in the next moment will change back to being the top lawyer. 

The important aspect of role playing is when you are in a role you allow Divine Spirit to flow through in that role and no other.  When in another role you focus only on that role.  It is in the moment living that truly empowers you to live your life to the fullest.  As we all know, there is only one time and that is now.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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