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Relationships can be complex with all the drama, expectations, and emotional turmoil involved, however they don’t need to be.  Simplicity is a welcome approach in all your best relationships. Sometimes we need the drama in order to work out karma and to get to know ourselves better, so these relationships usually happen early on in life.  The quicker you learn your lessons the less you need the complex relationships.

Each person has many facets to their being and we are here today to discuss the sexual aspect.  “The second chakra is the sacral chakra associated with sensual movement and with sexuality. The information contained in the second chakra relates to relationship, emotions, intimacy, sexuality, creativity, work and money.” (Candess, 2014)

One part of sexuality is attraction; some call this sexual orientation, although we are going to be a little more specific.  Polarity is “the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects. The polarity between male and female” (Google, 2014) What we are speaking about today is the energy between us which we either find attractive or repulsive just like in a magnet.

Each person generates their own magnetic field which fluctuates over time and some can see this as their aura.  This can get a bit complicated so no worries if you don’t get it all first time through.  I am also not going to get terribly deep with this, so if you need to go deeper I suggest doing your research, meditating on Polarity, and experimenting with these principles.

Have you ever been with someone who you were intensely attracted to, who just ‘turned you on’ by being around them?  This is what I am talking about and I call this polarity.  If not, then perhaps you have negative polarity or your system just needs to be charged.  If you remember from high school, magnets are either (+) or (-) charged and attract their opposites.  On the human scale feminine is (-) and masculine (+).  Notice I did not say male or female here because sometimes males are (-) and females (+), we call this transgender.  Transgender also is often neutral or neuter in sexual terms.

So you can see the bit about sexual orientation is off base here, because this is set at birth.  You are attracted to opposite, same sex or somewhere in between and this is hard wired and cannot be changed.  What can be changed is your polarity!  Those who are good at this are bisexual or pansexual as I prefer to call them.  Bisexual as a word is deceptive because it implies only two sexes and as we all know by now that sex and gender are spectrums or scales, not either/or.

Polarity is really simple for heterosexuals because they are strongly charged and usually specifically attracted to certain people and as the scale shifts it gets more complicated in the middle and less complicated again on the other end of the spectrum at homosexual.  Remember that Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Polarity are separate aspects of second charka energy.  Where this becomes really important to understand is for the transgender person or Gender Queer who can find this very confusing.  It has taken me years to understand it!

What makes this information valuable is if you are neutral, potential does not exist for you.  Think in terms of electricity and magnets.  If your polarity is neutral you neither attract nor repel, so in relationships this negates any possibility for sexual attraction.  On the orientation scale this would be asexual.  So what I am saying is without potential, no work gets done.  This aspect of your life remains idle.  Sexual energy transfer is how we charge the system (by having sex).  Being charged up gives us energy and purpose driving our actions.  The masculine shares physical energy in this transfer and the feminine shares mental and emotional energy so if you have one in excess or deficiency this will drive your attraction toward those who can balance your energy.  A person can be strongly charged and still in balance which is the goal here I suppose.  Meaning you have an abundance of all three energies.

Test these concepts as I present them here and see for yourself how they are true for you.  I share from my own experience and understanding and certainly do not claim to know all.  I do find this fascinating though and encourage others to get to know themselves better also.

The question for me arises; did I transition to balance my energy?  Being male born and attracted to neither sex, I first was attracted to females (with some mental coercion from my psyche as to what is proper) and then later to males (so again the psyche pushed me to be of opposite sex).  As it ends up I identify as Pansexual, but then identity is just your perception of reality (if there really is one)!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity   For more on this topic read Sex and Sexuality

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Sex Chakra Explored

Sex is a complicated subject as well as a multi-dimensional one.  Gender is separate so put that out of your mind right now. Our entire life is multi-dimensional when you look at it from the perspective of Chakras.  With each of the seven Chakras being one dimension, for the sake of this blog we will only cover the second chakra for brevity.  I will also point out there are at least 12 Chakra levels/dimensions which extend from the Root of your being out to the farthest reaches of the Universe.  The actual root for us earthlings is our Sun extending to the planets, human beings, the solar system, the galaxy, and the Great Central Sun.  The chart below is a view of the metaphysical teachings of the 12 Chakra system.  The first seven are most commonly focused on because they directly involve the body.


Now consider the aspect of sex which we all know, the parts between your legs.  This is just one level or aspect of sex; Orange, Polarity Chakra.   This is the aspect of male/female polarity and in our society the most basic level of sex.

Each being has a system of Chakras which connect them to the whole.  The point of connection between us can occur at each level.  Sexual intercourse occurs at the level of the orange polarity Chakra.  This again is a basic level of sex which serves procreation of our species as well as the transfer of vital energies between partners.  It is a sacred act, unless it is not.  This means your intention determines the energy shared.  Yes, we are conscious beings and we have moved beyond the level of simple procreation.  If the intention is to have children then this will occur, however if the only intention is to share energy this is all that will occur, but it must be done on a conscious level; a level of mastery many on our planet are now achieving if they so choose.  Unconscious sex, the animal drive is all about procreation, thus the need for birth control.  When taken to a higher level of conscious intention and divine love exchange, medical intervention is no longer necessary.

The female shares mental and emotional energies while the male brings physical energy to the sharing.  The blend of energies depends on the individuals participating, so if both are female then one will share physical energy and the other will share mental/emotional energies.  One of the roles sex plays is it allows us to balance our energies.  Having an open and active Orange, Polarity Chakra is important in proper function of this sharing.  One of my favorite meditations for this is the singing bowls.

Things get out of balance when sex is forced, faked, or avoided.  This of course can happen with any of the Chakras, they become blocked or partially blocked.  Meditation is a good tool to keep the Chakras open as well as the other basics such as exercise, good nutrition, and good hygiene.  Loving conscious practice is also important in the healthy functioning at all levels.  The seven chakra series of singing bowls makes a great way to balance these energies.

One aspect of sex which needs sharing consists of the aspects of masculine and feminine.  Think of these as energies, not physical forms.  Masculine, the rod, is the energy of a man, such as strong, hard, angular, rough, aggressive, giving and active.   The rod is designed to give to the receptacle.  It is the energy of penetration and physicality.  Feminine, the receptacle, is the energy of a woman such as soft, curvy, voluptuous, receptive, attractive, subtle, gentle and serene. Often this energy is slow moving, emotional, and mental.   These are the energies which are shared during sex no matter whether the partners are opposite sex or same sex.  Every person has both in a balance depending on their physical sex.  Another way to think of this is a spectrum with feminine energy at one end and masculine at the other.  Each person falls somewhere in between.  The partner attracted will be opposite this balance and the balance is not fixed, so things can change over time; however they do tend to stay close to the same.

So now you have a primer to deepen your exploration of sex and its purpose.  The eBook, “Sex and Sexuality – One Woman’s Journey of Discovery” has a whole chapter dedicated to sexual purpose, Ch. 8 Sex as Communication.  Blessings on your Journey of Love♥

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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