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Shortest Day of the Year

“Yule was the traditional name for the celebrations around the 25th; the festival lasted for twelve days, which are now the twelve days of Christmas. The origin of the word Yule seems to originate from the Anglo Saxon word for sun and light, most likely regarding the rebirth of the sun from the shortest day. In many places fires or candles were kindled to burn through the twelve days that marked the festivities. Another fire tradition was that of the Yule log, lit from the remains of last year’s log at sunset on the 25th of December. The Yule log was often of Oak or Ash, and the burned remains of it were thought to guard a home against fire and lightning. The ashes were also sprinkled on the surrounding fields to ensure good luck for the coming year’s harvest. The largest remaining part of the log was kept safe to kindle next year’s fire.

To our ancestors the shortest day (21st December) marked the lowest ebb of the year, but it also marked the day when the sun was reborn, gradually growing in strength to the Midsummer Solstice. Many ancient standing stones, stone circles and other monuments are aligned with the winter sunrise on the 21st of December; the most famous being Newgrange in Ireland, where a finger of sunlight shines along the dark entrance through a narrow aperture above the monument’s entrance. Other sites are correspondingly aligned to the Midsummer sunrise, highlighting the importance placed on these two dates.” Daniel Parkinson

However you celebrate this time of year remember the Joy associated with the coming of the Light.  Also celebrate the many accomplishments that have brought you to this point.  Making it through the darkness is Joyous indeed!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Solstice celebration, Shine your Light

Today is the shortest day of the year, Winter Solstice.  Being the shortest day of the year means that it is the longest night!  Symbolically or metaphysically this is very significant.  Today we transition from darkness to light.  Each day from now on will be brighter and though we have 3 months of winter ahead of us we can rest assured that spring is only 90 days away.  Some places of course will experience warmth much sooner than others and in fact it is 81 degrees today in Maui HI.  So this is not about temperature, this is about the light. 

Light is the symbol of God’s love for humanity and all life everywhere.  Without light we will eventually die, because we are made up of its energy.  The plants we feed on rely on this light to grow and so as we consume plants we consume the energy of the sun.  Yes, the source in this world of our light is the sun.  However it is not the only source of light.  Research has proven that we have cells that luminesce.  How can this be?  Since I am a minister you are going to get the Spiritual answer, which to most of you will be obvious, we are the light! 

I mean we are made in the image and likeness of God, so why wouldn’t we be the light?  It is my belief that as our consciousness grows we will become more and more luminescent, and that we are evolving into the next human race here on earth which is Homo Luminous. We have a saying in Spiritual circles that we are to “shine our light” into the world so that we lift others and the entire world.  The ancients knew of this and thus came the symbol in early religions of the Halo above the head of a Spiritual person, Angels, Saints and the like.  The concept of us being the light is not new, although like much of wisdom these days it is being re-discovered as new.  The “new age” movement got its name from the concept of remembering our ancient wisdom, thus making it new. 

So if you think that evolution is a slow process you would be right, humanity has been evolving from the beginning, however the visible effects of this evolution are often experienced rather quickly.  This is why they say that evolution goes in spurts, or short bursts of change.  Open your eyes and see the transition!  2012 is the celebrated beginning of an age of a new human race on earth.  It is the time of inner peace, simplicity, and joy in so many ways.  Homo luminous is emerging to take their place in the history of the world.

I would like to leave you with an image to hold.  When you see the lights that are everywhere this holiday season, know that you are that light!  We are celebrating the birth of Christ, which is the coming of the Light, which is GOD, which is who you are!!  Shine your light 😉

Sequoia Elisabeth

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