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Soul Groups

Soul groups work together in each lifetime to reach a collective goal.  Each soul will have individual goals as well.  You may or may not know who is in your soul group consciously in this lifetime.  They are usually the ones who “come to your rescue” or appear out of nowhere to put you back on track.  They may only be in your life for a few minutes, or they may be in your life for the entire time (family members).  This of course does not mean that just because they are family members they are in your soul group.

This blog came to me last night and I share it, not as fact, but as intuitive knowing.  Many books have been written about soul groups and what I share here now is icing on the cake or a glimpse of the iceberg.  If this intrigues you as it does me, be sure to read Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends, by Neale Donald Walsch and Journey of Souls, by Dr. Michael Newton.

Soul group size varies, from 10-50 individuals maybe more, seldom less.  Everything you experience in life is voluntary, often an agreement made in the group before you incarnated.  The knowledge you have along the way is on a need to know basis.  This serves several purposes; one is to keep it light and easier to accomplish the goals.  Another is simplification.

There is no failure, it simply is not possible.  Your purpose is reached before you move on to other experiences.  “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.” Richard Bach

You are never ever alone!  It may seem like you are alone and it often does feel that way, but rest assured you have a guardian angel and a Spiritual Guide with you at all times.  Sometimes they intervene to assist your journey, but often they do not because you contracted for the experience.  Even the starving children you see on TV and war torn countries have contracted for the experience, they are volunteers.  It may be your purpose to help them or it may be to harm them (usually indirectly, but sometime directly as a soldier or something).  This is why we are taught not to judge others.  You have no idea what their purpose is or why they are doing what they are doing (or not doing).  Ask for understanding and guidance and you will receive it.  Be open because it often comes in odd ways.

If it helps your journey you will know of other soul group members, if it does not, then you simply will not know.  Do not be concerned with who they are or why they are here.  Instead be open to your journey or purpose.  Why are you here and what can you do to further your experience?  It will take as long as it takes, meaning you could live 100 years, or 100 minutes.  Living in this context is relative since no one ever really dies.  It is a perception to die and if you do “die” before your time you have the option to return and skip that experience if you choose.  It is all about the purposes you and your soul group agreed upon.  This experience is often called a crossroads and many people reach this place at one time or another on their journey.

Remember the story is ever going, like the spokes of a wheel spinning!  Soul group members may die as one person only to return as another.  A great grandmother could return to be a grandchild or whatever, the possibilities are mind boggling.  It is even possible for your pets to be a part of your soul or a soul group member.

The Love you surround yourself with is an extension of you.  This can take a multitude of forms; however in these modern times our electronics are an extension of who we are, our wisdom, intelligence, imagination, and creativity.  As I have written many times before, everything you do, say, and think define you as a person.  There is no right or wrong although there is harmony and disharmony.  Going with the flow, loving all whom you meet, and being true to self are steps on the path of harmony.

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Livin Large

This year of 2012 is the year of coming out and living large!  There is no time like the present, so why not make your dreams be true right now?  You think there is something to lose?  Do you think living someone else’s dream, following their path, or obeying their rules will make you happy or fulfill you in any way?

I am not suggesting that you get in anyone’s business, only that you take care of your own!  YES, take care of yourself.  Listen to your heart (soul) and follow your own compass.  The brain is logical and we have been taught to follow it’s guidance and that has gotten us to where we are now.  What I suggest is to let go of logic and rational thinking, in fact let go of all thinking.  Of course you cannot do this completely…unless you do.

Limits are created by you for you.  They are intended to direct your path and protect you from danger.  What they have become though is a walled off room with no exits.  Even a maze has exits!  Get out the “metaphorical” dynamite and create an exit…  Listen to your heart and you will know what to do.  There are no mistakes, only scenic routes and direct paths.  It is your choice which path you travel.

Unity in Gender Diversity is here to help you in this Journey!  The words of wisdom offered on its pages are intended to motivate, inspire, and guide you to reach for the stars!  Just as this blog does.  If you have not read previous blogs, please look them over and read the ones your heart guides you to read.  Be not afraid, the answer lies within!  Within your heart, within the pictures you see, the words you read, and the feelings you experience.  “Life is simple; easy is up to you!”

Transitions Blog is packed with psychological coping techniques, spiritual principles, and metaphysical musings.  If you have a specific question, please write the author and make it known.  Or simply leave a comment on this blog or another one.

Unity in Gender Diversity wishes you a most Joyous New Year!

Make what you will of it


😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Union of Souls

I share with you a message today that sings to my Soul and ignites a fire of passion.  My article on Sexuality found HERE, speaks to this very subject of which is one of the reasons we are incarnated here on Earth, to experience this union.  Let me point out that this is energy we speak of not strickly male and female.  Even in same sex relationships one person will embody the Masculine and the other Feminine, this may change or flip-flop depending on the relationship just let go of stereotypes and feel the JOY.

The Masculine and Feminine Union

I often hear that a fundamental feminine practice is to surrender–to the masculine in your life, and to the divine. I believe this is true. A great relationship is not created by trying to control one’s partner. A joy-filled life does not happen in the midst of clinging on to a false sense of security, or trying to control events and people around you. Your feminine practice is to learn to let go and trust. But, trust is not blind faith. Trust does not mean giving yourself to just anyone. Trust requires you to listen deeply. Who is worthy of your trust? In partnership with the loving masculine presence in your life, are you listening to your heart and his heart? Are you open to the gifts he wants to share with you? Are you tuned in to the “masculine” way he wants to connect with you? If you are single, the same questions apply. Listen to whether his heart is really open and if he is ready to share himself with you.

Surrendering to our partner is not just for women. Men who want to experience a great relationship are called to surrender to the feminine’s awesome power. The magical union that occurs when both the masculine and the feminine surrender to the other is beautifully depicted in this piece of writing by Lakota Sioux, Henry Houston

“When a woman is in her center, she is like wild mare taking flight freely through the open plain, her mane whipping in the wind. The strength of her powerfully sculptured legs merges with the earth, majestically creating its own drumbeat in tribute to Source. She is pure and primal expression of creative power.

What is possible for her becomes totally transformed when her beloved is riding her, the masculine strength who knows and honors her power. It is through his surrender to her that he is able to become one with her. His masterful leadership and understanding of her raw power, her desires and her vision guides and directs the powerful energies in a manner that manifests the greatest good for the unified collaboration. He harnesses the energy into a purposeful end for both.

He does not fear or compete with her magnificent power. Through surrender and union, he experiences his True Nature beyond the world of form and this unleashes his own spiritual power. He is free! She gratefully surrenders to his leadership, for it grounds her, stabilizes her energy, and allows for its manifestation on the physical plane. Both are empowered by the union. Still each of them stands sovereign in his and her own power. Out of the balanced unity is created a third force, a natural flow of synergistic energy between them that combines their individual wholeness into an infinitely expanded wholeness together. All of creation joins in the celebration of this Divine Union .”

I invite you to print this out and read it with the masculine presence in your life. What do they feel when reading this? I’d love to know what arose in your conversation if you want to share.

Blessings for a magical union of masculine and feminine.
Written by Rachael Jayne Groover,

Please visit her website,listen to some of her videos and participate in her workshops.  The Yin Project is a fantastic message for women!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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