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Union of Souls

on February 18, 2010

I share with you a message today that sings to my Soul and ignites a fire of passion.  My article on Sexuality found HERE, speaks to this very subject of which is one of the reasons we are incarnated here on Earth, to experience this union.  Let me point out that this is energy we speak of not strickly male and female.  Even in same sex relationships one person will embody the Masculine and the other Feminine, this may change or flip-flop depending on the relationship just let go of stereotypes and feel the JOY.

The Masculine and Feminine Union

I often hear that a fundamental feminine practice is to surrender–to the masculine in your life, and to the divine. I believe this is true. A great relationship is not created by trying to control one’s partner. A joy-filled life does not happen in the midst of clinging on to a false sense of security, or trying to control events and people around you. Your feminine practice is to learn to let go and trust. But, trust is not blind faith. Trust does not mean giving yourself to just anyone. Trust requires you to listen deeply. Who is worthy of your trust? In partnership with the loving masculine presence in your life, are you listening to your heart and his heart? Are you open to the gifts he wants to share with you? Are you tuned in to the “masculine” way he wants to connect with you? If you are single, the same questions apply. Listen to whether his heart is really open and if he is ready to share himself with you.

Surrendering to our partner is not just for women. Men who want to experience a great relationship are called to surrender to the feminine’s awesome power. The magical union that occurs when both the masculine and the feminine surrender to the other is beautifully depicted in this piece of writing by Lakota Sioux, Henry Houston

“When a woman is in her center, she is like wild mare taking flight freely through the open plain, her mane whipping in the wind. The strength of her powerfully sculptured legs merges with the earth, majestically creating its own drumbeat in tribute to Source. She is pure and primal expression of creative power.

What is possible for her becomes totally transformed when her beloved is riding her, the masculine strength who knows and honors her power. It is through his surrender to her that he is able to become one with her. His masterful leadership and understanding of her raw power, her desires and her vision guides and directs the powerful energies in a manner that manifests the greatest good for the unified collaboration. He harnesses the energy into a purposeful end for both.

He does not fear or compete with her magnificent power. Through surrender and union, he experiences his True Nature beyond the world of form and this unleashes his own spiritual power. He is free! She gratefully surrenders to his leadership, for it grounds her, stabilizes her energy, and allows for its manifestation on the physical plane. Both are empowered by the union. Still each of them stands sovereign in his and her own power. Out of the balanced unity is created a third force, a natural flow of synergistic energy between them that combines their individual wholeness into an infinitely expanded wholeness together. All of creation joins in the celebration of this Divine Union .”

I invite you to print this out and read it with the masculine presence in your life. What do they feel when reading this? I’d love to know what arose in your conversation if you want to share.

Blessings for a magical union of masculine and feminine.
Written by Rachael Jayne Groover,

Please visit her website,listen to some of her videos and participate in her workshops.  The Yin Project is a fantastic message for women!

🙂  Sequoia Elisabeth

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