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Have you ever taken an inventory of your life?  You know, sat back and went over each event, how you feel or felt about that event and then filed it away or released it if it no longer serves you?  Your mind is like a filing cabinet for your life with each memory put in a file such as fun, educational, nostalgic, scary, painful, etc. and each one has a label such as good, bad, desirable, undesirable, forbidden, brag about it.   Does this really serve you?  How can I know that I do this?

Look around you right now, what do you see?  Is your desk cluttered, organized, dirty, clean, etc.?  The items you surround yourself with are metaphorical for your thoughts.  The mind actually exists in the space around our bodies, not in the brain as previously thought.  How can this be?  It is quite simple, just consider brain injury.  How can a person function with only half a brain or with a physical brain injury?  ( I have met a person with only half their brain, so I know this is possible) They can do so because the mind is not in the brain but around the brain like a field.  Yes, the brain injury will distort the field, but the mind functions anyway and through the most amazing trauma.  Now that you have a vision of your mind being a field that surrounds you (not just your brain, but the entire body) consider the metaphorical aspect of the objects in your life. 

How you live, the level of cleanliness and order is a mirror or metaphor for the thoughts in your mind.  A cluttered desk, house, car, or body reflects the state of your mind!  The level of cleanliness does too.  If you want to know how you are doing just look at your life.  All that you see is a reflection of your thoughts!  This is YOUR life, and it comes from YOUR thoughts.  There is no separation from your thoughts and those thoughts become things in your life!  How else could you experience your thoughts?

The beauty of this is that you have a choice about what you do with these thoughts and/or things.  Cleaning is a way of removing unwanted thoughts.  Organizing and filing is a method of putting your thoughts where they will serve you best.  So when you are going through your car, house, garden, closet, etc., ask yourself, Is this serving me? If so, How? What do I want to do with it?  It is sort of like weeding the garden, you pick out the ones you do not want and toss them away.  When you clean anything, you are focusing on the object (thought) at hand and making it shiny and attractive (giving it energy).  You are actually giving that object permission to exist in your life and in some cases forgiving yourself for creating it in the first place.  I speak here of cleaning up after your loved ones, children, pets, spouse, or even yourself. 

Whatever you focus your energy on grows.  This is the Law of Attraction.  The thoughts you have about anything actually take form when given enough energy!  This will work in your favor if you apply it with conscious effort, but when left to the Universe your life will become cluttered with unwanted things that will actually weigh you down and create difficulties for you.  The purpose behind Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning is just that, to clear these unwanted thoughts out of your life, to organize the ones you would like to keep and to focus on what you wish to create more of in your life.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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Perception is a tool of the mind that can bring profound changes to your life.  First I believe it will help to clarify the difference between point of view and perception.  Standing on a hill high above a battle scene or actually swinging a sword on the battle field are points of view.  So is being a afro-american person who is required to sit in the back of the bus.  Perception on the other hand is how this person experiences the situation.  Is the person standing on the hill judging the battle below as good or bad, are they perceiving a win or loss?  Is the afro-american person grateful to simply be on the bus or are they angry they have to sit in the back?  Do you understand what perception is now? 

Take a hard look at your life and see if you can find a different way to perceive it.  Can you be grateful for something that maybe you were upset about before?  How about seeing an enemy as someone who is simply acting through compulsion and not necessarily targeting you?  Your choice to take things personally is a perception that you control!  Have you heard of no-fault law?  Where when an incident occurs each person takes responsibility for their own actions and no one is at fault.  It is a common law concerning auto accidents in some states.  Why can’t we simply use that principle in relation to everyone we meet whether they are in a car or not?  Someone bumps you walking out of a store, you say “pardon me” and go on like nothing happened, thinking “I hope they make it where they are going safely.”  This is the power of perception.  You have created peace, harmony, and good-will in a simple choice of perception.  Forgiveness can be a way of life! 

Our minds are so powerful that they are the tools we use to create the life we desire to live.  If you do not make choices consciously then they are made for you by your unconscious mind based on habitual decisions you made in the past.  We are even affected by other people’s choices which in some cases can be a good thing, like when someone drags you out of a burning building after you where knocked unconscious, unless it is not.  You decide everything, because it is your life!  Just remember that your life is connected to everyone else’s life to the point everything you think, say and do affects someone.  Now this can seem like a big responsibility, but it is not.  Why? Because all is interconnected and what you put out you get back.  Change your life for the better by shifting your perception of events to the Highest Good.  Look for the good things in life, expect opportunities to present themselves, and be grateful for everything that happens in your life no matter what it looks like on the surface.  😉 Sequoia Elisabeth


Row, Row, Row your Boat…

Transition is a way of life for many of us.  We get so used to change that without it we are lost.  I challenge you to do nothing today!  The very statement is an oxymoron.  The point is that we cannot live in this world without change.  We are constantly shifting from one state to another like the ebb and flow of the tide.  The waves of thought never cease, ever so gently lapping at the shores of our mind.  How about sitting on the bluff above the shore today and simply observe? (of course I mean this figuratively)  Make no judgments, make no decisions, and make no resistance.  Simply enjoy this moment that feels eternal (It is).  What do you see?  What do you feel?  That is OK.  Everything is OK, no matter what thoughts flow through your psyche today. 

Each event that occurs in our lives simply leads to a better one.  After “doing nothing” for as long as you can, start choosing your thoughts as they float by like yellow rubber ducky’s on a stream….  Pick one up and see if you like it.  Don’t like it simply put it back in the stream!  Life really is that simple.  If it is not, then it can be!  Thoughts are where our lives begin to materialize, but it is the feelings that give them the fuel to manifest.  Choose a thought, talk about it, feel it as if it were so and be patient.  The Law of Attraction states that if this thought synchronizes with your beliefs then you will physically experience it.

If you would like to know where you stand then simply look around.  This is your creation.  Since change is the way of life, just wait a few minutes it will change!  So appreciate it while you can and if you are really happy with a particular creation, then choose it again.  Gratitude is the gravy that makes our lives worth living.  I am so grateful you have chosen to read this far!  Blessings on your journey 😉

Sequoia Elisabeth

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