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I’m Looking Forward To It

How do you cope with daily living? I mean the day to day, same o’, same ole routine. It can be a real drag. Humans require variety, some call it spice. For me, I create things to look forward to. Literally using the future to handle my present. We have all done it, planning a big vacation or even a weekend get away. The next big win for our “team” for the sports lovers or the next big project for the hobbyist and the next big job for builders and tinkerers. So what does all this actually get us?

It gets us to the next vaca, win, project, or big job. And actually it just allows us to occupy time. It gets us from one Now to the next. The cycle never ends. Even after you pass, the planning continues! I mean we have to have a funeral or at least a memorial or wake. In my family we call it a Celebration of Life. Our lives are event driven! So what happens if we drop the circumstance and forgo the planning? What if we skip the “looking forward” bit?

No worries, I have tried that too. It is fun at first, but then after a while it all just seems pointless. Probably because it is. We are distracting ourselves from ourselves. We desperately fear looking too deep at who we are. We fear God. It’s that simple. Most people think we fear sin or judgment, but that is just more distraction. Stop for a minute and notice how you feel, deep within. What does it mean to look within? Say you decided it was a good idea to look within and discover your own inner secrets, how would you go about that? Most people try meditation at some point on this road and it too works, for a while, till it doesn’t. This so far for me has been the story of my life. It works, till it doesn’t. Life is a wild goose chase! I have discovered that looking within is very difficult because our ego mind simply will not allow it. It knows there is nothing to see. It is like looking behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, a big let down.

Stop looking and you will find what you seek. No clicking of heals required. Know there is nothing to find, so just relax and enjoy the ride. Easier said than done, I grant you that, but possible. Stop with the distractions and relax. All is well.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Past, Present and Future

When you think about it, time is a transition since we are growing and changing constantly.  How are you handling the “ravages of time”?  Is life getting easier as you gain wisdom and experience along the road?

As far as consciousness is concerned you are a point of light in an ever unfolding conscious universe.  Right now you are aware of a body and surroundings which you claim as your life.  When you wake up tomorrow it will be slightly different because consciousness shifts constantly.  Has anything really changed?  It depends on how you look at it.

As I stated earlier, nothing really moves.  Our conscious perception of this material world shifts all the time though so this creates the experience of moving much the same way watching an IMAX movie gives you the feeling of flying or moving very quickly when you are sitting in the movie theatre.   I believe this is society’s obsession with the movies.   It gives us the chance to test our ideas and experience things we might like. does the same thing in a different way.    

So if nothing ever moves and the entire world is illusion, do we age? How about our memories of childhood?  I think of it as the movie of our lives that we are viewing in the first person.  You may be thinking that this world is real and if someone were to shoot you with a .357 magnum you would be dead.  You may experience this but in reality it is like the movies.  You are not really dead!  Your body is dead and the people you leave behind will experience the tragedy; however your life will continue however you decide. 

Some people decide that they have more work they wish to accomplish in this life scenario so they go back and can enter the timeline when they choose, before the death happened or maybe on the table in the hospital ER.  This whole concept flies in the face of conventional teachings, so I can only say that once you experience it by having a Near Death Experience or an Out of Body Experience, then you will understand. 

The concept of time is changing with sciences newest discoveries.  Not only Space is three dimensional, Time is also, which means that we can travel forwards, backwards and sideways in time and space. How is this possible?  Nothing ever moves!  Consciousness creates the perception of motion, so why could it not create you in a different time period?  Once you understand that your body and your mind are simply tools you use to experience this world, it all makes sense. 

I know I may have lost a few of you on this journey.  Please forgive me if I have confused you.  I am growing now also and we all grasp what we can when we can. So I offer this information as I understand it so that your concepts of “reality” are challenged.  Question reality constantly and like any well made movie, enjoy the show!    

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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