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All Death is Suicide a Tribute to TDOR

The world is indeed evolving and I am glad to be a part of it.  The subject for today’s blog is not new but it is also near and dear to my heart.  I repost this blog in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance and to those who teach us the lesson of Love.  Remember to remain open to new ideas and never judge others for the path they choose.


Many believe that to be murdered was a choice the “murder” chose, thus believing in victims and perpetrators.  But what if these choices were made long before you were even born?  Our path is laid out for us and all we have to do is accept it or not.  Of course when you are born you pass through the veil of forgetting and thus do not remember the contracts you made in your life between lives.  There are ways to remember, but perhaps that is not the point.  Perhaps we are to learn to love those who would harm us and in doing so understand there is no one else.  All seeming “perps” are of our own creation.  Life is for the living and we do have choices. The choice is whether to accept your life as you have created it or not!  Another of my favorite quotes, “Resistance is futile” (The Borg, Star Trek)  Love is the answer, everything else are just excuses.  Consider the following quotes and make up your own mind.


“There is no such thing as an accident; everything that happens to you in every moment of every day is an exact vibrational match (thanks to the Law of Attraction) to the dominant thoughts you are thinking.


No exceptions, ever.


So as this applies to TDOR, fear is a self-fulfilling prophesy!  And, just to really throw the cat among the pigeons (as the saying goes), here is one of Abraham’s most controversial (but completely true) sayings…


All death is suicide.


…which is a natural conclusion anyway if there is no such thing as an accident.” Stingray


It seems that everything is a choice, even death!  This goes right down to the color of your eyes and your genetic structure.  Not that all choice is conscious.  These choices were made before you were born and through thoughts, words, and actions taken by you along the path.


“However, the fear of death is unnecessary.  The truth is that all death is suicide.  At its core, everything is a choice.  There is an awakening occurring on the planet for those who are paying attention in which we are realizing how much choice we actually have in the creation of our reality.  As we accept our power we must let go of the desire to be accepted or understood by those who are stuck in mainstream thought.  This willingness to transcend the fears of others and become a pioneer is crucial to personal evolution.

In life, a central challenge is to let go of the idea that your body is decaying with time.  It is not.  It is actually recreating itself constantly.”


“In the Conversations with God Series by Neale Donald Walsh, God says that all death is suicide, and it is just a matter of whether we want to do it quickly, or over time with eating bad food, breathing polluted air, smoking, drinking etc. If someone is in pain, God does not want one to suffer, and does not blame someone for leaving their body quickly. If someone was to love you so much they would understand that, to keep you is selfish, everyone is sad when someone dies, not because so much they think something bad happened to them, but they cry for themselves, that what they want is no longer with them. Take this story for instance I was so in love with this guy, we lived together for a year, but I noticed he would go in the bedroom all sad and close the door sometimes. I found out he was looking at pictures of his kids he loved so much and his wife he was still in love with. I planned it out and talked him into moving to the city where his children and ex lived, and when we got there I said this is where I drop you off, I am moving on. I loved him enough to let him go and try to work things out with his wife and to be there for his children. Now, that is love.”  Kathy Miller

Remember that every thought, word, and action leads to your experience in this world and ultimately to your fate.  We are guided by higher powers, no matter how you think of them, Divine Being, God, or Higher Self.  Listen to this guidance and you will make it through the maze of life to the Promised Land.  There is no right or wrong way home.  And there are no Victims, only Volunteers!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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