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In continuation of the previous blog post, “The ultimate power is in consciousness, because it makes up not only your thoughts and their thoughts but the very place you are experiencing!” What exactly is consciousness?  How can consciousness make the place I am experiencing? 

First of all it is important to understand what I mean by consciousness.  I mean the One Source of all intelligence that operates in us, through us and around us.  Many call this force God, and there are many names for it.  I am sure you have your favorite.  The term Prime Creator works for me. 

Consciousness: 1630s, “internal knowledge,” from conscious-ness. Meaning “state of being aware” is from 1746. ( 2010)

So what is it that you are aware of?  Consciousness itself?  Maybe so or maybe it is whatever you focus your attention on.  If you are looking out the window, what you see is a construction of the mind and the state of consciousness you are in.  If your consciousness is elevated you may see something beautiful like a rainbow or children playing joyously.  If however you are in a state of depressed consciousness then what you see (even though this is the same window) is very different.  It will often be the same ol’, same ol’. 

Does that beautiful scene really exist or is it a reflection of your state of consciousness?  If it existed it would be constant and unchanging, but instead is it constantly changing and if you go away and return to that same window it is likely to look different.  Not because the reality has changed, but because your consciousness has changed.  Time figures into this equation by adding a variable. By looking out the window you impart your energy onto what you see and this energy builds over time.  After you are gone, it dissipates so when you return the scene is very different depending on your state of consciousness. 

This concept can be tested quite easily, just be aware!  Try this experiment.  Choose a convenient window and look out.  Remember what you saw and take a few notes, pay attention to detail.  Were animals, birds, insects, flowers or colors present?   Write that down.  Now, find a quiet place away from that window.  You cannot see out that window.  Relax and meditate however you like.  Choose a method that makes you feel better, and if you do not meditate find something that “raises your spirit”.  Note how you feel and pay close attention to detail.  Now in this heightened state of awareness look out the window and notice if things are different. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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