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“It is very easy to become caught up in individuality.  It is very easy to see others as separate and apart from ourselves, but the more knowledge we gain the more we begin to realize that we are not so different deep down. In fact we begin to realize that we share a very strong common bond. What makes one different to another is their perception on life. Deep down we have the same basic needs and we seek answers to the same basic questions.

Could it be that we are the same being only multiplied in number?

Initially, this may seem a strange way of thinking of ourselves but if we entertain it for just a moment we will see that is not as bizarre as first thought. Life is interconnected and is really one giant life form that is continually expanding, adapting, and evolving in complexity. The binding force of all life is: consciousness.” (Rev. Lorne McLean, Ph. D.)

Today we discuss Universal Mind and how this affects Transition.  Universal Mind is the consciousness that binds us all.  It connects us in ways we cannot imagine and in ways that we use every day.  No matter what language you may speak, Universal Mind is connected with that.  How else could a traveler arriving in a foreign land be able to learn the language if mind is not connected? 

Transition is about using this mind to shift your perception of “reality” to another level.  I have talked about the 6 senses of the mind on Feb. 4, 2010 (Intuition, Imagination, Will, Reason, Perception, and Memory) and we each have these tools to work with on an individual basis.  This is a good place to start and we are all on this journey at this time.  What I speak of here is taking this journey to the next level and tapping into Universal Mind by realizing that all Mind is connected, it is all One. 

I use the concept of a mirror to describe the one mind, however this may be hard for some to visualize since we are all different on the outside.  What we really are could be thought of as drops of water in the ocean.  Could this be why we look for ourselves in the form of water on other planets?  How do you find consciousness?  Do you even look for it? 

To me the journey is about awareness.  Be aware of the Universal Mind of which you are a part.  Consciously use the 6 senses of the mind to hasten your journey.  We are coming Home so to speak.  Be ready to make a jump to hyperspace!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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A new consciousness

One of the greatest Joys we share in this world is the feeling of connection.  This feeling has many avenues to the experience.   Love is the biggest one that comes to mind immediately, and  it is expressed in many ways, compassion, empathy, caring, respect, and affectionate play are to name but a few.  These are principles that Spiritual leaders have been teaching for centuries, so they are nothing new, but no less important.  I would like to share with you today another way to connect with others that is purely Spiritual, and goes beyond human interaction.  This is what I believe we are experiencing in this world wide transition we are experiencing right now and which culminates in 2012. 

It is time to take this human experience to a new level!     I will do my best to put this into words that convey my meaning, although please understand that the human languages are limited in what they convey.  The way we will move beyond this misunderstanding that is so prevalent in society is to communicate more directly through thought.  We are already doing this to some degree and some people are better at it than others.  For instance two soul mates in a close relationship can sense what their partner is feeling and thinking.  Some people can even pick up words from others.  Simple mind reading is sort of what I am speaking of but it is more than that.  Telepathy is the term we have given it and I feel like even that is too simplistic. 

Based on the philosophical belief that we are all of one mind, the mind of God (or whatever Deity you prefer) it is not hard to understand how we can communicate in this direct fashion.  All of your thoughts come to you from Great Spirit, God, or Universal Mind, and they are not your own until you claim them.  It is our ego’s that have us believing that we are brilliant and that no one else could have come up with that great invention you patented.  Or that wonderful story you have copyrighted.  When in fact the idea came from the “only” mind there is.  This concept is as deep as our oceans so I don’t expect you to grasp it all from this short blog, however I do hope to get you thinking in a contemplative, open way. 

The movie “Avatar” that just came out demonstrates this concept of one mind very well through the Na’vi and Pandora.  The parallels between that world and our own are profound to those who chose to see them.  Planet Earth is no less connected than Pandora and our bodies are simply our Avatars!  The timing of this movie is perfect because consciousness has come to the tipping point of not only being self aware, but being aware that it is self aware.  I find it increasingly easy to “see through the eyes of Great Spirit” which we can do since we are all using the same mind.  Yes, we are separate, but in a fashion much like rain drops are separate, or maybe you prefer the image of snowflakes sense they seem more distinct.  Either way we are all one, because we are not our bodies, we are of the one mind – Great Spirit, Universal Mind, or God.   😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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