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All change begins with a thought which is evaluated with the six tools of the mind and then either implemented or discarded.  Often times the idea is “run through the mill” hundreds or even thousands of times before it is tweaked enough to become reality.

The thought I am presenting today and for the past several months is a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE).   If you have not read the previous blogs I hope you will take some time to look over them.  The idea is not new or even unique and has been around all your life.  John Lennon wrote and sung about it as have countless others over the centuries.  The wonderful fact is the time has come to embrace this thought with all your heart, because you are not alone.

The Universe is in alignment for the transformation of this world into a LBE.  I write now about this because I have seen it manifesting all around me and I am excited for the future of mankind.  We have made it past the hardest of the changes and as more individuals embrace the new earth the faster and smoother the transformation will go.

The way to embrace the future is to wake up and take action in living a sustainable life.  Live your life on purpose!   Consider others in all your decisions and not just family.  Think about the animals and plants that are affected by your choices.  Consider the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil we grow our food in.  Be compassionate!

The world I see is much like the Venus Project and I suggest you go to their site and explore some.  The videos they offer are very informative and present some great ideas for creating the world of our dreams.  The process is easy, take one step at a time and do not be in a hurry.

The Venus Project is already on phase three of its development and has been in motion since the 70’s.  This next phase is a big leap into the future of mankind.  It involves building a city to the specifications of this new ideal.  Much of the technology needed already exists today (Please see the videos).

For more in depth information on how the Venus Project is being implemented please read the FAQ here.  One of the key factors in this process is the world coming together and this is happening as you read this!  It is possible and in fact a requirement for the future of mankind to have a world without borders, nationalism, or religion.  We can no longer afford to fight over imaginary lines and ego claimed resources.  The fact is plain, the earth is one and we are a part of earth not the other way around!  Can you imagine your brain cells claiming ownership over your body?  Charging the blood cells for entering its space?  How about your skin charging the other organs for protection?  Can you see the absurdity of our present world economic system?  Consider the words of this song.

The world is one big organism called Gaia.  You can hold on to the old ways and perish with them (flushed off like a dead skin cell) or you can open your heart and take a step back to see the bigger picture (embrace your role in this process).  All is well.  Everything that happens is meant to in the Divine Schema.  The actions you take today add to the greater good!  Please do not ever think you are not important!  Your part is key to the final outcome.   Only you know what that part is, listen carefully – Spirit speaks.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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A Changing World

“What the end date does mean however is that on October 28, 2011 the shifts between energies will come to an end and it is thus no wonder that many intuitively sense that the year that follow upon this, 2012, is very special. The processes that have been driving cosmic evolution until now will no longer be operating and after some time for things to settle the human beings will be left to create evolution themselves. What this means is in my view that the end date is not just another shift. Instead it constitutes the end of the shifts that have been caused by alternations in the quantum states of the Tree of Life up until that point, exemplified by the above mentioned quantum shift that led to the decline of the economy as the fifth night began. Such a vision of a new Garden of Eden (albeit on a higher level) obviously lacks any rational basis among those advocating that we look upon the Mayan calendar as based on mechanical astronomical cycles, where a new cycle will then begin. To understand the liberation of mankind and a future return to the Garden of Eden however simply mandates quantized time. This illustrates an important principle, namely that even if the evidence-based Mayan calendar is not difficult to understand, it is not trivial. It is not something that you can thoughtlessly put in your old box of thinking. The Mayan calendar is fundamentally different from all other calendar and how and why that is is something that needs to be deeply honored and respected.” (Calleman 2009)  For the full article please click on the link here.

What does all this mean for you?  Quite simply it means that any limitations that existed before are being lifted and it really is up to you now.  I really feel like we have a lot of miracles to look forward to.  The door has been opened to infinite possibilities. 

Beware the temptation to fall back on old habits and routines that do not serve you.  I feel myself being drawn in two directions now, so I must always make decisions on which way I will go.  Moving back and forth is a lot of work for no gain, so to avoid the fate of Sisyphus stay focused on your dreams and ask “how does this action serve my Highest and Best Good?”

Our physical bodies are changing due to the galactic alignments and forces far beyond this world.  The changes are the future for mankind and are a wonderful leap up the evolutionary spiral.   The specifics of these changes are not completely clear to me now as I hear several reports.  Let me summarize these changes in one major difference, Light.  The human body is becoming more attuned to the light which is raising our overall vibrational frequency and making us feel strange at times.  If you are having periods of dizziness, sore throat, transient pains, and flashes from your past or other lives this is part of this shift.  You may feel other effects as well, so be careful what you “blame” for how you feel.  Better to just acknowledge it and if you need symptom relief then get that help, but do not think that you are sick or that anything is wrong, it is not. 

It will not quite be like the Hulk or Spiderman as our bodies change, however we will be gaining new abilities and increasing the ease of others.  Some of the changes to be aware of is telepathy, precognition, visions or apparitions, increased sensitivity to other energies, and periods of intense inner peace.  If you are unaware of what inner peace feels like you may misinterpret this to be something it is not.  Do not resist as this could make life more painful.  You are a child seeing fireworks for the first time, enjoy!

There is much about these changes on the internet recently and justifiably so.  Many are confused by the shifts in energy they are feeling and if they are not in tune with how the body works or how energy fields work then it can get overwhelming.  Do your research for the simple reason to ease your mind.  Otherwise there is not much you can do besides embracing the changes and making the best use of them.  Some will feel these changes more than others and sooner than others, but eventually we will all shift frequencies.  One of the sources of information on this shift can be found by clicking here. (New Body Electrics ~ Beacons of Light ~ Jan 2011)

If you would like more info on this please write to me and ask a specific question, I am happy to assist.  Blessings on your Journey of Love ♥♥♥

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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