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Welcome to Transitions Blog!

on December 1, 2009

In this blog I talk about the transition that all of us are going through in some form or another. My personal transition is from male to female and I will be talking about that often, but more important is the shift the entire world is going through and how this relates to you. Comments are welcomed.

This is my first entry which is about transitions and what they mean to you. The word Transition means movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another. It is often a very long process involving years and involves physical, mental, and/or spiritual changes. In relation to gender it is the period when a person begins living in the desired gender in gradual stages. In some form or another we all go through transitions, some people may think of them as life stages or phases.  Our teenage years are a stage that we go through in our development to be adults.  The Mid-life stage which some call a crisis is also a transitional period that involves a lot of change, passage or movement.  At a higher level our entire life is a transition, which can be broken down into smaller transitions and finally to the present moment which is where you are now.  This is why I so often refer to life as a journey, because it is a passage from one experience to the next!  The happiest time of my childhood is when our family went on a two week vacation in a motorhome all across the west.  We went from one exciting experience to the next none stop for two weeks, I was in heaven!  For many of us transitions are a way of life, although some people want to call them “dramas” instead.  How we view life is basic to our experiences, so the choice is ours.  We can see what we don’t have and be upset about it all the time, fighting with everyone because they have what we want or are preventing us from getting, or we can accept our experiences as gifts and be grateful for them.  Focusing instead on what we do have and holding a vision of what we desire.  When is the last time you counted your blessings?   I am very grateful to be alive to share these thoughts with you and I am even more grateful for you to be reading these words that flow through me like water on a meadering stream.  I invite you to “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream” of Transitions and join me on this daily blog.  I want this blog to be meaningful and uplifting so if a daily entry seems like it is getting a bit too much I may cut back to weekly.  Hopefully I will be getting some feedback and will not have to guess.  Let me know how you enjoy the message and feel free to share this with your friends.  Blessings to all who read this!  😉  Sequoia Elisabeth

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