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Our lives are not our own. The forces which guide our path are beyond our knowledge and yet still knowable. One of the purposes of this life is to see deeper and to “know thyself”. This takes intention along with persistent observation and study. The difficult part, at least for me, is seeing beyond the surface clutter. The daily routines and beliefs we all share are what blind us. Belief is not seeing. What we see simply shows us what our beliefs are and it is up to us to see beyond. Skepticism and denial are tools for detaching from the clutter of ‘reality’ which allow Reality to be known.

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.” E.A. Poe

Whom are we to love? Why everyone and all of it, of course, for this is what we are. It does no one a favor to act small or shrink away from Reality by using ‘reality’ as cover. Be you… and I will be me. Oneness eludes us most of the time, yet on occasion when we least expect it we are enveloped in it. The wonderful experience to be it. Of Knowing it. Of being it. There is no ‘better’ experience in the world. How can we revert to living our small insignificant lives after this? For me the answer is simply, we cannot. We can however choose to share. To be the example for other self (others). What you show the world matters not on the surface, yet our choices not only guide our path but the all. Or is it the other way around? See, I often get confused as to whether I am coming or going. Forgive me.

Getting back to love, please do not be deluded into thinking you are a body who “loves” other bodies. Sex is part of the dream, it is the candy wrapper with only residual sweetness. In my book, Sex and Sexuality I get into the purpose of sex. I will sum it up for you here, sex is just one of the many distractions the dream world offers up. Both pain and pleasure are of the dream within a dream. Tools of averting our attention to what really matters, Reality, that which is Eternal. It’s simple to see the difference, I describe it in my book Livin’ Large in the last chapter, Love is – a Poem.

So, this blog has not gone where I thought it would, though it has taken us where we need to be. It reminds us to focus on what is important. Love. Not the love of our small selves, but of Reality. Most of the time we see it unexpectedly. It happens when we are ready for it and when we are not! Life unfolds as it should, so be happy… no, be Joyful! Happiness comes with sadness, as they are different sides of a coin. Joy exists always in every situation. Joy is Reality. The choice is whether we see it or not. Allow the Reality of Joy, Peace, and Love (Agape) to show you the way home.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Why Pro Athletes Make So Much Money

Ever wonder why professional athletes get paid so much? What about other professionals like brokers, lawyers, and doctors? Abundance is a function of giving, either of time or skill. It is not related to how hard one works, because if that was true, we would all be millionaires. What you give you receive, and this compounds the more people who receive this gift. Movie stars and Pro Athletes touch millions of people through broadcast media. Other professionals put a great deal into training and thus get the most out of their efforts. There is also caste which plays a role. We have a purpose for being here and our “role” in the game of life is cast upon birth. This is not to say the poor and disadvantaged have no chance at wealth, however their chances are greatly reduced. Why? Because they are working with less resources to begin with. Just because someone does not have a lot of money does not mean they are poor. Think of it like Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players.”

Most people don’t understand what abundance is. The best analogy I can think of is a river or the flow of a river. Abundance is flow… in and out. Like the waves on the shoreline. It is not the stock piling of resources, this is hoarding. When it comes to things or property, more is less. Hoarding comes from the place of not feeling good enough and becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. A person with little money can be very abundant if they have steady flow in their life. This flow can be in the form of love, time, money, health, or others. Perhaps you have not considered how abundant you are. I have very little cash, yet I have all my basic needs met and I am happy. This to me is abundance. My life is simple and rewarding. During my career in medical imaging, I helped many people and now as a minister and homemaker I serve my roommate and my audience online through my websites. I give what I have, and I suspect you do as well. My interests have always been broad, so I had great difficulty finding my path since many seemed to appeal to me. Other people I have known were laser focused on their path and did what it took to get there. They are now living successful lives by sharing their hard-earned talents. Not everyone will be a CEO, Pro Athlete, or Famous Movie Star, yet we are all Masters of our own fate. We are all Ministers to our lives.

One of the worst things you can do is compare yourself to others, be they movie stars, pro athletes, or CEO’s. Even family and friends have their own paths, so comparing yourself with a sibling or parent just creates roadblocks. We have our path and they have theirs. Believe it or not, we are all on our personal right path. There is no other option. No matter what we choose to do with our life, our “path” will conform to us and lead us home. So, be happy for those who have lots of money as well as those who do not, knowing they are exactly where they need to be. As I like to say, “All is as it needs to be” given the choices we have made either consciously or unconsciously. Life is about Being, not doing. So, what you do in your life makes little difference in the big schema. How you do it and who you are along the way makes it count.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Christ Mas 2022

A last-minute inspiration moved me to repost this blog from 2012: Our favorite time of year is upon us again, especially if you are a youngster or still feel so. It is a time of giving, sharing, and togetherness. This does not require family, but it does require a willing to give of self. It is easy to find those who need love through simple acknowledgement and/or attention. A small gift of time or material substance is all it takes to let them know they are important. To move beyond this point let us look deeper to the heart of the holiday.

This is the time of year when we are reminded of Christ consciousness and its relationship to our lives. The very word itself is an indication of what this season is all about. Christ in metaphysical terms means centered or anointed one. The word “mas” in Spanish means “more”. So thus, we have it in simple terms. This season is about getting more centered or literally, centered more and the word “anoint” means to dedicate to the service of God or in other words, to make sacred and whole.

The ceremony (Christmas eve/Christmas morning) is a way of connecting to Spirit and setting intentions. It is an acknowledgment of Oneness with God (Great Spirit, Universal Oneness, Goddess, etc). The symbology is important this season because when you share gifts it is a way of saying to the recipient, “you are sacred to me”. On Christmas morning you are anointing those you love with gifts. The actual item is far less important than the Loving intention (Christ consciousness) that goes into the gift. The gift is in the giving!

When thought of in this manner the Spirit of Christ Mas is brought to life! This year when you are sitting around the tree (yule log, menorah, or whatever) and sharing gifts, share also the Christ Consciousness. In short, move outside yourself (ego mind) and connect with the One (God) which is present in each person in your life.

This is how Santa delivers millions of presents all in one night! Through Christ Consciousness the Spirit works through each of us!! May you be Blessed this season.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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What do you value the most?

What do you value the most? I doubt anyone will get the answer I wish to share today. We just don’t think this way about life. Perhaps you do know what I speak of, if you skipped persons, places, or things. Now, I ask you to really think about this. Since value is relative, think valuable to you. What is most valuable to you that you hardly ever even think about? The answer is Identity. Who you believe yourself to be. As adults, we have all latched onto an identity, created in adolescence and usually based in family. Even those who have “lost everything” retain their identity. Perhaps they identify with being homeless, poor, or powerless. Your I.D. does not count as an identity. What I speak of is self-concept. Who you are as a person and who you present to the world.

This is a complex topic and one I have been working on all my life. I suspect you too have ventured down the road of doubt as well. It is a favorite topic of philosophers. Who am I and why am I here? The answer is rather simple, yet nebulous. You are who you believe yourself to be and your purpose for being is also up to you. Frankly, you have made all these choices, more than once and most before you were born. Call it fate if you like. We are who we are, because we chose a role and are now playing that role. This does not mean things are fixed, far from it. We constantly have choice thrust upon us, day after day. Most decisions are made based on past experience or the past experience of others. This explains why things rarely ever change. You’ve probably heard the expression, “as much as things change, they stay the same.” There ya go. Even when we decide to change and they appear to have done so, at the core they are the same.

A case in point, I transitioned 15 years ago from man to woman (physical sex cannot be changed, despite what some would have you believe). I am happier as a woman, because my nature is more aligned now. This said, my core nature is the same. I am the same person; I just appear different. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes. Understand, I am not saying this is bad or good. I simply am pointing out it’s best to accept who you are and get on with life. Judgments just cloud the water. This is me speaking from experience. Gender transition is really for others and as a means to better “fit” into society. Few ever really achieve this goal. The very nature of ego is to be discontent! Don’t listen to these voices telling you that you are one way or the other. Make the choice plainly and proactively. I am a good (God) person. I choose to be loving (accepting) in every way. My purpose is to give as I receive. The question to ask is, what do I have to offer the world. For me, it is understanding and inspiration. My goal with this blog!

For those who say they value their child or other person more, I say they are your identity. You identify through them and thus why you value them so highly. All persons, places, and things are in effect, your identity. Your identity both relates to them and to your self-concepts. It’s a feedback loop. Have you ever said to yourself, “I am not that”? Or “I am that”? The world is a house of mirrors! To be honest, you are none of it and all of it. In reality, God is all there is. Identity belongs to the ego, so don’t allow this distraction to rule your life.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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My Secrets to Cooking

The following consists of a few of my thoughts on cooking from a creative point of view. I love taking standard recipes and making them my own. I also love using what I have and creating something yummy. It really is easy, though it does take practice.

The secret to making a meal is simple really and consists of 4 parts. A sauce, a vegetable, a starch, and a meat. Think of the sauce as the base. There are 4 options here, broth (vegetable or meat), cream based (milk or lactose free), oil based (Olive oil or many others), or cheese based (like nachos or broccoli soup). Some of these options can be combined like in broccoli soup. In the broth category I include tomato sauce.

The next layer is a vegetable and includes many options. It is possible to skip this option as long as the vegetable is served on the side. We all need our veggies! Often the veggie is the main course as well, it just depends on the meals purpose and who is eating it. The whole balanced diet thing we were taught is school, does make sense, so don’t stray from this too far.

The next layer is the starch, which is optional. Many folks will use this as the base, as in rice or pasta. Technically peas and corn are starches, so sometimes a meal will have more than one starch. Other starches include potatoes, legumes, nuts, and any of the grains.

The last layer is optional and includes any meat, land or sea based. Take fried chicken for instance, this is a meat and should be served with a veggie and a starch like cornbread or mashed potatoes. Meat often serves the purpose of adding flavor to the meal and nothing else. Nothing wrong with this, just remember that protein comes from many different foods like certain veggies, starches, and sauces.

This approach was inspired by cooking fondue, where the first thing is to choose a base sauce to cook in and then the item to be cooked, like veggies, meat, etc. Cheese fondue with crusted sourdough bread and a dash of hot sauce… WOW. Hot pot would be another version of this cooking method, though Asians are not big on cheese, which is why I prefer it as I am lactose sensitive. Cooking by recipe can be a great way to get started and as you practice certain patterns will emerge. Certain foods go together as do certain spices. The topic of which spices to use fills entire books, so do your research. Then, practice makes perfect, so jump in and give it a go. There is no right or wrong, although the goal is to create something tasty and nourishing which doesn’t always happen. The other principle I follow when cooking is the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sequoia). Keep the number of ingredients to a minimum. I go by the five-item rule. There are always exceptions, to every rule; however, unless following a recipe you know is good, stick with the rules.

The other thing to consider is the pH of the food. Tomatoes are acid and help to break down tough foods like certain meats. It works really well with pot roast and Salisbury steak. Cream sauce is base and goes well with seafood. Since I don’t do milk anymore, I prefer to use oil and wine with my seafood. Wine is another acid I like to use because it adds lots of flavor. Stick with the standard, red wine for red meat and white wine for light meats and seafood. Another way to use pH is in marinades. By soaking food in a brine solution this can help make it juicer and softer when cooked. Alcoholic beverages, citrus juice, vinegar, etc. can also be used in a marinade. It all depends on what needs to be accomplished. For instance, gamey flavor of wild meats softened, cheap cuts of meat improved, or bland meats enhanced with deeper flavor.

If you are looking for a good source of recipes, I suggest using and Alton Brown’s recipes. Of course, there are many other good resources, so go where your gut takes you. Bon Appetit!

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Every story has its own parameters within the larger paradigm. The story practically writes itself when staying within these parameters. The plots will change depending on the circumstances of the character and the choices they make. Choice is the driver behind the plot line. Say the character makes the choice to do XYZ. This will drive the plot in that direction within the parameters of the story, keeping of course, within the paradigm.

We are all playing out a story. Our lives are our story. This means we each operate within certain parameters within a paradigm. Early on our choices are bound to our parents or guardians. Once we become adult and get out on our own, the story of our lives diverges based on the choices we make. For instance, say a person decides to go into the medical field as a physician. The medical industrial complex comes with its own parameters. The many hoops must be jumped through to reach the goal and all along the journey the story further defines itself by the choices made. The student becomes the intern, becomes the physician, becomes the specialist in the chosen field, becomes the servant to public or private industry, etc. The choices made by the person are not really choices as we are made to believe. The choices are dictated by the story within the parameters of the paradigm.

It all comes down to a life lived within the parameters of the paradigm. So, the person has already made its choices before it is even born. The very act of birth sets the paradigm. The person’s identity and path are set at this point of birth. A family has been chosen and thus the paradigm. We like to think we can change our path. Society claims change is the rule, not the exception. In fact, it is just the opposite. Even this change is within the paradigm of the individual. The greatest show on earth! Your Life!

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Coping with Life

Life has its challenges, and these can be debilitating, or they can be invigorating. Choice is the way of life here. Choosing not to choose is still a choice. Often, we put ourselves in a position where we think there is no way out. Like being in a paper bag and we don’t realize with a little water the bag will dissolve. Are you seeing sunrises or sunsets? Both are a given here, and both can serve at various times in our lives. Life grows in spurts. It’s the plateaus we must learn to enjoy by going with the flow. The spurts can be painful, or they can be exciting, the choice is yours. Coping with either a spurt or a plateau really is the same. Row, row, your boat gently down the stream. When you reach the rapids relax into it. Hold on, yet not too tightly. Drunks who are in car accidents usually are not injured severely because they flex in the stress. Resistance is futile as the saying goes. A stiff tree breaks, while a limber tree bends and survives. Palm trees survive hurricanes because they bend and allow the storm to pass over them. My favorite motto from the Disney movie “Meet the Robinson’s” is “Keep Moving Forward”.

Shifting gears, yet still focusing on coping with life, consider taking more down time. Sitting quietly comes with choice. By setting your intention, the mind will silence with practice. Understanding the contributing sources of anxiety and discomfort will allow you to make informed conscious choices. In today’s society this comes from electronics mostly. Disconnecting daily for only a short time helps. Go for a walk without any electronics. Turn off the TV and Computer, lay aside your phone, read a book. Find a hands on project to work on. For me being creative calms my mind. We are, after all, made in our Creators image. So create!

While you are creating, know the difference between making and creating. People make things, God creates. Holy Spirit (The voice for God) works through us and thus the creation. Ego or Monkey mind can work through us also and this usually just makes a mess… literally. (LOL) The difference is both profound and subtle. Knowing this difference changes everything. The choice is a conscious one and we each have this privilege. With great power comes great responsibility. And this can be a gift or a burden. When used for others we grow together. When used for the self only, we all suffer. I invite you to notice the difference. Do your actions bring both you and others joy? Do your actions benefit more than yourself? The question of “how does this serve you” can be a powerful tool to guide your path. Our actions should serve both the self and other self (others).

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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A Cry For Love

The cry for love began at the beginning of time. For us personally this is birth. Our very birth is a cry for love from our parents. The cry has been echoing through time since the Big Bang. Echos repeating in every thought and every action.

Action itself is the cry and the form it takes has so many versions, none are exactly the same. I am that cry. You are that cry. Now let’s make this personal. I must speak from my own point of view. My dad is a physician and thus my hypochondria as a child, a cry for love. All my injuries, sicknesses, and dis-eases were my cry for love, some would call this attention seeking. I am an extension of my mom, her cries for love are heard through me. We project these cries through whomever is available! My dad cares for me here and seeded this existence. My Father is the Almighty, source of all there is. My Father is Truth, he is Reality. My mom brought me into this world, she cared for me, and she loved me the best she could. My Mother is the Earth and all in this world which supports me. Love is the Way.

Love me Father for I feel detached and unworthy. I seek what I perceive to lack. Love is who I am, yet I do not know this. Lost on a sea, the story repeats ad nauseam in every person (projection) ever. My journey takes me around the world, both literally and figuratively. Where is that goose? I know it is around here somewhere. When did it get away from me? Did I chase it away?

Seek and Ye shall find! The words of insanity! We are out of our minds. And thus the answer lay right in front of us. We have been looking for love in the wrong places. We seek it in mind. Our Spiritual leaders say we need to be “mindful”. Again the voice of ego. Love isn’t outside us, nor is it within mind or mind’s projection, the world around us, it IS us. Some would say, seek love with. The answer lies within. I say, within what? Love is all there is! Anything else we perceive is illusion, like a seeming reality, yet a mirage.

I stand under my actions. Since “birth” I have been looking for love without knowing it was me all along. I am the love I seek! It is not “seeing is believing”, it’s “Believing is seeing”, and yet even this does not make it real. Miracles are the magic! Miracles are expressions and perceptions of love. Magic is the illusion. We are all magicians in this way.

Unconsciously, we do things which we believe will bring us love, in varying forms. Attention is a form of love, Acceptance is a form of love, Sex is a form of love – though some transform it into hate, Accomplishment if a form of love, Giving is a form of love – this makes Receiving a form of love too, and this remains our motivation for everything we do. The choices are either crying out for love or understanding we are love and giving what we already have. Giving is receiving. Give what you seek and you’ll have all you need. By loving we are loved. This is the first principle of Oneness. Oneness is what makes this true. There is only One. To use Plato’s parable, there is only one person in the cave. All the other people are shadows, projections from different points of view. The choice is yours, be love or seek it.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Space Travel Absurdity

The nature of life stems from source to destination or experience of said life. In spiritual terms, Logos is this source. In our solar system the Sun is Logos, it is literally the source of all life here including all planets (sub-logos), humans (sub-sub-logos), plants and animals (sub-sub-sub-logos) etc. In the vernacular of the Law of One, it goes by density of life, but that is not important to this discussion, so I will recommend reading the Law of One if you are interested in more detail, links on my website. The point I make here is simply that all life in this solar system is dependent on the Sun or Our Logos. In science fiction there is the premise that life forms can exist anywhere in the Universe and still maintain that form, such as in Star Trek or Star Wars where the characters travel around to different galaxies and solar systems almost willy-nilly.

This would not be the case in reality. Humans can only exist here on Earth, we are a function of our Logos and Sub-logos. If we move to Mars for instance we become a function of Mars or its Sub-logos. In effect we would become Martians. The function of time would be logarithmic, though exactly what it would mean to humans living on Mars is yet to be determined.

The Expanse books and tv series contrary to conventional sci-fi demonstrate my point nicely. In the story humans who live in the outer rim or asteroid belt are physically different than those who live on earth and cannot, without assistance, return to earth. Even those living on Mars have to take some sort of pill to tolerate the gravitational and light differences. Over greater time they would at some arbitrary point cease to be human in my estimation. It is sort of like we have different races here on earth depending on location and environment. Same thing in space, just more pronounced.

There is but One, the mind of God, that mind is my mind, now! Each logos comes from the central or the One, thus the Law of One. God is all there is. Use this knowledge as a basis for all else. On the level of form, time/space and space/time rules all. So, this means Mars being further away from the Sun/Logos will create a different environment than Earth or any other planet and thus create different life forms. I call this the power of Place and anyone who has traveled to any extent knows of what I speak. If you have felt the difference traveling from temperate to tropical or arctic then just imagine the differences going to Mars or some other planet.

Thus the idea or premise of conventional sci-fi is false and humans could not exist in other galaxies. I am not even sure our form would survive for short periods of time. I am not saying that sci-fi doesn’t make fun stories, because I love them. Let’s just remember to discern the difference between fiction and the true level of form taking sci-fi metaphorically and not literally. The notion that we will eventually leave Earth and explore the galaxy is absurd to me. We will live our lives out here and perhaps in the next incarnation exist elsewhere in the Universe depending on our individual evolution and density, as described in the Law of One books. Projection makes perception.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Vicarious Living

To live vicariously means living life through someone else’s experiences rather than being a part of the events yourself. It requires immersing yourself in someone else’s world and emotionally or mentally making their achievements and setbacks your own. It allows you to experience rewards without having to risk your own failures. If you want to see a great way to do this check out my blog on SecondLife. I have done this throughout my life to good effect! Here I will attempt to explain how it can work for you and not against you.

First of all one needs to get out in the world and create experiences to feed your soul. Sitting at home behind a monitor or TV is fun for a start, but that is all it is. It’s a means of inspiration! You see someone paragliding and say, I can do that! Or you see a character in a show plotting revenge on their enemy and you think, how silly! Love they neighbor as yourself (at least this is what I think). We can learn from the mistakes of others even if they are fictitious. With the advent of the internet and instant video along with endless educational clips there is no excuse not to try it yourself, whatever IT is!

The power of the imagination is a tool for living safely. Rather than engaging in risky behavior, use your imagination instead, knowing and remembering all along it is just make-believe. I just watched a show where the lead character has a psychotic break and his fantasy world of heroes and villains becomes all too real. He kills the “bad” people who he had dreamed up in his graphic art. Actual people who had harmed him and his GF. Another example of how fantasy can be taken too far, my brother got up on the roof of our house to get a Frisbee and when getting down he jumped thinking the judo classes he had been taking taught him how to fall safely. Sadly, he broke his arm.

While there is some truth to the saying, no risk, no reward. I will caution you to take all relevant preparations before doing anything radical. Where this saying falls short I believe is in professional sports and extreme sports. I have seen some fantastic movie documentaries of people scaling frozen cliffs, free diving to extreme depths, and climbing through miles of caves with no harm and much thrill! Even me as a viewer shared in the exhilaration associated with their exploits. So in this case living vicariously works to your advantage!

An example where it works against you is when you watch your associates excel in their jobs and you do the minimum to get by. Continually you get passed over for promotion while you are living vicariously through them! This behavior most likely is rooted in a fear to put yourself in the line of fire so to speak. There is risk in self improvement, at least from the ego’s limited view. What if I am not good enough? And the fear becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

So to bring this all together, question your motives for doing or not doing things. I totally get it, there is risk involved in life. Yes, you can (appear) to die, ie. loose your body. Which means this lesson begins anew, in a “new” life. This is why when you succeed the effects are profound, even if you don’t feel it. I have pictures of me standing on a finger ledge with a drop off of ~1000ft. Though on the way back a rock I stepped on gave way and I fell several feet till I caught myself. It was fun till it was terrifying! Hearing that rock bounce down the canyon wall was creepy and yet exhilarating. I safely got back and would probably do it again with a bit more caution. Doing it gives me a real sense of satisfaction I would not otherwise have. Some good advice I like to follow is prepare for the worst, expect the best.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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I’m Looking Forward To It

How do you cope with daily living? I mean the day to day, same o’, same ole routine. It can be a real drag. Humans require variety, some call it spice. For me, I create things to look forward to. Literally using the future to handle my present. We have all done it, planning a big vacation or even a weekend get away. The next big win for our “team” for the sports lovers or the next big project for the hobbyist and the next big job for builders and tinkerers. So what does all this actually get us?

It gets us to the next vaca, win, project, or big job. And actually it just allows us to occupy time. It gets us from one Now to the next. The cycle never ends. Even after you pass, the planning continues! I mean we have to have a funeral or at least a memorial or wake. In my family we call it a Celebration of Life. Our lives are event driven! So what happens if we drop the circumstance and forgo the planning? What if we skip the “looking forward” bit?

No worries, I have tried that too. It is fun at first, but then after a while it all just seems pointless. Probably because it is. We are distracting ourselves from ourselves. We desperately fear looking too deep at who we are. We fear God. It’s that simple. Most people think we fear sin or judgment, but that is just more distraction. Stop for a minute and notice how you feel, deep within. What does it mean to look within? Say you decided it was a good idea to look within and discover your own inner secrets, how would you go about that? Most people try meditation at some point on this road and it too works, for a while, till it doesn’t. This so far for me has been the story of my life. It works, till it doesn’t. Life is a wild goose chase! I have discovered that looking within is very difficult because our ego mind simply will not allow it. It knows there is nothing to see. It is like looking behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, a big let down.

Stop looking and you will find what you seek. No clicking of heals required. Know there is nothing to find, so just relax and enjoy the ride. Easier said than done, I grant you that, but possible. Stop with the distractions and relax. All is well.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Oneness Ministry

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Best Place to Start is at the Beginning

Welcome to Transitions Blog! December 1, 2009

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In this blog I talk about the transition that all of us are going through in some form or another. My personal transition is from male to female and I will be talking about that often, but more important is the shift the entire world is going through and how this relates to you. Comments are welcomed.

This is my first entry which is about transitions and what they mean to you. The word Transition means movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another. It is often a very long process involving years and involves physical, mental, and/or spiritual changes. In relation to gender it is the period when a person begins living in the desired gender in gradual stages. In some form or another we all go through transitions, some people may think of them as life stages or phases. Our teenage years are a stage that we go through in our development to be adults. The Mid-life stage which some call a crisis is also a transitional period that involves a lot of change, passage, or movement. At a higher level our entire life is a transition, which can be broken down into smaller transitions and finally to the present moment which is where you are now. This is why I so often refer to life as a journey, because it is a passage from one experience to the next! The happiest time of my childhood is when our family went on a two week vacation in a motorhome all across the west. We went from one exciting experience to the next non-stop for two weeks, I was in heaven! For many of us transitions are a way of life, although some people want to call them “dramas” instead. How we view life is basic to our experiences, so the choice is ours. We can see what we don’t have and be upset about it all the time, fighting with everyone because they have what we want or are preventing us from getting, or we can accept our experiences as gifts and be grateful for them. Focusing instead on what we do have and holding a vision of what we desire. When is the last time you counted your blessings? I am very grateful to be alive to share these thoughts with you and I am even more grateful for you to be reading these words that flow through me like water on a meandering stream. I invite you to “row, row, row your boat gently down the stream” of Transitions and join me on this daily blog. I want this blog to be meaningful and uplifting so if a daily entry seems like it is getting a bit too much I may cut back to weekly. Hopefully I will be getting some feedback and will not have to guess. Let me know how you enjoy the message and feel free to share this with your friends. Blessings to all who read this!


Meanwhile, it’s been 11 years 7 months 3 weeks and 6 days since posting the very first Transitions Blog shared above. It will be fun to look back and see how much has changed, if anything. My first observation is I have become more cynical. Part of me remains positive and joyful though that part doesn’t show itself much these days. The cost of knowing how things work while also knowing no matter how much they change, they stay the same. I have been empowered, traveled the world, seen wondrous things, had many joyous experiences and yet here we are, right back where we started.

It all comes down to choice in the moment. Not future decisions or the past, but the here and now. I can choose! No matter how bad I feel, I have the choice to smile and be grateful. I have the choice to be with Holy Spirit or with ego. This does not change, I have always had that choice and always will and so do you.

My transition has come full circle. Physically I have changed from hard, strong, masculine to soft, weak, and feminine. I am still me though. I am the person I have always believed myself to be, so does this mean I cannot be hard, strong, or masculine? Of course not. I am both and neither. The big difference is I have stopped apologizing for it. I wear the clothes I like and behave like the woman I am. Inspiration comes to me just as it always has and I am free to act on it or not, taking into account other self. When it comes right down to it, putting others first should be everyone’s priority. When you love another, you love yourself.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Life is a duality. The growing trend to accept that life is a rainbow or has ‘shades of gray’ are the mad ravings of the ego mind. Please don’t buy into it’s hysteria. I say this having already made this mistake and now know the consequences. No body wishes to be alone on this journey and while we all die alone, no body needs be alone along the path. Since this probably makes little sense to you, I will do my best to break down a few of the ideas presented here.

Let’s start with duality. Dual obviously means two and duality refers to the two sided nature of life here on earth. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Basic physics! The idea of multiple forces simply clouds the fact there are only two and any others are an extension of these two. For every rule there are always exceptions. The only force which has no opposite is Love and this is the true nature of the Universe. Love is all there is. Many think Gravity has no opposite and they would be partially correct. Gravity is the physical manifestation of Love. It is the most powerful force in 3D (on earth). In reality there is no gravity, only Love.

Everyone gets excited when they see a rainbow. They are so beautiful and captivating. Artists often use shades of gray as well as colors, tones, and hues, yet all that extends from two states, light and no light. Degrees of reflection or as science calls them wavelengths of light make up all color and shades of gray. The reality is we have black and white, no light and light. I am not going into detail here because I don’t wish to get distracted. The ego often sends us on “fools errands” like trying to explain every little detail of life and to name them. Walking away from this habit after a lifetime of indoctrination can be difficult. I find the best way is to make up your mind to do so and keep moving forward. The concepts and truths I offer here will be resisted by the ego mind and when you feel this resistance, step back, take a deep breath and focus on Love, Light, or pure darkness. Nothing wrong with opposites and since darkness is simply the lack of light it belongs here too. The focus is on purity… complete darkness or total light. Even the Sun is not total light, nor is the darkest cave complete darkness. The light comes from within. I have been in a cave with no outside light and felt the light within me. It has a wonderful calming effect. While the Sun is not total light, it does emit total light, but then, so can you!

There is no way I could possibly explain ego mind in a short blog post and in fact I am still learning about it and have been studying it for decades. For a list of recommended reading see my website. Moving on to no body wishes to be alone I think this is self explanatory… or Not! While we are not our bodies nor our ego mind, we do experience life here through its lens. This is where loneliness comes from. It is the fear we are separate from others and from God. In fact, ACIM teaches this is the single and greatest issue in our lives. Fear arises from this false evidence of being separate from any and all things. Even though the body is made up of millions of bacteria, microbes, and other life and it is inside us, we think it is all separate. It takes time (also an illusion) to reconcile what Oneness is. We are One. Opps, I get ahead of myself. We are still on duality. Forgive me, I often revert to my true nature… that of pure non-duality. Ego mind is our interface with the world around us. It is not our friend! It is also not the enemy, though it can appear so. Tying this all back to loneliness and duality, there are only two sexes, male and female. No shades of gray, no colors, nothing else! I know I wrote an entire book on the topic of transgender and such, but at the end of the day this is the ramblings of an ego mind. Yes, it is true on the level of the ego mind, earth, or 3D, but not on the level of the Spiritual or absolute. Thus we arrive at the motivation for this blog post. When I came out as transgender my father asked me, so you are doing this to be with men? No, I said, I am doing this because I must. While this is totally true, I had to transition or die. I have never been attracted to men and only a few women. Well maybe a few men, but not most. Anyway, I have been working on reconciling this seeming contradiction ever since (over 40 yrs). I see now this is not a contradiction, but simply Ego. Perhaps on this level of form, my mind is fractured… schizo. I have no idea. I don’t care! I know that sex is of the ego mind and brings nothing but pain in the end. Oh it may feel good for a few moments or longer, but ultimately it’s a let down! Let me count the ways… NOT.

Being alone is a state of mind, a fearful mind. Focus on Love, count your blessings, and give thanks for all you have in your life at this moment. Do this every day. Make it a habit! This state of loneliness will vanish and a peace of mind will replace it without any other effort. Originally this blog came from the thought that as a transgender person I will never know close companionship again. I have been married twice and while I cherish those relationships and the love I found (and didn’t find) I now know my true relationship is with my Creator. I remain focused on Source, the love which creates me and all reality. Love is all there is.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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Healing Occurs in the Mind plus How Medicine Works

Healing illness involves healing the mind. A simple statement to be sure, however the power it offers is certainly not simple.  It is a profound statement, Healing occurs in the mind!  How can this be?  It simply means the body or physical form is an extension of the mind or thoughts of the individual.  Remember you are a Spiritual Being, having a human experience.  The physical form is dense and dark at times and nothing heals like Light and Love!  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you heal.

(1) All illness begins in the mind and is triggered by the emotions.  We experience it as feelings both emotional and physical.   To heal anything then we must find the root cause.  This is usually a very personal thing and only you will really know what it is.  It is not usually what it appears to be.

(2) It is scary sometimes to face our challenges and fully feel our emotions.  Know that no matter what you do, you have help in the form of unseen helpers, angels and the like.  The best advice I can offer is to go within to explore your inner feelings accepting them as you forgive yourself for having and creating them.  See the higher purpose for these feelings.  Once you have fully experienced these feelings release them to Allah, Great Spirit, or God.  The emotions which no longer serve you are easy to release.

(3) Most doctors treat the symptoms, i.e. headaches, dizziness, etc.  It is really up to each of us to heal ourselves by choosing wisely our treatment.  This is where we must follow our intuition or gut feelings.  Listen to your inner voice as it knows what you need, although you may not be willing to admit it.  It may take doing research or asking questions, but if you are sincerely seeking you will find.  Ask how is this illness serving me?  Most illnesses serve an ulterior motive, such as keeping you from facing a fear or shame.

(4) Illness is simply a thought or idea which is shared via mass media and the power of suggestion.  Well-meaning friends often share how they felt last week or some article they read about some ‘outbreak’ of dis-ease and in doing so plant the idea in your mind which then goes on to create the symptoms.  The idea gets in to the mind in so many ways, often you are not conscious of the route.  For instance, doctors now blame viruses or bacteria for your “illness” so you will go visit them (which requires money). They give you a pill or medicine and your mind now has external permission to heal so you do.  Of course everything happens for a reason so it is up to you to figure this out.  The truth of the matter is you are a perfect whole healthy person, always… and all ways!

A suggested resource to assist your healing journey is Louise L. Hay’s “Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the way to overcome them”.  The book is just a guide, so remember to trust your gut first.  The course of healing is first to identify the symptoms, there is no need to give the illness a name per se.  If you have cold like symptoms do the affirmations for a cold without stating “it is or I have”.  Look deep and see if you can find the emotions behind the symptoms.  Do so without judgment or blame, simply accept the situation and be grateful it will all be over soon.  Focus on how you desire to feel, see it in your mind, imagine your life as if all is healed.  Give the illness to a Higher Power (Allah, Great Spirit, or God) and go on with your life.  Get rest if you need it, drink plenty of water, and think positive, loving thoughts.  A quick review – Identify, Accept, Forgive, Gratitude, and Release. 

I am combining two blogs I wrote before because they go so well together.  Trust in life and over time with persistence Goodness is the result.

The purpose of medicine is to help you shift your consciousness from unhealthy to healthy thoughts, to shift dis-ease to ease.   Illness arises from an imbalance in the body’s energy.  The creative process works in this order: thought, word, action/experience.  So if you can choose your thoughts carefully and support them in word, good health will be the result/experience.  Of course this is a cycle, so the action/experience then leads to further thought and the cycle repeats.  At least two in the cycle must be changed in order for shift to occur.  For instance, “Wow, this medicine works great” (whether it actually works or not) and focus on how healthy vibrancy feels.  As long as thought is aligned with the words, the results will be positive.

Medicine in our modern allopathic system treats the symptoms and not the dis-ease, but it does work especially if you believe that it does.  However the process involved in the medicine working is much like a filter on a movie projector lens.  The source of the illness stays the same (thought combined with emotion), but your view of it changes and thus as you believe you are well, the symptoms are gone; your thoughts then shift the source to align with healing as your emotions shift.  Just as a filter on a movie projector alters the image on the screen, medicine alters your perception of reality.  Medicine need not be prescription to work, however the stronger the belief it works (most people give more power to prescription meds), the better the result and this goes for mass consciousness too.  Meaning the more people believe a certain drug works, the more powerful the effect.

Your relationship with your doctor is vital to your recovery. (not the doctor her/himself)  Why? because your thoughts about any situation determine the outcome.  Positive loving thoughts aid the situation and negative or doubtful thoughts hinder the healing process.  So if you like your doctor and think he/she is the greatest and/or the most capable, your healing experience will reflect this in the positive.  Most people who go to the doctor give their healing powers over to the doctor so they can then do what is necessary to heal you.  There is an energy exchange that goes on unconsciously so I am suggesting you keep it positive as best you can.  Remember the mind is creating the ‘reality’ of your experience. 

Now sometimes higher powers are at work and no matter what you do the outcome has been decided.  This is often the case when a person is set to leave this world.  Your method and time of death has already been chosen.  So some things are not up to you!  What is up to you always is how you handle it, so having a positive loving outlook produces less pain and more benefits for everyone involved.  There is nothing more inspiring than to watch a loved one handle a dire situation with poise, courage, and dignity.

I trust you now know the importance of the saying “Attitude is everything” and why we take medicine, even if it is only a sugar pill (healing goes way beyond the placebo effect).  By the way, surgery works in much the same way.  Like rearranging the items in a room for a different Fung Shui surgery shifts the effects or removes symptoms to allow the mind to balance the thoughts to healthy!  So stay focused on being healthy even if the evidence seems contrary.  “I think, therefore I am”  René Descartes.

😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Ancestral Forgiveness – Going With The Flow

During meditation today I had a deep insight into my “Journey of Love” or “my Life” or “this grand forgiveness exercise we call life”.  How the tapestry of family is woven together became clear to me, at least to a certain point.  Perhaps the more I ‘dream’ about this the clearer it will get.  The vision goes like this: 

the male body given me at birth functions to balance the abundant mental/emotional energies of the Divine Feminine already flowing through my being. (There is no denying this energy as it consumes all that I think, say, and do) Normally a woman would get Masculine energy from a male partner, but this is not how a transgender woman operates or at least not this one (me). The physical energy of the Divine Masculine comes with resistance or reluctance to me, but I have access to this energy when I am willing to embrace it. This resistance to Divine Masculine energy is part and parcel stemming from my Aunts and Grandmother who felt they could not find “a good man” and that in fact they did not even exist. Their painful relationships have flowed over into the next generation as it so often does when these issues are not faced, meaning forgiven.

(I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you – Hoʻoponopono Prayer)

Perhaps they had too much Masculine energy since they were living in a time consumed by it.  On a grander scale it could be said all of mankind was overwhelmed with this patriarchal masculine energy and we are now moving into an age of the Divine Feminine. 

Our ancestors are an important part of who we are because of the simple principle of Oneness.  We are them and they us!  This is why we need to know our ancestors and family lines as it gives us insight to who we are and the challenges we are facing.  It also gives us ample opportunity to work on them and by this I mean working to clear misconceptions, misdeeds, and karma.  It is a balancing of our energies which is nature’s constant function. The phrase “Go with the Flow” applies perfectly here.  We are not here to do anything, create anything, or even accomplish anything; we are here simply to balance the flow while simultaneously being the observer of life in this flow.  Perhaps this is what is meant by “being yourself”.  Let it Be!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Acceptance is Key… Revisited

Transition is a journey, whether the transition is gender (identity) related, materially related, or spiritually related. Preparation helps all go smoothly, while being ready to handle the unexpected becomes a valued skill.  Learning to accept what you have and working with it is both the beginning and the end of the journey.  The “what you have” is dynamic as is the journey.  So let’s begin.

First of all find out who you are.  This is not as simple as it may seem.  The person you see in the mirror is not necessarily who you are.  The body is simply a vehicle rather than who you are.  Just like your car is not who you are, neither is your body.  Getting to the point where you are happy (accept) with the image in the mirror and with yourself is sometimes a long road.  There is no right way to get there, so leave the GPS at home and use your intuition instead.

Introspection comes easily for some of us and much harder for others, so if you are one of those who does not like to look within, then this will be even more important to you, although you may need to get help.

The journey goes something like this, look in the mirror, what do you see?  Ok, this is your vehicle.  It was given you for a reason and most likely that reason is that it will take you where you need to go, not necessarily where you want to go.  Accept this gift!  Right here and now, STOP thinking you know where you are going.  Stop thinking you know who you are.  Let go of any preconceptions you may have acquired.  Each day is a new day and one with the potential to discover your true self.

Now that you have discovered your vehicle, go take it for a ride.  Test the cornering ability, the acceleration, and the stopping distance.  See how good you are at changing situations, demands on your services or skills.  On the road keep a notebook with you and record your best features, skills, and attributes.  Get to know what you are good at and what you need work on.  Accept where you are as perfect in this moment, all is well.

You have a long list now and are ready to pursue this even further.  Stay focused on the desirable features, skills, and attributes, the ones you put on your list and have already accepted.  Staying motivated at this level is about focusing on your goodness and forgiving all else.  If you noticed any undesirable attributes on the list you can acknowledge them, thank them for being a part of you, and then let them go.  To symbolize this write them down on a piece of paper.  In a safe location, burn the paper while focusing on gratitude – be grateful for the learning they afforded you.  Everything in your life serves a purpose so be grateful while at the same time do not get attached to them.  For instance, fat is often a shield we use to protect us from perceived danger or undesirable situations.  Notice I did not say “real” danger.  Once you become comfortable with the situations in your life and can accept your gifts of physical beauty and vigor then life supports this reality.  It all starts with your acceptance and willingness to see the beauty no matter your perceptions.

What is next for you?  Be optimistic and joyful, you have just let go of all your troubles.  The process continues and goes deeper each time.  Accept and repeat.  Life will evolve and get better and better!  Before you know it love and acceptance will exist in you on a deeper level than you even knew existed!  As this occurs your experience in the outer world conforms and reflects this reality.  The only real way to change the world is to change yourself!  The world is just you reflected!

Remember a few things along the way.  Everything happens for a reason, resistance is futile, and everyone is going through a similar journey, so give them what you would wish in return, acceptance.  Joy is in the journey!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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All Death is Suicide 2014

The world is indeed evolving and I am glad to be a part of it.  The subject for today’s blog is not new but it is also near and dear to my heart.  I repost this blog in honor of Robin Williams who brought Joy to us all, as well as teaching us the lesson of Love.  Remember to remain open to new ideas and never judge others for the path they choose.

I find it strange that to die by “accident” is unavoidable but to die by suicide is sinful and unacceptable.  These beliefs serve a purpose of course, because they help us to make it through tough times when it is so easy to just end it.  Love is the answer, everything else are just excuses.  Consider the following quotes and make up your own mind.

“There is no such thing as an accident; everything that happens to you in every moment of every day is an exact vibrational match (thanks to the Law of Attraction) to the dominant thoughts you are thinking.

No exceptions, ever.

And, just to really throw the cat among the pigeons (as the saying goes), here’s one of Abraham’s most controversial (but completely true) sayings…

All death is suicide.

…which is a natural conclusion anyway if there is no such thing as an accident.” Stingray

It seems that everything is a choice, even death!  This goes right down to the color of your eyes and your genetic structure.  Not that all choice is conscious.  These choices were made before you were born and through thoughts, words, and actions taken by you along the path.

“However, the fear of death is unnecessary.  The truth is that all death is suicide.  At its core, everything is a choice.  There is an awakening occurring on the planet for those who are paying attention in which we are realizing how much choice we actually have in the creation of our reality.  As we accept our power we must let go of the desire to be accepted or understood by those who are stuck in mainstream thought.  This willingness to transcend the fears of others and become a pioneer is crucial to personal evolution.

In life, a central challenge is to let go of the idea that your body is decaying with time.  It is not.  It is actually recreating itself constantly.”

“In the Conversations with God Series by Neale Donald Walsh, God says that all death is suicide, and it is just a matter of whether we want to do it quickly, or over time with eating bad food, breathing polluted air, smoking, drinking etc. If someone is in pain, God does not want one to suffer, and does not blame someone for leaving their body quickly. If someone was to love you so much they would understand that, to keep you is selfish, everyone is sad when someone dies, not because so much they think something bad happened to them, but they cry for themselves, that what they want is no longer with them. Take this story for instance I was so in love with this guy, we lived together for a year, but I noticed he would go in the bedroom all sad and close the door sometimes. I found out he was looking at pictures of his kids he loved so much and his wife he was still in love with. I planned it out and talked him into moving to the city where his children and ex lived, and when we got there I said this is where I drop you off, I am moving on. I loved him enough to let him go and try to work things out with his wife and to be there for his children. Now, that is love.”  Kathy Miller

Remember that every thought, word, and action leads to your experience in this world and ultimately to your fate.  We are guided by higher powers, no matter how you think of them, Divine Being, God, or Higher Self.  Listen to this guidance and you will make it through the maze of life to the Promised Land.  There is no right or wrong way home.  Nanu-Nanu!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Life As A Relay Race Revisited

This is two previous blogs I posted and now we revisit them with new eyes and in a revised edition.  It always amazes me how quickly learning can take place.  Mostly I have made grammatical corrections and clarified a few of the messages, otherwise the blog remains intact.

If life was as a relay race, are you nearing the end of your race?  What have you learned which is important to put in your baton?  Keeping it brief, think of the top ten things you would make sure to pass along.  This is your legacy of advice to pass to the next runner.  By thinking on this topic ahead of time you will more fully appreciate your accomplishments and energize the rest of your life as well as those who run with you and those who come after.  I will go first…the following is my baton… my top ten essentials to pass along.

  • 1) Remember to breathe, consciously breathe, notice how the air fills your body and feel the energy as it invigorates each and every cell. This process keeps you in the present moment and it is the secret to a healthy, happy life.
  • 2) Remember life is not about you. Serving others is the greatest accomplishment any of us can make.  Giving is receiving!  Notice how you feel after helping a friend or giving a gift to a loved one and you know exactly of what I speak!
  • 3) Share your gifts (talents) by doing something you love. Just making a living (working solely for money) is self-destructive!  Let your living make you or to say this another way, allow life to sustain you (Money is only one reward for your efforts).  Living is the rule not the exception. (Money is not a requirement to live) The human body can go 30 days without food and up to a week without water.  Notice how life supports you and the experience just gets better and better!
  • 4) Feel your feelings! Emotion is the fuel for manifestation (creating what you desire).  Fear is a powerful negative emotion and thus attracts precisely what you do not want!  Is your desire at a passionate positive level or a fearful negative level?  Desire for something must be greater than fear of the opposite in order for it to manifest.  Facing the dark side (negative emotions) clears these forces from your life and it is as easy as turning a light on to illuminate a dark room.  It is not possible to experience fear and love at the same time, so choose Love!  Simply realizing you have inner light to shine whenever and wherever you need it can make all the difference.  Shine your light Beloved!
  • 5) Question reality, always and all ways! Things are often not what they seem, so do not judge.  Good or bad do not exist except in your mind, so release your attachment to this belief and life flows with ease.  My favorite quote on this topic is “All the worlds a stage and we are merely players” (Shakespeare).  Dealing with fantasy and fiction is our way of learning to see Truth.  Just because something is false does not mean it will go away and in fact it is the false things we must deal with first in order to find the truth.  Be willing to wade through the shit to reach the shore of truth.  The rewards are well worth it.
  • 6) Curiosity is the fuel which keeps us going. Without it you will go nowhere!  My favorite character as a child was Curious George, the monkey in yellow.  If you have not seen these programs I suggest checking them out and even if you have revisit them from time to time.  The innocence of youth is a gift we need not loose.  Curiosity is a big part of this innocence.  Also do not equate innocence with ignorance; it is more accurate to say they are opposites!
  • 7) Go with the flow…. “Resistance is futile” (Star Trek).  “What you resist persists.” (Carl Jung) What this means is to trust the flow of life and do what you must.  Blindly wandering the in dark is dangerous so it is important to find the flow (meaning) and go with it.  The truth of the matter is there is no meaning to life or more simply put, YOU are the meaning of life.  Your life, your creation!  No this does not contradict number 2, because God is all there is.  Your life is God expressing through you (a definition of flow).  This is also why nothing is either right or wrong.  It is because it needs to be in order for ‘God’s experience’ or ‘Infinite Intelligence’ to express though you.  The part which confuses us is Free Will.  We have both free will and destiny!  Life unfolds regardless to your choices, so if you really need to experience something, then you will eventually experience it.  You have the freedom to choose how you experience these things, not whether you will experience them.  Love and loss are examples we all seem to experience at some point in life, so accept these experiences with an open mind and a desire to learn and grow.  You can choose to avoid certain experiences which might be painful, but if “life” needs to experience it through you, it will.  Resistance causes pain; the more resistance, the more pain. Consider this when making choices in life.
  • 8) Life itself is a relationship! As humans we are most concerned with closer relationships.  Family is the first challenge we all face and then there is romance.  All I have mentioned prior applies here!  Just understand the world is a reflection of who you are, so those who are close to you are different aspects of ‘God’s experience’ or ‘Infinite Intelligence’.  So loving them is loving yourself!  While this is simple no one is saying it is easy.  Loving your family and close relations can be the opposite also and be experienced as hate, so consider this carefully as you observe your relations.  I call this a love/hate relationship and once they are seen through the eyes of oneness the relationship becomes whole again.
  • 9) Take care of your body. It is your vehicle for experiencing life and if you abuse it life will be cut short.  As we grow the adolescent years are the most challenging to the physical body, between puberty and the challenges of becoming an adult these years can be most difficult, but at the same time they can be the most rewarding.  You will test your limits and this is to be expected, just do so with caution.  Listen to your inner voice of reason.  This is the voice which is whispering, if you hear it loud and clear then do the opposite! (The ego is loud and demands to be heard, avoid this voice.  Instead get quiet and listen to the still small voice which is your Soul).
  • 10) Lastly and in continuation of caring for your body understand that life responds to your thoughts about it, and not just your thoughts but those of the majority. The majority of people believe eating healthy food makes you healthy; however, I say having healthy thoughts makes you eat healthy food! It is literally possible to think yourself healthy!  Of course the best advice here is Ben Franklin’s saying, “All things in moderation”.  Alcohol is good for you in small doses, but if abused it will kill you.  Fried food on occasion is fine, but eating only fried food will slowly destroy your health.  Strive for balance, love your body, even or especially the peculiarities, and respect others’ choices to do the same.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Living In Authenticity

Are you being the person you most desire to be?  Not who you want to be, or even who you think you are, but the person at your core who drives your desires.  This requires shedding skins, like a snake.  As the snake grows it outgrows their present skin or identity if you will and it falls away, sometimes naturally and sometimes with assistance.  This is precisely what we do as we grow too, often without thinking about it because it is less literal and mostly metaphysical.

As above, So below… means when we grow we do it on all levels at once.  This is more obvious when you are young because life is mostly about growing, but this continues to happen throughout life.  As multi-dimensional beings we have many bodies not just the physical body we each identify with here on earth.  (Click here for more on Subtle Bodies)

The journey of discovery of self begins with intention and continues throughout life, the deeper you go the deeper it gets and this is indeed a good thing.  No worries about getting lost because all roads eventually lead home.  Have fun on this journey and at the same time do not get too attached.  The skin you live in today is not the same as the one you had as a child and is not the same as you will have on your death bed.  For some of us who are awake and aware this skin changes more rapidly than for others, it all depends on your intentions and desires.   The journey can take a side path which is often very fun at first and then gets tiresome quickly. Eventually though the journey becomes about seeking your most inner desires in order to connect to your innermost being or soul.  Does it really even matter what skin you wear?  Only if you believe it does!  Still it is important to honor the expression your path has drawn you to, meaning if you find yourself drawn to military things, honor that aspect of your being even if it seems to contradict other aspects of yourself such as gender expression.  If you find yourself being drawn to natural processes and nature then honor this path and explore.  Life has many blessings, gifts, and pleasant surprises.

So I ask once again, Are you being the person you most desire to be?  Are you being honest with yourself?  If not, then why?  What is the fear motivating this dishonesty? As you face your fears they fall away and this is what it takes to live an authentic life.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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Birth Reality

To start let’s get one thing clear, much of this physical world makes no sense.  Let’s take Birth certificates for instance.  The Government and other agencies often use this document to verify identity and as proof of sex.  But just what is this document really?

Taken very simply it is a document created at your birth and records your perceived sex based on physical examination by a physician.  Usually your relative health is documented, a foot print is taken, the date and time is recorded and for all posterity you exist!

Eighteen years later or more this document is used to verify your identity, but the foot print is no longer useful as you have grown too much.  Surgery can change the physical sex, so this is no longer a valid verification of your present identity.  You could have healed any wounds present at birth depending on how severe, so this is not necessarily a measure of identity.

So what we really have here is documentation of your identity/condition at birth and does nothing to prove who you are now so many years later.  It really is a worthless document.  So why is it required to get a passport for instance?

The other issue which confounds me is why the Transgender population is up in arms over the inability to change this worthless document in four US states?  I just happen to be from one of these states and I could care less what this document says because it is no longer valid!  I am not that person any longer.  In fifty plus years I have changed tremendously, and in fact every cell in my body has been replaced multiple times!    It has even been proven now that our DNA changes over time and with the effects of the environment, so I ask again, why do we give so much weight to a historical document?

The best course of action for those concerned is to “go with the flow”.  Simply find a way around the absurd laws our society has created.  If you are so moved, then go out and fight to change these laws, but certainly do not allow these absurdities to disrupt your path or create disharmony in your life.

To truly live in the now we must operate as best we can from this point and not some past idea or future goal.  Yes, we remember the past and focus on future goals, but not as some concrete reality, but as an ideal.  Life is an experience … a feeling.  This is what we mean by the Now.  Know in your heart who you are and express this at every opportunity, not to impress others but to fulfill your inner being.  Life is too rich to be diluted with inconsistencies.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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