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on November 10, 2010

The dictionary defines it as awareness and understanding one’s thinking and cognitive processes; thinking about thinking. (  I have discovered that it is a valuable tool in transition.  My ministry and much of the New Thought movement are based on this.  The Buddhists teach a form of it as a method of enlightenment.  We are going to apply it to transition as a tool for deepening the journey and enriching the experience.

As we have discussed before, transition is changing from one state of being to another.  Metacognition is a great tool for use in this process.  Take gender transition for example.  In order to change from one state, say male to female, then one must know that they are a woman inside a man’s body.  Awareness of who you are is vital to the transition and the best way to know this is to find out who you are not through a process of elimination.  This requires an exploration of beings in your world and an insatiable curiosity of the surrounding environment. 

I first learned of this term metacognition from my voice coach and have since had some pretty amazing realizations.  Starting with my concept of who I am depends on the concept of others.  It is a fascinating dynamic.  I know now that I feel female and I was born male.  The term transgender has been invented to describe this state of being.  I am a woman in a male body.  The physical transition for me is about complete, my body appears female. 

When I go out in public people treat me as they would any other tall woman, with curiosity and smiles.  I no longer get questions as to whether I am male or female.  They see a woman and assume that truth, just as they did before when they assumed I was a man.  The interesting part is that their reaction depends not only on what I look like but act and think like.  Yes, my thoughts and expectations make a difference and this is to be expected.  The thing that I found interesting is their thoughts and expectations make a difference too.  Basically you experience what you expect from what you see.  People take each other at face value.  If I were instead running around in a wheelchair I would be treated as a handicap person, and I would act that way!  Your appearance dictates your behavior. 

As an example, I find that I act more feminine and am able to speak with a more feminine voice around people I do not know.  When I am around others who know that I am transgender and born a male my voice is lower and I act less girly.  The dynamic is a valuable tool in the process of transition because now we know that our behavior depends not only on a personal choice but on a larger perception.  I am who I believe myself to be, as well as who others believe me to be, and this is in perfect alignment with the teachings of Oneness that I have dedicated myself to share. 

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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