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Gaia – Divine Mother

on November 13, 2010

If God is all there is, then that means there is only one mind the mind of God.  Each and every thing, person, plant, animal, and organism is God.   Oneness is the order of the day, it is the new philosophy that is changing the face of earth.  Just as the realization that the Earth is not the center of the Universe, or that the world is not flat.  Oneness will transform the world we live in to the Aquarian Peace that is predicted.  Consider a moment that the Earth is one organism, that it is alive and functions much like all organisms.  Let us see Gaia as the Divine Mother that she is.

Every creature or complex life form has many working parts.  Each of these parts needs to serve its proper function for the creature to be healthy.  Let’s compare with humans for a minute.  Our body is made up of cells, and those cells create the structure and function of our bodies.  Earth is also made up of many living parts like cells, and humans are a part of the system.  This is what is called the holographic effect.  Everything is made up of parts resembling the larger and the smaller whole.  Each cell of our bodies contain worlds unto themselves, just as our world is echoed throughout the Universe. 

Each cell in our body has a purpose or function.  Skin cells hold the body in, gives us shape and form, protects the inner environment from the outside elements, and allows the body to function in very different  conditions.  The Bone cells provide structure and strength to the body as well as produce blood cells.  Nerve cells are how we communicate.  Gaia has these systems also and we are a part of that.

There are plants that act like lymph cells filtering sunlight, converting this to energy and producing oxygen while they filter the air of carbon dioxide.  The animals each have a function as does every creature on earth and within.  What purpose does the human have?  I would like to say that we are like brain cells and provide the intelligence on earth, but I am afraid that is not the case.  I would say that human’s role here is to be observers, to be aware of who and what we are.  We are witnesses to the Divine Cosmic dance of life.  Our bodies are vehicles for doing this and the One mind operates through us to this end.  As much as we try to do things, 99.9% of that is busy work.  The real service we play here are vehicles of consciousness. 

Just as each cell has it purpose and function, Humans have theirs and if a cell deviates from that purpose and function they become cancerous.  In order for humans to rid themselves of cancer they must first stop being a cancer!   Each person on earth need ask themselves, what is my purpose here?  Am I fulfilling that purpose?  And if not, how can I re-align with that purpose?  Consider that each person is born into a family and that family has a history of doing a certain type of work.  Everything happens for a reason, so consider your place in life and allow yourself to thrive in that place.  This is what being yourself is all about. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

2 responses to “Gaia – Divine Mother

  1. In just reading the first few lines of this post, I was inspired to feel and say – YES! Oneness is key! When Oneness is embraced and fully understood, all business will change, wars will cease, and people everywhere will begin to stop practicing victimhood and judgement. Greed and control will melt away! As Oneness is embraced, the world and each of us changes. Love it!

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