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Wisdoms End

on November 30, 2010

Wisdom never ends and it does not belong to any one person.  This is a valuable piece of information that every seeker of knowledge, scholar, and educator need know. You as an individual know nothing and what you think you know is worthless.  These are the frivolous floundering of the ego mind, its ongoing task to feel important and be special in the minds of others.

Wisdom is like a stream that meanders down the mountain, across the field and into the ocean.  It flows constantly and anyone can come to the stream and drink its waters.  Wisdom is like so many things in this world that people attempt to bottle and sell.  If you have ever taken a butterfly and put it in a bottle you know that it dies.  Sooner or later the magic is gone!  Why?  Because it belongs to no one and everyone!  Beauty, innocence, wisdom, affection, joy and all those things we each desire are free and pertain to the old saying, “the best things in life are free”. 

The next time you read a profound statement or a moving story, accept the gift and know that you could have said that too.  The author is simply a scribe no less or no more important than you are.  They have simply walked to the stream and drank its water!  Anyone and everyone has this choice if they so desire.  The attributes listed above can easily be substituted for Wisdom, this stream delivers Beauty, Innocence, Affection, Joy, and whatever the heart desires.  The only caveat is that you do not own it, you are simply using it, enjoying it, sharing it, but never do you have exclusive rights to it!

The act of learning something is opening yourself up to wisdom and allowing this stream to flow through you.  It can also be likened to aligning yourself with the specific vibrational frequency of a particular energy (wisdom).  A teacher teaches by raising the vibrational frequency of her students to her level.  This is done in a myriad of methods and there really is no limit to the ways this can be accomplished.  Andragogy is the best method and involves facilitating the learner in obtaining this desired energy frequency on their own.  When the desire is held within the heart (it cannot be placed there by anyone other than the individual) the desire drives the person to the answers they seek, thus in the future teachers will be called facilitators. 

Wisdom is simply knowledge that is a part of Universal Consciousness ( the stream) and to think that anyone person is smarter or less knowledgeable than any other is demonstrating a lack of understanding.   We each drink from the stream to a different extent.  Worship not those who go before you and instead strive to attain their level of wisdom.  Drink up my friends.  They have simply opened more doors than you have and drank of the stream more often.  What they say may sound profound and very well could be exactly what you need to hear in that precise moment, but that is not due to their gifts but to yours!   Great Spirit is always aligning you with the wisdom you need when you need it and when you awaken to this fact you will see it, plain as day. 

If you read something profound and “wise” while reading this blog, just know that I have opened myself up to “the stream” and so can you! 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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