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To Thy Own Self Be True

How does one go about this?  I mean, how does one be true to thy own self?  It really depends on how you view “self”.  The interpretation will be slightly different for each person, so this means trillions of ways!

I will share my viewpoint and you can integrate it into yours.  In the process we both will grow… how is that for divine beauty?   If you have been reading my blog over the years you know that I have a Unity Consciousness point of view, meaning we are all One.  God is all there is!  Once I started looking it showed up everywhere and all doubt was chased away.  The more I questioned the deeper my belief.  I see Oneness everywhere I look these days and the most significant portion of this is I know this means all is Divine!

Yes, this means that thy own self is Divine!  We are all God…Godding 😉  Simply put, we are each doing as we are guided to do as an expression of God (Universal Consciousness, Great Spirit, Allah, or whatever you like to call it).  Some follow the ego mind and this gets them in all sorts of predicaments, while the others are listening to the Divine guidance of Holy Spirit.  It is not hard once you know the difference to choose the Divine.  The still quiet voice, the loving, caring, compassionate guidance is of Divine Spirit.  If you choose to say hurtful words, take harmful action, or even entertain ill thoughts this is ego in action.

The choice is often unconscious, so I invite you to bring the Divine into consciousness!  The mind is under your control and by “your” I mean the Spirits control unless it is not, which means you have not claimed this control.  The ego will take control of your mind and use fear and pain to control you if you allow it, but it has no power unless you fail to claim your God given rights.  In order to make your claim simply state to the Universe and with God as your witness:

I release the past, and see myself in new light, the light of God as an equal to God.  If this is beyond my abilities at this time then I remain open to this possibility and ask that I be given the opportunity for this realization.  I hereby withdraw all power which I have given to other people or to situations which control my experiences.  I am in control of my experiences and I choose Love, Joy, and Peace!  In my sexual relationship with you dearly Beloved (all relationships I have ever experienced) I hereby release and forgive you for the blame which I placed falsely upon you.  I understand this was a mistake and not a sin, so I am simply correcting an error on my part.  The more I practice this and make this a part of my life the deeper will I experience this Truth.  Holy Spirit I ask for your help in making this so, so that I may know myself in my True form.  Help me in forgiving the past and in knowing the essence of my being.  I Love You!

Now that you have released ego mind, being “true to thy own self” is a no brainer!

😀 Sequoia Elisabeth

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We Are One Consciousness

Transition as we know affects each of us in our own personal ways, so today I would like to look at this a little closer and point out the similarities of Human growth.  Transition is really a Universal Consciousness phenomenon.  While you may have very intimate personal experiences in your life, you are not alone in these experiences!

Everything your senses sense are recorded in the Akashic records for later soul review (after life review) and these experiences are linked to the greater race consciousness and Universal consciousness as well.  So thoughts and experiences can be shared.  Each chakra represents a level of consciousness and you may not be aware of all 12 at this time, however there are many more things in heaven and earth….

This sounds complex and indeed it is.  It is also a miraculous process as well.  Take gender transition for example, modern science as told us that the brain is wired female, while the body is constructed male (or vice versa) and this is the cause behind the human experience of being Transgender.  I submit that this is a gross oversimplification of a multi-dimensional phenomenon.  The dysphoria runs much deeper than gender or even sex.  From my experience it is something that spans many dimensional levels and not just one chakra level (gender/sex is the second chakra).

We have all been experiencing changes in life over the past few decades and in fact the entire Universe is experiencing these energetic shifts.  It is a proven fact that every planet in our solar system is experiencing global warming for instance.  Everyone I know is experiencing some sort of transition and some are experiencing multiple transitions!  By transition I mean major change in your life.  This can be change of career, moving to a new country, sex change, relationship changes, health changes, etc.

Now it is true that life here on earth is all about change, however I venture to say that these are affecting more of us than ever at one time, thus proving the inter-connection of everyone on earth.  What you do effects everyone else at some level and when we work together for a certain change, like Occupy Wall Street, or World Peace.  The change is even more rapid and profound.  Know that by embracing your life’s purpose or calling you empower others.  Just the simply act of following your dreams opens countless doors!  As you say YES, it echoes throughout the land (conscious mind).  We are One.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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God’s Love


Here is the answer to the previous Blog on Ego Love. The following is an excerpt from Sex and Sexuality, “For clarity I will capitalize this type of Love, so if you see “love” think ego and if you see “Love” think Eternal Spirit.  The only true form of Love is that which some define as Agape or the Love of God.  The ego mind is attempting to steer you around this section so just ignore your impulse to stop and read on.  I promise this is an extremely important concept to master.  Metaphor is so illustrative so consider this.  You came to earth expecting a mansion and were instead given a shack!  This is the illusion we all have been sold by ego mind.  The ego is not who you are but is in fact a tool given us to experience this world.  It is not possible to be in this world without your ego, because this world is in fact your ego expressing.   It is time to let go of the belief that you are your ego (or your body) for it no longer serves you. 

Who are you if you are not your ego?  When the ego is stripped away all that remains is Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, God, or the One Mind.  Other names for God are pure Love, Joy and Peace.  For our purposes here today we are only discussing Love although Joy and Peace are interchangeable with Love.  God is All There Is and how we experience this is what Love is all about.  God is Love, God is Joy, God is Peace, God is YOU and me and all that is!  You may have heard this explanation however I offer it here because it is so profound.  Each of us are points of experience for God or you can think of each life form as an aspect of God and if God is infinite, remember the poem at the beginning of this chapter, then we all are infinite.  Here is some prose that illustrates what Love is so that you can get an idea of what this entails. 

Love Is

Love is not exclusive, but Inclusive

Love is not painful, but the Highest JOY

Love is never lost, but exists always

Love is not changing, but constant

Love is not different, but the same at all levels

Love is not wrong, but the answer

Love is Universal!

Love exists regardless of what is happening in your life, in fact

Love exists regardless of your life

Love is something you can share, but cannot prevent another from experiencing,

only yourself

Love is the only thing you have more of when you give it away

Love is a feeling, an emotion, an experience, and so much more

Love is life itself

Love is a way of life

Love is an acceptance of all that comes your way

Love is an expression of WHO YOU ARE, who we all are


So the next time you wish to experience Love consider what that means.  Love is unconditional and in order to experience this we must first give it away!  How can you give away something you do not have?  You cannot, but then Love is who you are so simply give you away.  This is done by being thoughtful and considerate of others, accepting others for who they present to you, and never criticizing anyone or anything.  You give of yourself by doing onto others as you would have done onto you.” (Sex and Sexuality

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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A Cashless Society

What is it that you really desire, the money or the rewards afforded by money?  Is it the gratification you get from quality food, enjoyable entertainment, engaging creative efforts and the simply joy of living?  The bottom line here is that money is the middle man and does not need to exist.  It was created as a limitation by people who desired power and operates on a system of inequality.  Isn’t it time we grew up and realized the true pleasures in life?

A certain level of maturity is demanded by a cashless society, and there is no reason we cannot attain this level right now.  2011 can be the year we gave up money!  A year we claimed our true freedom and forgave all debts.  Wiped the slate clean and started over.  What do we need to release to make this a reality?

A few fundamental systems in our present society need to go.  Anything that is ego based such as religion, politics, government, and any organization would need to be disbanded.   The reason for this is that every organization is self serving, be it a church, hospital, bank or municipality.  I am not promoting an every man for himself society, far from it.  I am instead promoting a society that is woven together by its very existence; a society that operates on Love, kindness and good will. 

The result of a disbanding of this magnitude would be like taking a bag of magnets and emptying it out on a table of iron shavings.  Each magnet would create a hub of shavings around it.  This is the form for our new society.  Each hub would freely exchange materials between them and would operate at a level of conscious maturity where each part was aware of the others and flowed in an intelligent manner for the benefit of all.  Such a force exists right now, it is called Universal Consciousness and flows through every person, animal and thing in existence.   Some call this force God, however it really does not matter what you call it, only that you realize it is here and it makes up your being!

Fear is beside the point at this stage of the game.  Look around you!  It is happening as you read this….  We are making the shift!  Does this mean that you run out and cash in all your savings?  No.  It means that you wake up and tune in to what is happening around you and prepare for it.  This is where Maturity comes in.  Your actions must be from Love, because if they come from fear the result will be most unpleasant.  Destruction of the old systems can be efficient, methodical and intentional or they can be haphazard, disorganized and unconscious.  We have seen the effect of the latter many times in our evolution.  How about trying this the other way!?!

There is a new movie out that goes into this subject at length and does a great job of explaining why this is happening now and offers a solution that is very feasible with the technology and level of advancement we have right now!   Take a few hours (2:41:21) out of your busy schedule to check it out and share with all those you Love (hopefully everyone).  Zeitgeist: Moving Forward – The Official 2011 release, (well over a million views already)

This is the Official Online (Youtube) Release of “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.

This is a non-commercial work and is available online for free viewing and no restrictions apply to uploading/download/posting/linking – as long as no money is exchanged.

A Free DVD Torrent of the full 2 hr and 42 min film in 30 languages is also made available through the main website [below], with instructions on how one can download and burn the movie to DVD themselves. His other films are also freely available in this format.


Release Map:

$5 DVD:





      🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth


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Finding Peace

As a Spiritual Peacemaker it is my calling to help others find the Peace within and in so doing create Peace within me.  One of the best ways I have found to reach this space of Peace is meditation.  Many people find meditation difficult and this is because you do not fully understand what meditation is. 

First of all let us consider what Peace is.  Without dragging out the dictionary, think of Peace as the Spirit within you and all things.  It is a still, calm, quiet, serene place but can also be active, forceful, and dynamic.  Peace is quite simply the force of Great Spirit, Universal Consciousness or God.  We find it calming and comforting because this is our home, our natural state.  Finding Peace then would be like finding yourself!  

The wee hours of the morning are easiest to reach this space.  Why?  Because the rest of the ego world is sleeping and so the airwaves are calmer and with less disturbance.  Many people will rise at 4 or 5 am to do their daily meditation and while this does make the process easier it is certainly not required.  I would say if you are just starting the practice of daily meditation, creating the habit of rising early and doing the meditation in the private space of your room can be a great way to center yourself before the day begins.

Start by getting comfortable, but not so comfortable that you are prone to fall asleep.  It is of course ok to fall asleep, this is simply not the brain wave pattern we are shooting for.  This space is just above the sleep realm.  Relaxed and calm, but not out of it.  Focus on a central point and relax.  Breathe slowly and feel your breathe move in and out of your body.  Move your stomach and not so much your diaphragm.  The Buddhists call this belly breathing.  The seat of your soul is located in the middle of your belly just above the navel.   And the doorway into the soul is through the heart located just above the belly near the xyphoid in the center of your chest.  Focus your attention to these locations and feel the sensations.  Imagine Light beaming from within you and radiating out in all directions.  As you relax into this feeling, Peace reveals itself. 

Peace is always present as this is your essence.  If you feel anxious, nervous, painful, fidgety, or distressed this is the ego and the message is false.  The mind is in control here and the purpose of meditation is to release this control and fall back on your essence.  Thinking is not necessary and should be avoided.  A busy mind can be released with intention and practice.  Focus on observation and feeling the space within.  After a while you will be able to simply move into a place of peace at any time, with a simple intention.  If at first you are only in this place for a second, you have still found it and you should congratulate yourself.   Use this tool often and in any situation, it will serve you well.  May your New Year be filled with Joy, Love and Peace!  namaste’

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Loving Perspectives

Everything you say is a prayer, so accept this as my prayer.  I am not my body; I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  However my body appears, I created it to fully experience the results.  This means if I am bullied, abused, laughed at, murdered or admired, loved, desired, feigned over, I chose this experience at a level of awareness beyond this world.  Please allow me this experience! 

Why I chose this experience is not important.  What is important is that I embrace the experience accepting it fully.  I am listening to the still small voice within my heart for guidance.  The loud and often obnoxious voice in my head is ignored, in a polite fashion if possible. 

Faith need not be blind.  By listening to the feelings in the heart you are guided to your highest expression.  While faith cannot be touched or seen, it can be felt and experienced in ways that if pursued reveal themselves along the path. 

Since I am not my body, I do not die.  The body will fall away and in energetic terms change form.  The identity of that body will die and others will mourn the loss of this physical form.  The Spirit within that body moves on to other experiences.  Those in the physical realm will not be able to discern this Spirit from others.  Like a drop of water that rejoins the Ocean the Spirit remains alive and continues to flow.

Universal Consciousness knows not good or bad and never judges the physical world.  These constructions are created in the illusion of control.  Nothing is good or bad, it simple is.  How you experience it just is, unless you place a good or bad label upon it.  Placing judgment in this fashion is not good or bad, but serves you in some way.  Let it be.  (In the Oneness philosophy, “Judge not lest ye be judged” means there is only one to do the judgment!) 

Events always happen for a reason, although that reason is not always apparent.  Perceiving the reason is often helpful in accepting the event just the way it transpired.  However it is not required to understand the reason.  This is where faith comes in. 

This body is my vehicle for experience in the world.  I use it to communicate Love.  I give Love by sharing my body with others, by observing other’s Loving acts, and by sharing thoughts through writing, speaking and action.  

Any circumstance in my life is to these ends.  The specific events are meaningless, it is the Love communicated that gives life meaning.  My accomplishments are measured in the amount of Love I communicate.  I cannot fail, because I feel this Love as it circulates through this world as my blood flows through my body!  Oneness is so much more profound than most give it credit for.  I am the Love I seek.  I am that, I am. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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Wisdoms End

Wisdom never ends and it does not belong to any one person.  This is a valuable piece of information that every seeker of knowledge, scholar, and educator need know. You as an individual know nothing and what you think you know is worthless.  These are the frivolous floundering of the ego mind, its ongoing task to feel important and be special in the minds of others.

Wisdom is like a stream that meanders down the mountain, across the field and into the ocean.  It flows constantly and anyone can come to the stream and drink its waters.  Wisdom is like so many things in this world that people attempt to bottle and sell.  If you have ever taken a butterfly and put it in a bottle you know that it dies.  Sooner or later the magic is gone!  Why?  Because it belongs to no one and everyone!  Beauty, innocence, wisdom, affection, joy and all those things we each desire are free and pertain to the old saying, “the best things in life are free”. 

The next time you read a profound statement or a moving story, accept the gift and know that you could have said that too.  The author is simply a scribe no less or no more important than you are.  They have simply walked to the stream and drank its water!  Anyone and everyone has this choice if they so desire.  The attributes listed above can easily be substituted for Wisdom, this stream delivers Beauty, Innocence, Affection, Joy, and whatever the heart desires.  The only caveat is that you do not own it, you are simply using it, enjoying it, sharing it, but never do you have exclusive rights to it!

The act of learning something is opening yourself up to wisdom and allowing this stream to flow through you.  It can also be likened to aligning yourself with the specific vibrational frequency of a particular energy (wisdom).  A teacher teaches by raising the vibrational frequency of her students to her level.  This is done in a myriad of methods and there really is no limit to the ways this can be accomplished.  Andragogy is the best method and involves facilitating the learner in obtaining this desired energy frequency on their own.  When the desire is held within the heart (it cannot be placed there by anyone other than the individual) the desire drives the person to the answers they seek, thus in the future teachers will be called facilitators. 

Wisdom is simply knowledge that is a part of Universal Consciousness ( the stream) and to think that anyone person is smarter or less knowledgeable than any other is demonstrating a lack of understanding.   We each drink from the stream to a different extent.  Worship not those who go before you and instead strive to attain their level of wisdom.  Drink up my friends.  They have simply opened more doors than you have and drank of the stream more often.  What they say may sound profound and very well could be exactly what you need to hear in that precise moment, but that is not due to their gifts but to yours!   Great Spirit is always aligning you with the wisdom you need when you need it and when you awaken to this fact you will see it, plain as day. 

If you read something profound and “wise” while reading this blog, just know that I have opened myself up to “the stream” and so can you! 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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