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Christ Mas

on December 12, 2010

This is the time of year when we are reminded of Christ consciousness and its relationship to our lives.  The very word itself is an indication of what this season is all about.  Christ in metaphysical terms means centered or anointed one.  The word “mas” in Spanish means “more”.   So thus we have it in simple terms.  This season is about getting more centered or literally, centered more. 

The word “anoint” means to dedicate to the service of God, or in other words, to make sacred and whole.  The ceremony (Christmas morning/Christmas eve) is a way of connecting to Spirit and setting intentions.  It is an acknowledgment of Oneness with God. The symbology is important this season because when you share gifts it is a way of saying to the recipient, “you are sacred to me”.  On Christmas morning you are anointing those you love with gifts.  The actual item is far less important than the Loving intention (Christ consciousness) that goes into the gift.  It is the gift in the gift! 

When thought of in this manner the Spirit of Christ Mas is brought to life!  This year when you are sitting around the tree and sharing gifts, share also the Christ Consciousness.  In short, move outside yourself (ego mind) and connect with the One (God) which is present in each person in your life.   

This is how Santa delivers millions of presents in one night!  Through Christ Consciousness the Spirit works through us all!! May you be Blessed this season 😉

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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