Top Ten Spiritual Blogs

Here are my top ten spiritual blogs out of 468+! I will admit that many of these blogs are repeated and reworded as my own spirituality advances. I invite you to come along for the ride! Part of the reason I make this post is because a year or so ago, I divided my website into two parts and the blog remained with the Transgender website while it has a spiritual component to it. I wish for those parts to remain whole! I am Spiritual first! Please look around in both websites, and

  1. Learn to Love
  2. Value vs Worth
  3. The Highest Law of the Land
  4. The Matrix of Oneness
  5. Law of Agreement
  6. The Seven Universal Laws
  7. Intuition and the Six Senses of Mind
  8. All Death Is Suicide
  9. Stupidest Question Ever Asked
  10. Top Ten Spiritual Authors

Life is a Journey of Love and we each get to experience this in our own way. We never truly have anything until we give it away… so I share this wisdom with you and claim it as my own. This is Oneness expressed.

With deep gratitude,

Sequoia Elisabeth


Messages from the Angels


Peace DoveMy dear friends, we love you so very much.

If we had a wish for you, it would be that each one of you would come to cherish the beautiful and unique soul that you truly are, every moment of every day. We would wish that you could accept yourself without condition, no matter what circumstances, desires, moods, or feelings you feel. We wish that you could love yourselves as we love you, as God loves you for in our eyes you are perfect in every way – you are courageous souls, on earth, learning to dissolve the illusions that you are separate from God and from one another. You are learning to love yourselves and others as God loves.

Dear ones as you start accepting yourselves more unconditionally, you will find it much easier to allow others to be who they are as well. You were never intended to educate or “fix” another soul through your words or your efforts. It is through you being who you are in any given moment, listening to the dictates in your heart, expressing whatever is in your heart to be expressed, that you affect the world in the way God wishes. If you are called to live an inspiring life of joy and ease, then do so. If you are called to serve the hungry or help the homeless, then do so. If you are called to share your dollars, then do so. If you are called to care for your parents or children, then do so. If you are called in a given moment, to take a long soak in the tub and allow yourself rest, then do so. If you seek to express yourself through a hobby or to further educate yourself in an area of interest, then do so. Trust there are reasons. If your heart wants to be expressed in a relationship then dear ones, pray for the right words at the right time and allow yourself to speak.

For it is in listening to your own hearts, accepting your own feelings, acting according to your own longings, and speaking according to your own truth that you change the world. If your focus is upon changing others you will eternally be frustrated because you cannot ever control whether your words and actions will be the catalysts for change.

However, if your focus is simply upon being who are in any given moment, then this in itself is the reward. If your “being” happens to help others find the light then they have opened to receive the gifts of God as He expresses Himself through your soul and your human presence upon the earth. A rose blooms because it is a rose. It does not seek to change the world or make it a more beautiful place, and yet it does so for those willing to stop and receive its gift. Likewise you bloom because you are you. You do not have to seek to change the world or make it a more beautiful place, and yet as you bloom, you will do so for those willing to stop and see you and receive the gifts that you are sharing with the world.

This is a fine line to walk as a human being and we do understand it is difficult. You all want so badly to help others see the light, but rather than trying to convince them, BE the light. You all want so badly to be loved, but rather than seeking to earn love, BE love. You all want so badly to experience more abundance but rather than trying to manipulate your own heart, other or life to ‘get’ more, BE the abundance that you seek – for indeed your own hearts are rich with talents, kindness, love, and gifts that can bring you prosperity if you would only seek to share them with the world.

Be who you are in any given moment dear ones. Speak the words that reside in your heart when you are motivated to do so, and do so with kindness. Allow yourselves to have your feelings without agenda or a need to ‘make’ anything happen. This is not easy. You are trained as human beings to DO rather than to just BE and yet if you are BEING yourself, you will only DO what God guides you to do, from a place of joy, heart, inspiration, light, and truth. And in so DOing, your very BEING will light up the world.

We love you so very much.

The Angels w/Ann Alber

What If?

Emissary Wheel BalancedWhat if we taught our children the laws of the Universe along with the laws of this physical world?

What if we assumed our children’s brilliance and treated them appropriately?

What if we taught our children that Love is our nature and that war is obsolete?

What if we taught our children that we are One, and that we each as individuals add to the Greater Good?

What if we taught our children that diversity is what makes us strong, it is who we are?

What if we taught our children that we are infinite possibilities expressed in human form?

What if we taught our children that we are all equal in our Creator’s eyes?

What if we allowed our children to teach us their Love; the innocent Love of Oneness that flows through all of us, but we adults sometimes forget about?

What if we all let go of the limitations we were taught and listened to our inner voice instead?

What if we each realized that we create our world through the thoughts, words, and actions we take?

What if we each took the responsibility to share this Loving knowledge with every child in our lives?

What if we realized that things will not change till we do?

A Perfect Society ?

Our society is based on centuries of tradition and as the years go by the structure of that society adjusts to the prevalent thoughts and ideas of the day. Open any history book and you will see that each society of the world has trends expressed in the thoughts of the masses. For example, take Europe of the 1920’s, the thought of lack and control gripped the region, while in the United States we were going thru a period of great growth and prosperity. Socially though the USA has always been the product of European expansion with a sprinkling of other societies. The Far East has its own history and social trends as do the southern continents. Over all society as a whole is attempting to create the ideal or perfect world. I think most of us would agree that the perfect world has yet to be created here on earth. Many visions of the perfect world have been presented over the years, from Atlantis and Lemuria to the Egyptians and Romans. Some would say that the Roman Empire was the closest we have come and others would say today’s society is the closest we have come to an ideal society. We are not here to debate the past, but to visualize an ideal.

What does a perfect Society look like? Would you know one if you saw one? Is perfection attainable or desirable? What I am attempting to do here is to present my version of a perfect society and get you to envision your perfect society as well, because what we focus on grows and the more you focus on your dreams the closer you are to experiencing them. The future is in your hands!

City SystemFirst of all basic human needs and rights are to be considered in any discussion of a perfect society. Such things as personal security, love, self esteem, personal fulfillment, cultural security, and participation, plus a right to life, liberty, freedom of thought, expression and identity, and equal treatment before the law. Each of these elements effects society on both an individual basis as well as on the organizational level. To me it is pretty straight forward and common sense. It is also something that deserves attention because what you focus on grows. We all desire a better world and my outlook is simple. The simpler we make our lives the easier it is to meet those above mentioned needs and rights. So here is my vision of a perfect society.

Society is based on unity in diversity, where individuals are as important as organizations and where everyone’s needs are met. We need not be so concerned with the how’s and why’s but on the what’s, when’s and where’s. What would a perfect society look like? When and where is this possible?

War is obsolete in the perfect society because the individuals understand that no one person or organization is better or above another. It is a world where we each as individuals respect and love one another seeing the oneness in each person they meet. Despite the apparent differences we all know that we are connected through the One. We are extensions of Great Spirit who are here to bring Peace and Love to every being, place and thing in our earthly world.

Since we realize that thought creates, we use the power of imagination to teleport our bodies anywhere we want to go simply by thinking of the place and giving it a Loving Thought. Everyone who lives here is healthy and productive each playing an important role in the operation and events of life here. The environment is a comfortable temperature at all times and if one desires something different, then there are different climates all around the world to teleport to and enjoy. We all realize that there is infinite abundance, so no one wants or has more than they need at that time. If something is desired it is easily available thru the object library replicator.

All land is community land so we can live and work any place we choose. Ownership is a concept that is no longer necessary since we all realize that we are One and that which benefit’s the One benefits all. In this state of oneness we realize that another’s discomfort is the same as our own so we happily share all our resources with anyone who asks. Meaning that if you need shelter you stay where ever you are with whomever you desire in whatever accommodation there is.

Communication is easy too, since we all understand the universal language and our thoughts are shared through a sort of mental web that covers the whole world. Telepathy is common place and is encouraged. There is no need for privacy since we are of one mind. Our mind is much more capable of handling all the communications we receive, because our DNA has evolved to 12 strands and our brains are developed with millions more neural fiber connections which is fully utilized.

Since we all have infinite abundance we only work when we choose to and it is doing that which we enjoy making all work voluntary. There are no requirements, laws or limitations in a perfect society because we all realize and respect that we are each a part of the whole and to harm another is to harm the self. Gender, sexual orientation and race are seen as enhancing diversity. Every person is healthy and would not consider being otherwise since there simply is no reason to be unhealthy. Plus since we all have everything we could desire there is nothing to fight over and no need to take things that are being used by another. Synchronicity is the rule here and as we move about and interact events occur in a convenient manner for all concerned. If you have the thought to visit your friend across town your thoughts connect and you instantly know if it is a good time, what to wear, if you need to bring anything, and any pertinent information. As the Joy between you grows you are teleported there.

Many would consider this place Heaven and it is where we all can live right now if we so choose. What you see around you is what you have chosen in this moment of now for whatever reasons. As our thoughts change so does our experience. As our experience changes so does awareness. Enlightenment is simply awareness of our oneness of being. It is a shift in consciousness! Not only is a perfect society possible it is inevitable as each person on earth realizes that they are the perfection they seek. It is simply a matter of choosing to see the perfection that already exists.

I challenge you to be creative and follow your heart. Let your mind go, move beyond any limits you perceive, and see the perfection. As we learn to accept the world as it is, then our awareness will grow to the point where our desires are met instantly. Share your vision of a perfect society with everyone. Talk about it like it is already true, it is!

By Sequoia Elisabeth, Last updated November 14, 2010

Oneness Message from Standing Elk



If you could see yourself as I see human beings, there would be no doubts that you are Connected one to the other.

I am Many Faces. I am a Galactic Mind from the Heart of Universe known as Andromeda. I have been sent here from our Great Central Sun to help you understand that each One is Part of the Other.

This is true not only in this Time, it is true interdimensionally and across all time and space as well. Quite a puzzle, is it not?

Yet from Creators eyes, all human beings are but One being of Light with many facets. It is as if Creator is looking upon the Gemstone of Human Being. Within each facet is that which is known as the “individual.” Through the frequencies of Light, Sound, Color and Vibration, each human being is tied to the other, even as facets are connected unto the greater reality of the Gemstone.

Also, for understanding, see all of the human beings as one cell of one great Human Being. It takes every human, those on Mother Earth and all of the galactic humans, to make that One Presence known as the Guardian of Universe.

O People, you are cells in a great, magnificent Being; this is how connected you are to one another.

“Becoming One” is the process which you are experiencing at this time. This means as individuals, you are becoming one with your past selves and your future selves as well. You are becoming one with all the interdimensional realities which are you.

This is happening as the dimensions are merging, as dualities are ending, and unity consciousness is emerging.

Thus it is, that each of these cells, each a human being, is reconfiguring (just as a pile of bricks becomes one house).

So too, that which you know of as your present self is one brick that is uniting with all of the Wise Building Stones of your past, present and future, to become the sacred dwelling place of your Spirit for eternity.

This is what is happening at this “ending of time”.

Many of you have wondered why many of those deities of the East, have many faces. They tend to scare you do they not? This is because they have many views of Reality, they have Become One within themselves already. They have passed the Cycles of Karma, and they have united with that Path of Dharma. They become one with their Universal Purpose from the Heart of Creator. This means they have ascended unto the higher realities of the Fire of Spirit.

So too, you are ascending; and so too are all problems and misqualifications that you have created, whether it be in this lifetime or the many which you have experienced before, or even in that which you have dreamed as the future, are all coming due. It is that day of judgment of which many of you have so desired.

Finally, you will be seen on the rug by everyone and you will be forgiven. The transmuting Fires of the Spirit will come and transform you into the greatest Beauty that you can imagine. In fact, the greatest beauty that Creator has imagined as you.

This is happening for each One awakening to their Sacred Path and walking their path in Truth.
SevenSisters_lightOur Creator in the Seven Stars, has created many multidimensional realities: so, each individual can fulfill his or her Divine Plan at this time. Know that the Keystone of our Universe is no longer Karma, it is Grace. It is the Violet Fires of Freedom.

Know that the Light Victory has already been won, O People, and you are already “Becoming One”.

To Become One is very simple as it means to unite with the Light which is coming in from your Higher Self. The Soul which is ascending within the depths of your remembrance. Connect with the Spirit and the Mystery.

Connect with your Mother and your Father: call for them to guide each moment of your life to release the energies of your sustenance, to release the knowledge of your path.

Walk in this way. There is no need to resist. Resistance is becoming an unreality. It is dissolving away: it won’t be here much longer. So why resist at all?

Instead choose your Path. Choose your Walk in the Light. And choose to become all that you already are.

Because I have many faces, I can see all these realities at once. I can see the beauty which you already are, and yet you do not understand.

There is another practice which will help you very much: This is to pray for the veils of your own consciousness to be lifted. The Creator did not put these veils there. You did. So, pray for them to be lifted in such a way that you learn the lessons gracefully. Lesson by lesson, you will dissolve that shadowy reality which you’ve created, you will Become One with the Light which you separated yourself from.

In other words, that which was considered the “fall from grace” is now accelerating into the “Grace of Light”. You’re on your way to the top, Boys and Girls! You’re becoming men and women finally, and you’re going to walk among your relations of the Cosmos, as Goddesses and Gods.

We’re all equal: even those who have chosen to fracture themselves until they don’t know who they are. You’re Becoming One again because this is the Law that the Creators put forth as Sacred Grace. So, know that there are a few more practical things that you can do to assist yourself.

One is get out in those Elements, drink plenty of water, eat the foods that are nourishing for you, commune with the Sacred Plant Nations, and do your sacred ceremonies of Mother Earth. If you happen to have forgotten because you have been indulging in city life, then go unto the Indigenous Peoples for they remember.

It is really a very simple practice to Become One again, O People. It is the practice of remembering. It is the practice of becoming the Light. It is the practice of opening your Heart to Spirit again.

Now, you may sense that Many Faces is being sarcastic with you. This is because I am a Cosmic Clown. It is also because you are all clowns, you little goofy people. You’re great teachers of the Universe. Human being and Clown are basically the same thing.

You should see how the Guides and Masters enjoy your perils and victories. For you truly teach us much through laughters and melodramas. Yet it is time for a New Stage of life. That stage is emerging right underneath you. Know the part of the play which you’re enacting is the Play of Ignorance. It’s one of those blind comedies.

But now we say to you from the very Central Sun, “It’s time to open your eyes, take off your sunglasses, and to pull the hair back off your face.” It’s time to look at the Light that you are. It’s time to understand that Creator has chosen for you, yes! you! to Become One with all.

I am Many Faces and I see the very facets of your Soul. I know that you are Gemstones of Perfection.

So, embrace this reality and choose to dissolve away your little “one acts” of pain, distress; and choose to become an Actor in the great Cosmic Play of Love.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk
Canku Woksape Wicasa
Mazaska Wicahpi Waste Win