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The Face Of Christ

on January 16, 2011

Many people mostly as a result of fundamentalists religious teaching have come to accept the face of Jesus as The Christ.  His actual name is Jeshua Ben Joseph.  Please allow me to share a different perspective on this story.  I am not saying that what you know is wrong, only that you may not have the full meaning of Jesus Christ has he relates to your life. 

Jeshua Ben Joseph was the human person you read about in the bible and other story’s that we attribute to Jesus Christ.  He lived his life and died just like the rest of us do.  He felt pain, sorrow, happiness and joy.  His Soul Mate and Twin Flame’s name is Mary Magdalene.  What this means is that they both orchestrated the heavenly occurrences and miracles that we have come to admire and aspire to.  They were cut from the same flame, meaning they both had equal but opposite resonate energies vibrating at the same frequency.  This is very rare and we experience it but once in all our lifetimes, usually the last one.  By last I mean last incarnation on earth.

The point of this message is that Jesus Christ is not a person but a metaphor for who you are.  Think of it as a title that one attains in life.  In metaphysics Jesus means “I Am” and Christ means Centered or the “Anointed One”.  So Joshua Ben Joseph is the physical man who conducted the miracles we all know about.  Think about that now, he is no different than any other man and since Mary Magdalene is his Twin Flame she could also do these things, we just did not hear about it because the bible was created by a male dominated society.  And this was his purpose in life, just as Mary’s purpose was to support him and make sure he was able to complete his mission.  Let’s not get off track here however.  We are each endowed with the same powers they had and in fact have more evolved physical bodies.  We use the exact same mind that he did!  Because there is but one mind, the mind of God, anything else is illusion. 

So now let’s relate this to our physical bodies.   One of the main messages of this ministry (Unity in Gender Diversity) is that we are not our bodies, we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and have thus created ourselves with our personal understanding of what it means to be human.  We have an individual identity through which we relate to others in our world.  The central identifying feature is our face.  The face has been a symbol for who we are since before the time of Jesus, which explains people’s fixation on the face of Christ.  Everywhere you look there is one basic image of what Jesus looks like, long brown hair, light brown skin, some with beard and mustache, and all with the same nose, eyes, and chin.  There are variations but this can be attributed to a reflection of cultural differences, which is precisely the point I want to make here.  Jesus Christ is not a man who lived 2000 years ago, but a symbol for mankind!  Jeshua was the man and Jesus Christ the Title he attained. We are each on a journey to discover Jesus Christ as a consciousness or state of being. 

The face is your ego identity and what Jeshua did 2011 years ago was grow beyond any ego attachment.  Thus he was able to live beyond the body, which is the only “real” existence.  It is important to understand that to live in this world you must have an ego.  This is an ego world we live in and the goal is to grow beyond the need for an ego.  The ego is not bad or anything like that, it simply is. 

I feel that the transgender journey is realizing that both male and female are human expressions.  To fully express human is to express both.  To express Transgender is to express both in one lifetime.  Not everyone is on this journey, but those who are need to experience the physical change to fully express them self and more importantly to realize who they truly are!  The Christ. 

There are many paths to God, so accept who you are and walk the path with courage and faith!  The face of Christ is your face!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

“We are all on a journey to discover who we are. In the process of thinking and doing, we see who we are not.  Along the way many personas emerge, and with each step you are closer to who you really are.  In the end we discover that there is really only one, and that is GOD.” (Quote from UGD website)

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