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Is Your Energy In Balance?

on February 8, 2011

In this time of drastic changes, upheavals, and shifts it is more important than ever to stay balanced within.  Jesus Christ literally means “I am Centered” or balanced within.  Jeshua Ben Joseph reached that state and earned the title Jesus Christ and so can you. The following is a quote from the eBook Sex and Sexuality.

“Both masculine and feminine energy are a part of every person on earth.  Because these are energies and not traits per se, they behave like energy.  In each moment we are expressing either one of these energies depending on both our situation and the situation surrounding us.  Let’s start by getting a better idea about what the rod and receptacle represent.

Feminine, the receptacle, is the energy of a woman such as soft, curvy, voluptuous, receptive, attractive, subtle, gentle and serene. Often this energy is slow moving and emotional.  It is equated with the Yin in the Eastern philosophies.  This term can be somewhat ambiguous and depends on use, location and nationality of user.  It can be referred to as a feeling or an appearance. The word feminine is used to describe energy not the person.  It is the behavior of the person which could be innate or could be learned and is most often both.  It does not necessarily mean man or woman, although feminine traits are associated with women.  Men have feminine energy too and in order to live a happy life they need to balance this feminine energy with their masculine.  The receptacle is designed to receive a rod.

Masculine, the rod, is the energy of a man, such as strong, hard, angular, rough, aggressive, giving and active.   The rod is designed to give to the receptacle.  They work together and cannot be separated.  Masculine energy is often fast moving and less emotional than the feminine.  It is equated with the Yang in the Eastern philosophies.  It can be referred to as a feeling or an appearance. Women also have this energy and it can be an important part of a woman’s life.  Being the active energy masculinity is how we get things done.  So everyone uses this at some time or another.  If you are constantly doing things then your energy is weighted (think of a scale) to the masculine.” (Sex and Sexuality

Working with this energy takes practice and awareness, which is why I think it is so important.  Anything that holds us in awareness is a good thing.  Awareness is part of being alive, centered within your body, and living in the now.  Take a moment to feel your body.  One function of pain is to keep you aware and direct your attention to some aspect of your life.  Louise Hay has a wonderful book on this subject, You Can Heal Your Life, which I highly recommend. 

Taking this exercise to the next level; be aware of the masculine and feminine energy within your body.  Remember the traits above and know that Masculine energy is held in the arms and shoulders, while feminine energy is in the pelvis, hips and legs.  As you go about your daily activities, notice where your energy is.  The task you are engaged in will often determine the energy brought forth.  This is done unconsciously and automatically.  I am asking you to be aware of it.  Once you notice where it is and how you use this energy you can use this energy consciously to help with your desires and goals.  This is especially important in relationships, working, and in playing.  Women radiate attractive energy (femininity) when they desire to attract attention for personal or professional reasons.  Men use masculinity in the opposite fashion a woman uses her femininity.  The man uses giving and action when in a relationship to a woman.  So men if you wish to find a woman be active to the point of aggressive and giving. Don’t forget that everyone has both energies and be ready to balance your energy depending on the situation.  This same dynamic works for homosexual’s only one individual will be in the opposite and balancing energy.  One is feminine, attractive and the other will be masculine, giving and active, this dynamic can shift back and forth as well.  Once again a reason to stay aware!  Blessings on your Journey of Love ♥

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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