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I Love You – So Now What?

on February 11, 2011

The fact that “Love is the way” is sort of obvious, but what is not so obvious is a question I have pursued since way back in 7th grade.  I asked my father “what is Love!”  His answer was, “you will know it when you see it”, and I stared back at him and said “huh”? 

Love is such a dynamic subject that thousands of books have been written about it and we still want more!  So what is it about Love that we desire?  As I have shared in my previous blogs relationships are what life is all about whether they be relationships that are intimate, casual, family or friends every relationship you have is a relationship with God.  Don’t run!  God loves you and if this bugs you then maybe you should take a step back and examine why. 

It could be the word “God”.  There is so much stigma attached that it has almost lost its meaning.  Feel free to use whatever word feels best for you since they are equal, Universal Mind, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, Goddess or Great Spirit.  The point here is that you are Loved and to accept that Love is not as easy as it would seem.  In order to fully accept Great Spirit’s Love we must accept the Love we are offered in every relationship we have.  Every time you reject someone, be they friend or foe, you are rejecting Love.  Yes, this means that your ex partner that you would prefer to never see again is a source of Love and so is that sexy person at the coffee shop that you admire so much.  Every person you meet has a gift for you – an opportunity to Love.  Simple isn’t it?  Love and be Loved! 

I suppose we need to look at what love is and isn’t.  This is where it gets tricky and I suggest trusting only your heart.  We have all been hurt at some time or another, that is a given, however what you do with that hurt is the key to your Spiritual growth.  The phrase “forgive and forget” rings loud in my mind right now.  The saying, “what comes around, goes around” applies here also, because you can leave the person to what he/she created.  They will get what is coming, it is not up to you.  If you take this role (revenge/vengeful), then you become caught in the web of karma which is simply not necessary.  It takes a strong person to walk away or to even express caring/compassion for the person who hurt you.  It matters not what the person did, killed your child, cut your hand off, or call you a bad name.  Jesus showed us what forgiveness and Love brings, he will not soon be forgotten! 

Look back at the blog from Feb. 9th to see what Love is and isn’t in more detail, I originally ran that blog before this one, so I will get more into the difference between ego love or man’s love vs. God’s Love or Spiritual Love in the next blog.  As this is the key to being able to forgive and forget! 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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