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Agape Sex

on March 22, 2011

By far the most important concept I present in the eBook, Sex and Sexuality – One Woman’s Journey of Discovery, is in the following quote from Jesus. 

Come to accept your bodies for their only true purpose.

They are vehicles for communication,

for the communication of Love. That is their only purpose.

Give them no other, and you will see a transformation in your lives

 that will give you endless cause for joyous celebration and gratitude.

(Jesus the Christ)

I have mentioned many times in my blogs that the mind and the body are tools for exploring this 3rd dimensional world of material matter and ego mind.  You are not your body, mind or thoughts.  You are a Spiritual Being having a human experience!  The essence of this Spiritual Being is Love, Agape Love or God’s Love.  The love taught by the ego mind and almost everywhere in this world is needy, painful love that leaves you not only empty but feeling far from Loving.  The periods of elation are short lived and the pain is often prolonged, depending on whether you wake up and realize that ego love is not the path. 

What Jesus is telling us in the quote provided is that we are to spread the message of Agape.  The body is a tool for doing just this and sexual intimacy is only one method.  It is indeed a powerful messenger if used properly, however since these things are not taught in traditional education I am here to help. 

I asked the question approximately 35 years ago and I am just now fully grasping the meaning of Love and the purpose of sex.  It doesn’t need to be like that for you or the coming generations.  Teach this to your children!

Sex is about Love, not ego love or mans love, but the Agape type, the Truth.  The human body has five senses that each add to the experience of sexual intimacy and when the bible quotes Jesus as saying go forth and multiply, he means to share this Agape Love which is the cornerstone to his teachings!  It does not mean to have babies.  Let me be very clear on this – Sex is not about making babies, it is about communicating Love!  Do so with all the tools given you.

Babies are the result of two bodies, one male and one female joining in Love and mutually agreeing in action and intent that this is the result desired.  It is a spiritual bonding to extend this Loving relationship.  Children are an extension of the parents and the relationship they share.

When sex is done for gratification, power play, or simply because ‘everyone is doing it’ the result is often painful and regretful, if not right away, later in life.  The good news is when you ask Holy Spirit to assist in the correction of this error/sin all is forgiven.  Another way to look at this is when two ego’s combine, more ego is created.

Put the intention of Love behind every action you take and each thought you claim.  Greeting others with a warm hug, soft hand shake, or even a Loving connection of eyes is the way Love is shared in daily affairs.  It is doing onto others as you would have done onto you. 

If someone shows you Love, be aware that it is an expression of God’s Love, not this person coming on to you.  The ego will quickly intervene here if allowed, I know from experience!   When you share an intimate experience know that the person whom you are sharing is a vehicle for God’s spirit as are you.  Do not get attached to a certain appearance or even a certain person, unless this is a path chosen consciously from the heart.  There are no rules. 

Do what feels right in your heart and know that good is coming from your actions.  Have faith in Love, while being aware of the ego and choosing care-fully. 

 😉 Sequoia Elisabeth

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