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Love Based Economy Dream

on March 24, 2011

Every change, event, or shift in your life is based on a dream, either yours or someone else’s that you claim.  Please remember that not choosing is a choice which results with you living someone else’s dream!

So Dream a little dream.  The bigger the better!  The more precise you are the better too.  I could write an entire book on this; however, this is only a blog so I will not go into elaborate detail here.  I am working on a more detailed dream log that will be published on my website and perhaps other locations as well.  This will get us started.

I highly encourage you to write your dream life down and think of it often.  Focus on the dream and not on what may appear as reality.  Taking care of business is of course important, but do not fret over the daily matters.  The transition that is occurring now is affecting every soul on earth and beyond.  Know that what you are being given here is an opportunity for your dreams to manifest on a scale that has previously been unheard of. 

A Love Based Economy comes from the heart, but is not that different than the life we now live.  In fact it is the same but instead of people reacting to events and continuously making choices from immediate self centered needs, they are acting by conscious choice keeping everyone and everything in mind.  It is a matter of awareness and maturity. 

One could call this new LBE an evolution of the previous system.  Hate, envy, jealousy, grief, and anger still exist in the new LBE but they are no longer a hang up for people.  Each person has learned to use these tools for the growth they desire, not just for themselves but for everyone involved.  Applying this maturity to the economy will mean drastic changes in those systems of exchange and self worth that presently are tearing the world apart. 

Money will still be used, but in a decentralized system that allows individual communities to thrive.  The currency will be different in each community and life will not depend on it.  People will work as a matter of passion and care for the Highest and Best of everyone.  Resources will be shared equally and ownership will no longer exist. 

Each person will realize that they are one cog on the vast and dynamic machine of life.  We each realize now that Life itself supports us and all those we Love and care about.  We no longer put our children above all others and realize that each child is a member of the whole, none more valuable or gifted than another.  Each child is encouraged to develop skills they are inclined to and given freedom of choice from the very beginning. 

Rules, laws and regulations still exist, but have taken on a different role.  They are more from the aspect of suggestion and recommendation.  Moral and ethical guidelines are stressed from the earliest years of the child’s life.  Each person grows up knowing spiritual principles critical to a developed mature life.  Every child will have access to this information regardless of the conditions because the world is now about unconditional love first and foremost. 

More on this LBE in future blogs, and in the mean time be thinking of your dream life and how you can be living that life right now.  I can guarantee you that I am. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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