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Government in a LBE

on April 7, 2011

The world of separation, borders, and nationalities is a thing of the past as the nations of the world follow the path of the Berlin wall.  Power is now in the hands of individuals who embrace the new earth with open hearts, keen minds and strong bodies.  Communities are emerging with a spirit of interdependence and cooperation for the highest and best good, because we all see now that there is only one.  Gaia is united. 

The world is now organized as a collection of metropolises with large ones being surrounded by smaller ones.  Many where built around old cities, but most were constructed on new ground, since it was too complicated, inefficient and unproductive to build on existing sites. 

The shift in consciousness came in 2010 and then swept the world within only a few short years.  The construction of new cities, communities and social structure followed the LBE imperative with government not really being important in these communities. 

All public service positions are volunteer, with a 2 term consecutive limit.  This includes all leadership positions at all levels.  The Highest and Best Good of everyone is kept as a central guiding principle, of which each person instinctively knows. 

Automation has taken over many of the tasks, so there are not many political positions to fill.  The few who do work in government do so in Joy and the spirit of serving their fellow citizens.  Each person is stepping up and helping out right where they are and this cooperative spirit proved to be more than enough to move the world into a new age. 

Physically the infrastructure has taken only 20 years to put into place and is evolving constantly.  The more systems which are automated the less demand there is for a central governing body and so they were abandoned. 

Now that each citizen understands their role in the LBE (do what you do best to serve the community) and that each is a reflection of God the need for medical care, crime prevention, and law enforcement has all but disappeared.

The need for Government in a LBE economy still exists but is no longer a position of power.  As it always was intended to be, it is a position of service and for this reason the positions are easy to fill.  With money, career advancement and personal gain removed from the picture, honesty and integrity have naturally returned.  Love is the way.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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