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Vocation in the LBE

on April 3, 2011

In the new LBE where resources are equally shared technology takes over the hard labor and frees people to follow their dreams.  Jobs are voluntary because we celebrate our diversity and share our unique gifts with society.  This is a continuation of our series on a Love Based Ecomony/Society. 

People do what they do best, create.  Each person follows their inner guidance and meets the needs of not only themselves, but society as well.  Creation comes in many forms, from art to zeitgeist.  Art, music, performance art, and the like are popular as forms of self expression now and even more so in a LBE because people now understand that everything you create is Art/self expression.  You may have heard the expression, practicing the art of medicine.  All vocations are an art form whether you create music, care for the needy, or design power generators.    

Service is the major vocation throughout the world today and this will only grow in a LBE.  Since the grunt work is done by machines very few people are needed to keep things running.  When people come from the place of Love, they are more inclined to find the good in everything they experience.   It is a cup runneth over mentality!

In the LBE people are in tune with the soul and thus always come from a space of Joy whether they are happy or sad.  We still feel the gamut of emotions, only now we have mastered their use.  The past 2000 years has been about learning to master emotion so that we can move into the next level of existence.  

Congratulations, we have arrived!  It is time to let go and let God.  Celebrate all you have learned thus far and know that you are ready for the next step, a Love Based Society/Economy.  You begin right now by asking yourself one simple question in every situation, “What would Love do now?”  

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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