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Transportation in a LBE

on April 14, 2011

Transportation in a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) is our next topic of discussion.  Getting around in a LBE uses the highest level of technological advancement available.  There is no cost involved, and availability is abundant.

Since the cities are constructed around a central hub automated vehicles run constantly in a cycle around the city.  Supplies are brought in by supply train for distribution to the final location.  Cars and trucks are not allowed in the city, but are still used out in the country, between cities, and by enthusiasts.  

Fossil fuels are no longer in use, so older vehicles are retrofitted with fuel cells or zero-point generators.  Walking is a favorite activity so each loving person does so whenever the distance is less than one mile.  Many people will walk five miles a day simply because they can.  If for some reason they cannot walk, technology takes over so going where you want, by peddle, wheel, or air is never a concern.    

The concept of ownership is obsolete in a LBE.  As is the case in every aspect of a LBE, services are free and abundant, while also being respected, and never abused.  When you need a vehicle you simply get in and go.  There are no locks or keys to worry with.  When done you make sure the vehicle is left in a ready condition for the next user.  Since there are plenty of vehicles no person goes without, and even if there is a high demand each person makes sure others are served first. 

Common areas of high demand like stadiums and theatres have mass transit serving them whenever events are scheduled.  The central computer handles all systems so a balanced flow of traffic is moving at all times.  In LBE people demand clean, efficient, and well maintained services in a loving and caring way, always taking into consideration other people’s needs. 

The LBE is all about freedom, so transportation is a liberation, not a limitation.  Moving about where you wish is simply a matter of making it so, expressing your loving and caring essence all the while.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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