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Water in a LBE

on April 12, 2011

Next we look at water and its vital role in a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE).  As an essential to life on earth, water in a LBE is protected, honored and shared equally.  Since it is not possible to own water, no matter what form it comes in, all people share its use equally and responsibly. 

The most advanced technology is used to clean the water depending on where the community is.  Desalination plants are used if an ocean is nearby.  If in a low water area such as a desert communities work together to provide water for all citizens.  Water is something that brings people together either in charity or in recreation, sometimes both!

Water based recreation continues to be a major past time the world over, while each person remembers to respect native species and not pollute the waterways.  Each citizen enjoys the water in a loving way.

Water in a LBE flows freely and is used often for its aesthetic, medicinal and energetic properties.  Schools teach the metaphysical properties of water along with the chemical and physical properties so each student has a rounded education which only adds to the child’s appreciation of Mother Earth. 

Fountains, water art, and natural waterfalls abound because it is known that water is healing, calming and nurturing.  Its feminine energy is both soft and hard, weak and strong.  It takes three different forms, vapor, liquid and solid.  It is the universal solvent and medium for myriad solutions.  So what’s not to honor about this amazing, life giving, life sustaining, substance?  Loving it comes easy.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

2 responses to “Water in a LBE

  1. So, when I say I am in my right mind, it has multiple meanings… 😉 Love it!

  2. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine…. your wisdom posts are truly value for time….

    Understanding energy equation of atom we can understand God?. as energy equation of atom is zero? what is zero on earth?. the water……..calorie zero or neutral in character…….so with heat the water turns invisible…and eternal…. the soul part.. represented by right brain..that is why our body remains warm till soul is there…….with cold water turns into ice…….the visible..and non eternal…..the body part…..represented by left brain…..

    oneness of timeless soul and time body can mirror god….

    water is nature of God…

    love all…

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