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on April 25, 2011

Gender Transition is a major transformation that takes the help of more than one professional.  For those who identify as the opposite gender from their birth sex it is not a question of whether to transition, but how to.  The consequences are far reaching and profound.  However on a very basic level the decision was made before you were born. 

One of the issues all Male to Female transgender individuals deal with is hair removal.  So this blog is dedicated to the many options available.  This is by no means all inclusive.  I am still finding new methods!  So be inquisitive and do your research.  The old stand-by is electrolysis, so give this serious consideration and find out why most girls use this and why some do not. has a good review of electrolysis.

Laser is the new kid on the block and is not to be discounted.  It is faster, cheaper and less painful than electrolysis.  The results when done properly are permanent, especially when coupled with CHT (Contra-Hormone Treatment). 

This leads to the next method, Contra-Hormone Treatment, which means replacing the body’s genetic hormones with the opposite sex.  Once again some great info is available online about this.  Be sure to review the website, Unity in Gender Diversity – Gender Learning Center

Epilation comes in many forms so please do your research and use a hair growth inhibitor afterwards.  I recommend Kalo lotion or spray, but there are others that work also.  The method I used was Nad’s to remove the hair and then Kalo lotion afterwards.  This works especially well on the legs.  Do not attempt this on the face. 

For the face tweezing works, followed by Kalo, however if you are going to this pain you may as well have electrolysis, which can also be followed with the use of Kalo or similar product.  Please know that tweezing hurts as much as electrolysis and is not permanent.  Any method that simply pulls the hair is undue punishment in this authors opinion. 

Even electrolysis can be a simple hair pulling if not done correctly and the male face requires special care.  So please review the sites on the website Unity in Gender Diversity and

The general rule is if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, however I would like to point out that if you don’t try you won’t know.  Be prepared to fork out considerable funds!  Do your research in advance!  One electrolysis method I would like to mention is E-3000.  I have heard good reports that it does work if you are willing to endure the procedure.  It is done by two individuals in two days and completely clears the face once.  It requires 3-4 treatments and is very intense.  For more see this website and search the internet.  I recommend talking with others who have had the procedure before choosing this path. 

To wrap up this blog, I would like to stress that hair removal is more important than GRS/SRS in the gender journey, although both are important.  Start hair removal asap upon your decision to transition.  The sooner it is done the better!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity     Discover Sex and Sexuality click here (more on transition and hair removal)

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