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Energy A-Bun-Dance

on April 27, 2011

Continuing our series on a Love Based Economy/Society (LBE) we consider energy sources and use.  Energy is free and abundant in a LBE because each individual realizes that everything is energy.  Money is no longer necessary because it is simply a middle man or motivator if you will.  In a LBE, Love is the motivator there is no need for tokens.

In a LBE no one ever uses more energy than they need at any one time.  The days of having every light and appliance running in the house at the same time is over because each person is operating from Love and an honest care for their fellow beings.  Responsibility is natural as is being aware of the impact your actions have. 

Energy is now created at the point of need so the need for power lines strung all over the place is gone, meaning the beauty of earth has returned.  Renewable energy is the only form energy takes now.  Zero point generators and other systems are in place so that each device being used comes with its own power source built right in.  No wires, just a simple device providing whatever service it is designed for.   Please see this website for more info,

Energy like everything else in a LBE is available to everyone equally, and more importantly free will is respected.  The difference is that now, Love energy is predominant in society, so love is expressed by everyone in all situations.  Even if something unloving manifests it is seen as temporary and allowed to pass without drama.  The less energy given to it, the less likely it is to persist. 

Society transformed to a Love based system once the previous fear based society was allowed to pass.  The people finally woke up and saw just how unnatural a fear based system is and how much energy is required to maintain it.  Love is a natural state and requires little energy to manifest, however it does require a certain awareness, acceptance, openness and trust to operate from.  It is like slipping into a warm stream and swimming in the gentle waters of Great Spirits flowing Love.  Once in the flow it is not necessary to leave and in fact you will be inviting everyone you know to join you.  May the flow be with you. 

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity    

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