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Toning For Healing

on August 17, 2011

Toning is the practice of using the voice to facilitate healing and shifting the perception of reality.  It may be used individually or in groups of 2 or more; the more people toning at the same time with the same intention the more profound the effects of the toning.  It is like prayer in musical form with the accuracy of mathematics.

Toning is a harmonic frequency created by the human voice and powered by the intention put into it.  The healing effects are profound and often this technique it used unconsciously.  Have you ever stubbed your toe and shouted OOOOHHH?  The sound you make after hurting yourself is a form of toning!  I remember as a child I had terrible growing pains and I would tone myself to sleep.  At the time I called it moaning, lol.  It is the same thing however with one big difference.  Toning is powered by intention and is a conscious act of healing which makes it more powerful.

To tone one simply makes a sound in a constant tone for as long as the breath will last and then repeats this tone several times.  Afterward silence is maintained for a period equal to the toning.  The sound can be anything and it is good to set an intention or make a prayer prior to toning.  A group toning together with hands held amplifies the effect.  The toning can be a word, a vowel or just about anything.  “Omm” is a powerful sound to make because it is said to be God’s name in certain religions.  The important part is the tone should have meaning to you and the group.  Notice the similarity in the sound of “O”, “Om”, God!

The Native Americans and other ancient peoples have been using toning for centuries in their ceremonies and healing sessions.  It is a natural process that facilitates the flow of energy through the body.  This video I found on youtube explains what I am saying here with Divine Harmony, please take a look and use this practice consciously in your life!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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