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The Law of Attraction Exposed

on August 16, 2011

Contrast is what brings Joy into our lives yet we still seek connection in those we meet.  What is this “sameness” we are looking for?  Why is it that we are repulsed by those individuals who are different than us?  When picking friends why is it we choose who we do?  These questions are all related and the answer is simple, you may have already guessed it.

In regard to picking friends and being attracted to certain people over others it is a simple Universal Law, The Law of Attraction which states, “Like attracts Like”.  This is the same law that created our planet, the galaxy, and all that you know.   It is the same law that draws to you everything in your life.  You have a vibrational frequency which resonates an energy signature.  This energy attracts or repels everything in your life.  Thoughts are energy and vibrate just as you do and when certain thoughts or energy vibrations are claimed those things are attracted into your life.  That is why I say all thoughts and words are prayers.  Focus on what you desire!

Imagine the Big Bang!  Millions of particles are expanding outward and those which are alike are drawn together, slowly they form suns, planets and moons.  The Universe is still expanding outward and particles are still being drawn together, except now we are conscious of this process.  We are the observers who are witnessing our own creation!

Bringing this analogy back to earth, our relationships are no different in that we are attracting and repulsing all the time based on our thoughts, words and actions which reflect our vibrational frequency.  Ever walked into a room where two people have been arguing and they are still mad?  This is the energy of repulsion. Or if you are with two people in Love it is so easy to feel the attraction they have for each other.  Of course being the one in Love is what we are all seeking where we are drawn to our partner in such a way as Joy flows with every heart beat!  Remember like attracts like, so be the person you desire!  Yes, that means just what it says; you are attracting people who are like you!

Contrast brings Joy to us and it is sameness or connection we seek so how can you have both?  Simply by looking at things with the eyes of your Father or to say that another way, see the Christ in every person you meet!  We are all the same in this way.  We are each a child of Christ, born of the same star-stuff and yet vibrating with unique energy.  When I say Jesus walks beside me take that literally, because each person I meet is the Christ!

To see that spark in another is one of the greatest gifts there is.  Next time you feel yourself drawn to another person or thing, it is because they match your energy vibration, or at least compliment you.  Understanding the dynamics of energy opens so many doors and simply makes life easier and more enjoyable.  For more on energy dynamics and the workings of life, check out my book, “Livin’ Large – A journey of Love”.

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity


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