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on October 17, 2011

I offer up this article below because it is wonderfully written and as close to the Truth as I have found so far.  Proceed with caution!  Do you really what to know the Truth?  Can you handle it?  The beautiful thing about life is that it never gives you something you cannot handle, and if for some reason you are overwhelmed the body shuts down to protect the mind.  Sometimes traumatic events leave one in a coma, and this state is sort of like neutral.  The soul decides what to do with this event, and the emotions associated with it.  If it decides to move on then the body wakes up and if not the body dies.  The consciousness of this person never dies as I have written about many times.  All matter is energy and thus it can change form, so read on to hear another person’s perspectives on this subject.  Please forgive the length, I know it is longer than I usually post, but it feels right.  I welcome your comments and love a good discussion.  Cheers!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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The Meaning of Life

Kem Stone, May 2000

The purpose of my life has been to discover the purpose of life.  The answers are out there, if anyone chooses to look for them.  Truth can be found in religion and science as well as books, movies, and music. In particular, the novel Illusions by Richard Bach, the song “Innuendo” by Queen, and the Pink Floyd albums The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.  Through these works of art, most concepts of the Universe can be understood.  The truth can be found, but only if a person chooses to look.

In this essay, I will attempt to outline the truth as best I can.  For all who want to know the answers, they can be found here, in this documentation of my life’s work.  However, with this truth comes an entirely different perspective on everything—a perspective that makes it almost impossible to live in this world.  To any and all who may read this, be warned that if you choose to believe the truth, it will change the way you perceive everything.  The purpose of this essay is to let all those who want to know the answers find them.  Also, it will serve as a solid document containing all the theories I’ve spent my lifetime finding.  Finally, it should serve as a suicide note, for once I am finished, I plan on leaving this world.

Three Dimensions of Thought

To understand this essay, you must understand the differentiations between dimensions of thought.  There are three dimensions of thinking.  The first is 1-dimensional thought, which is what most people of this world use to do most of their thinking.  This is the thought produced in your brain, and it covers everything solid and concrete that is absolutely and undisputedly there.  In 2-dimensional thought, there is more than what is simply there.  Most poetry and song lyrics are 2-dimensional, containing metaphors and symbols, which represent things different from what they are on the first dimension.  Then there is the third dimension, which is simply the truth.  It is logic where there is none, like in a dream.  All dreams have meaning, but only in the third dimension.  This essay explains the concepts of third dimensional thought, but using first dimensional language, which limits the amount of truth I can convey.

What is written on this paper is the truth, no exceptions.  If you choose to believe any of what I say, you must believe it all, because there are no contradictions when it comes to reality.  The more complicated the answers to the meaning of life become, the further from the truth they are.  There are only three true statements that can be made to apply to everything, and I will explain each of them in detail.  The only three fundamental truths of the Universe are:  1- Life is experience, 2- Existence is infinite, 3- Fate is a choice.

Life is Experience

There are three elements that make up the whole of existence.  They are space, time, and life.  There must be space for anything to exist, for without matter, there would be nothing.  That’s the most obvious truth there can be.  But what fewer people will accept because it is beyond 1-dimensional comprehension is that there are infinite types of matter existing in the universe.  The universe consists of far more than merely planets, solar systems, and galaxies, but of everything imaginable.  There must also be time in order for there to be existence.  Without time, nothing would change, and matter would be like a still picture frame, or a film paused at one point.  It is obvious that time must exist, but it is less commonly believed that there are infinite types of time.  Things change all around the universe, but in an infinite number of ways.  Time can also be moved faster or slower, forwards or backwards, or stopped.

So then, what is the meaning of life?  Couldn’t the universe exist without living creatures to experience it?  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it not make a sound?  The answer is no.  In order for the universe to exist, there must be souls in existence, moving in, out, and around it.  The meaning of life is experience.  Emotions, despite popular scientific believe that they originate in the mind, come straight from the soul.  Without living souls to experience space and time, and feel the emotions these inspire, neither could exist.  And just as there are infinite types of matter, and infinite ways things can change, there are infinite emotions that can be felt.  The most powerful emotion, though, can be felt everywhere at every time throughout the universe, and that is love.  Truth and Love are the only things that remain constant throughout existence.

Our lives take us into the Universe, into any part we choose.  We have an infinite amount of lives to live, an infinite amount of experiences to have.  Before we begin a life, we decide what experience we want to have, and we enter the universe in the space and time where we can have that experience.  In these lifetimes, we are free to do whatever we choose, and we are free to change our minds about our decisions, unless we choose not to allow ourselves to change our minds.

Richard Bach uses the word “illusion” to describe the lives we live.  This is a very accurate perception of the truth.  Time, space, and life, are all illusions.  Nothing that goes on anywhere, at any time, or to anyone affects the underlying “reality.”  Reality is divinely indifferent.  It doesn’t care what experiences we choose to have, what times and spaces we choose to feel emotions at.  Richard, in his book Illusions, analogizes our lives to motion pictures.  We walk into a film knowing what we’re going to experience: romance, horror, action, comedy, fantasy, etc.  But what happens in the film doesn’t affect what happens around us, only our emotional outlook on things.  We can choose any film we want, and we’re free to change it, see it again, or walk out in the middle.  We are the actor, director, producer, and screenwriter of our lives – our films.

Existence is Infinite

The being referred to as “God” is actually an infinitely different amount of beings.  God is a character created my man to explain the inexplicable.  Recently, in this world, man has turned to science to explain the order of the universe.  God and science are both names for the same thing:  an explanation of time and space in the illusion.  In reality, God is simply a being in which all emotions of every soul are felt at once, all time, all space, and all that has ever been exists in God.  In short, God is existence.

The Is, the combination of all time, space, and life, of everything and nothing is incomprehensible to a singular soul.  How all things that exist can be combined in one presence is a phenomenon incapable of being understood.  The phenomenon of omnipresence, of existence everywhere and nowhere, lies beyond the realm of dimensional thought.  God exists on the fourth dimension, a plane of infinite existence that stretches through the realm of everything and nothing.  God creates all time, space, and life.  It is a part of every soul, and every soul is a part of it.  It has no past, present, or future, it resides in no location, its emotions belong to no one, it just Is.

This does not mean anyone else’s perceptions are wrong.  If a person believes that God sits on a throne in the clouds, and punishes the wicked whenever they do wrong, they are absolutely correct, because it’s what they believe.  Truths we hold in the illusion are the truths of our perception.  Whatever we believe is the truth, is truth in this lifetime.  What I outline in this essay are the truths of the entire Universe, that do not differ, but it is your choice whether or not to believe them.  If you decide not to believe what I say, then what I say is not true.

God is existence.  Existence is infinite.  What does infinite mean?  Well, on the first dimension, infinite existence means that if you sent a space ship on a course to the edge of the universe, it would never reach it.  On the second dimension, infinite existence could suggest that a soul could live forever, and never experience everything.  Both these explanations are correct as far as the truth goes.  But on the third dimension, what infinite existence means is that anything a soul could possibly imagine, anything at all, exists somewhere and at some time in the universe.

All a soul has to do is imagine a world, and the Is creates it.  A soul could imagine a world where there is no God, and the Is will create that world, and that world will in fact have no God.  Another soul could then imagine the very same world that is ruled by a God, and the Is will put that soul into the very same world as the other soul.  Only for this soul, the world will have a God, or two, or infinite, however many are specified by the soul.  Two souls living in the same world, but with two different perceptions.  Both are right, because of the one truth that holds true for all truths: Existence is Infinite.

Pink Floyd touched on this very truth in the album Dark Side of the Moon, probably without knowing it.  Throughout the medley of music, songs come on with lyrics of both dimensions.  “Time” and “Money” have very 1-dimensional lyrics, while “Breathe,” “Us and Them,” and “Brain Damage” journey into 2-dimensional logic.  But the very last song, “Eclipse,” is one of the rare works of art that stretch into the third dimension.  The last two lines of the song are “and everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.”  Translated into 1-dimensional terms, this means that everything you experience really happens, but eclipsed by the moon.  The moon being a symbol for Truth.  The dark side of the moon is a place where there is no truth.  Everything happens, but it is only truth under the shadow of the greater truth, that Existence is Infinite.  The last thing said on the album, very faintly, says it all: “There is no Dark Side of the Moon really.  Matter of fact, it’s all Dark.”  There is no world where nothing exists; the entire universe doesn’t exist.

Fate is a Choice

So now comes the time to face the unpopular side of this philosophy: freedom.  We have the freedom to do whatever we want to do.  We decide what we want when we come into this world.  We are shown everything that will happen before it happens.  We then enter the illusion, and forget all other lives we’ve had, all other truths we’ve known, all other realities that have existed.  Unless, of course, we choose to remember them, as Jesus had, but I won’t get into that.  While inside the illusion, we are free to change our minds, stop the film, turn it off, or do whatever we want.  But in most lifetimes, we don’t let ourselves do that.  The fact is, whatever happens to us, happens because we wanted it to happen.

Evil is an illusion.  There is no evil, only that which exists in a soul’s imagination.  Some souls choose to live their lives as a bad guy, and there is nothing wrong with that, because any victims they claim are only victims because they chose to be.  There are no conflicting desires.  Everyone gets exactly what they want.  If a soul chooses a life of persecution, they will get it, and all the rich drama that comes with it.  Of course, they want to be persecuted, but they don’t want to want to be persecuted.  If a father of a murdered girl understood that his daughter died because he wanted her too, the emotion would be lost on that.  The concept that crime and injustice exists because we want it to is not an easy thing to accept.  The universe is a perfect place, and everyone experiences exactly what they choose to experience.  The perfect universe is a concept impossible to accept for all those who choose to be victims, and that is okay.

Fate is the current that carries us along in this world, which I call Millennium Earth.  In this world of finite things, there will be an end.  Every event that has ever happened leads to the end of the world, a judgment day in which evil and injustice will be obliterated, and the human race can live in harmony.  When that day comes, each

soul will make a choice: to believe in the truth offered to them and live eternally, or not to accept, and perish.  Those who believe are those souls who are in existence today, living free to move in and out of the illusion at any time or place, and having every experience they desire.  All these concepts can be found in the lyrics of Queen’s song “Innuendo”, and in my book of the same title.  This end-of-the-world saga is the truth of this world, but merely an innuendo to the whole truth of the universe.  There is no death.  Even those who choose not to believe and perish are still free to change their minds.  All events are causes that lead to the one effect: judgment day, but nothing makes it so we can’t change these causes.  All paths lead to life, no matter what paths we choose.  We can change whatever we want, but in the end, the fate of our world remains the same, and the truth does not stray from the one fact that Fate is a Choice.  In “Innuendo” Queen sings of all the truths of the world, all the injustices of life, and then makes the bold statement to stand out: “You can be anything you want to be.  Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be.”  This concept of truth behind truth can only be understood on the third dimension, and cannot be accepted on the first.  It is the hint made by Queen, by Richard Bach, by Pink Floyd, and by me.  “Through our sorrow, all through our splendor, don’t take offense at my Innuendo.”

Millennium Earth

We all live in different worlds, but we all share this one space-time I call Millennium Earth.  The world around us is currently home to six billion souls.  I call it Millennium Earth because this world exists only at this time, and only at this point in space.  All our history, from the prehistoric age, to biblical times, to the last century, was all different worlds.  Even now, each individual soul lives in its own world with its own truths and own choices.  We all have one thing in common: we chose this space-time.  We all have one thing in common: why we chose this space-time.  Based on my own observations and experiences, and a little help from the “bleeding hearts and artists,” I have come up with my theories as to why we live the way we do.

Society in Millennium Earth is designed to divide.  Pink Floyd calls it The Wall, which is a very accurate symbol for the divisions created by us in our worlds.  We use The Wall to divide people from each other, people from themselves, and to divide the illusion from the truth.  Everywhere there is crime, hunger, hate, disease, and countless other “injustices of God.”  Bad things happen to good people because it’s their choice.  We all came here to live in a world with The Wall.  I chose this life to have the experience of tearing down The Wall, and seeing the truth behind the illusion.  Most people will not have chosen this life to do that, so they will not want to believe the truths I tell them, and that is okay.

It is possible to live “Outside The Wall.”  In any illusion, the wall can be torn down, and the underlying truths of infinite existence, purpose of life, and choice of fate can be seen.  Once this is understood, and it can be seen that nothing is real, we can change the illusions to our liking.  We can perform magic, but only if we let ourselves.  In the past of space-time, people who lived beyond the illusion performed magic and were called wizards, witches, or prophets.  In Millennium Earth, no one chooses to do that.  Because I know the secret of the illusions, I can perform magic, but I don’t want to, or I would have chosen a world where this was possible.  Before I came in, I decided not to let myself perform any miracles.

Outside The Wall are the people who love us.  Inside The Wall, we have those we love, but they take on different forms, those of our friends, our lovers, and our family.  They are our spiritual family.  There are infinite members of each family, and there are infinite families.  We choose which members of our family we will enter a life with, and which parts they will play.  A lot of the time, our actual family contains none of the members of our spiritual family.  But we are always in the same world as our soul mate, a cosmic partner with whom we are connected to beyond the realm of emotion. Sometimes we choose not to find our soul mate, or we choose for them not to recognize us.  In this world of suffering, very few people allow themselves to love their soul mate, and that is okay.

This is a perception that is not easy to live with, but is the truth.  Very few people who live inside The Wall would like to believe that they only struggle because they want to.  That is because Millennium Earth is specifically set up to do everything it can to block the truth that we are free.  To be free and happy, all you have to do is stop struggling.  As a guide to living this way, simply follow three rules: 1-Don’t do any work unless you want to, 2-Quit any organization you do not want to be a part of, 3-Don’t respect anyone who does not respect you.  Respect is an understanding of another soul’s decisions, an understanding that whatever they choose is the right choice.  These rules are the rules of a fool, but a fool who knows the truth.  You won’t get very far in this world by living by that code, but rest assured, you will get what you want, as long as you understand that you want even those things you don’t want.  As Led Zeppelin says in my favorite song of this lifetime, “Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”

So once you stop living inside The Wall, what happens?  Pink Floyd laid it out precisely in The Wall.  Once you say “Stop!  I wanna go home, take off this uniform and leave the show,” you will find yourself to be “waiting in this cell because I have to know, have I been guilty all this time?”  Following will be the trial of your lifetime.  As everything that has ever happened to you, everyone you’ve ever known, all the bricks in the wall come back to build themselves around you, the worms will eat into your brain.  But in the end, the worms (the people who judge you) don’t matter, because you decide the verdict, and though it sounds terrible to “tear down the wall” you will do it, and “the ones who really love you” will “walk up and down Outside the Wall.”

Basically, there will be consequences to your actions, but they will be whatever you choose them to be.  It is possible to live a life without consequences, but we don’t want to.  Millennium Earth is for those people who want to struggle.  For those of us who change our minds, and decide to stop struggling, there is always the option of suicide.  If there is anything that all religions, philosophies, and societies of Millennium Earth agree on is that suicide is wrong.  But in reality, suicide is just walking out when you’re finished.  Millennium Earth can’t allow people to accept this as a reasonable choice, because if we can just end our lives, our struggles don’t seem reasonable.  But all death is suicide, because we’ve all chosen to die at some point.  And it is a perfect world, so nobody dies without their consent, and the consent of all others.  Any pain brought to anyone’s life by death or suicide is there because they have chosen for it to be there, and that is a truth that Millennium Earth will never allow them to accept.

Death is not the end.  You can always come back and try again.  You can choose to return to a world identical to Millennium Earth, but with the ability to perform magic, and to remember previous realities and lives of your choosing.  It can all be done. Anything you can possibly imagine can and does exist at some place and at some time with some emotion.  Believe that, and the rest will follow.  Or don’t believe it.  Whatever you believe is true, is true.  Whatever you decide the answers are, they are.  Whatever you decide God is, it is.  Whatever pleasure or pain you want, you can have.  Whatever you decide to be real, will be reality.  Nothing really exists anyway.  In the end, only Love is real.  So make your choices, and enjoy the experiences.

The Meaning of Life

Kem Stone – May 2000

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    dear and divine …… one of the finest wisdom blog ….with essence of understanding …..many time like to quote your wisdom in my writing with credits to you …as I also write for happiness and let it be there as fragrance like you do…… if you will permit me will ……share the fragrance of your writing to my readers on facebook ….. link to one my page is …..

    love all.

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