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Medically Necessary Part II

on November 23, 2011

Con’t from Nov. 21st

What this question is really speaking to is the insurance industries requirements for payment of treatment.  The fact that it is treatment means it is considered a disease and that it is a social non-conformity that needs correction.  Gender Dysphoria is presently in the DSM and the treatment includes GRS/SRS, FFS, etc. (as listed above).  So my answer would be yes, it is medically necessary from the medical/social perspective, because society as a whole expects people to be either male or female.  However from the Spiritual perspective, the answer would be no, it is not necessary because life is not being threatened by not having the surgery.  Some argue that the individual will commit suicide if they do not get this surgery or the person is marginalized into a high risk group for hate crime, thus it is life threatening.  I simply do not agree with this analysis.  It is an excuse plain and simple.  This does not mean that it is right or wrong.

Surgery is a coping mechanism, one way to cope with the perception that one’s body is incongruent with the person’s self-image or gender identity.  There are other ways to cope and it is the responsibility of the patient and their therapist to explore these options.  This is where things get very tricky!  Perception is a personal thing and others may perceive things differently.  In all manners of equality though, one has to ask if having any surgery is “medically necessary”?  Just because someone dies; it is not a bad thing.  Life goes on!  Maybe not that individuation of life and the belief that all life is to be preserved is based in compassion.  To me this is the crux of the issue, Compassion!  Caring for another’s needs whether “real” or imagined takes compassion and this is why surgical intervention is necessary.  Either a life has value and must be preserved or it does not and can be allowed to pass.  Who makes this choice?  It should be the individual’s choice and most often it is, with a few exceptions.

Life is about choice, because we are constantly choosing our path, the quality, and the extent of the experience (everything you think, say and do is a choice).  The value we place on this path/experience determines what we get out of the experience, including whether surgery is medically necessary.  Of course once we decide it is necessary, the medical community has to agree with us, which is done by offering lots of money, or the opportunity for caring compassion, or both.  Societal views are shifting in a more compassionate direction so more and more insurance companies are covering the surgery and many more surgeons are performing it.  The medical community after all is based on the compassionate care of others for the betterment of mankind. (this includes insurance companies!)

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