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Competition vs Cooperation

on December 4, 2011

What if we took the profit motive out of corporations?  How would life change if all businesses where “non-profit”?  Each business would have to vow to share the profits equally with all employees.  There would still be pay grades but with limits (to start with).  No more million dollar salaries or minimum wage.

Would this change your behavior at work?  How so?  Please share in the comments section below.  Companies like Wal-Mart are great because they have buying power and can offer products through the benefits of mass production.  When these companies act responsibly it is good for everyone in the chain including the environment.  Society working together in a cooperative fashion is a win-win.

Today competition drives the economy which means someone always loses.  The concept of cooperative business is not new and has been used on a small scale all over the world.  It is great for community and the individuals who participate in the community; however a cooperative attitude takes maturity.  Not everyone is ready for this level of sharing, collaboration, and good will.  This is OK, because as the number of people embracing cooperation reaches a tipping point it will spread like wildfire.

I believe we are close to the tipping point right now.  Just look around and see the changes!  Current competitive business models are failing on a major world wide scale that boggles the mind!  If it were not for the Federal Government the major banks and automakers in the USA would be out of business.  (Probably many other big businesses, too)  This includes almost every other major country in the world.  Consider the message of Occupy Wall Street.  The time has come to put business as usual aside and start being cooperative.  Forget the brainwashing you got in school, from your Government, and from your family and friends.  It is time to get creative folks!

There are several models for cooperative business emerging and we will take a look at them in the next blog!  We must ask ourselves, “How important is money in the working of society?” Is money really necessary?  Everything you purchase is a statement of your beliefs.  What are you supporting? Why?

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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