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Coming Out Process

on December 1, 2011

Coming out is a tiered process that starts with a personal admittance.  It then touches those closest to you and branches out.  The depth of your personal admittance determines the effect you experience and in many ways determines the reactions others show you.

It is like an explosion with shock waves which reverberates out and back again.  The energy you put out will come back to you!  This is why it is so important to do your inner work or shadow work and forgive yourself to start with. (Even though there is nothing to forgive, but the illusion forgiveness is necessary.)

Coming out is usually a LGBTQ thing, however it can apply to any aspect of your life that you have denied.  It is a way of getting to know yourself; a labeling process if you will.  Self-identity is so important in society and will determine your success in this world.    The reason is simple, as a beacon of energy your thoughts are transmitted out to the world and come back to you in your experiences.  Love yourself and the world loves you back!!  Hate yourself and watch out!

Are you aware of your inner feelings?  Have you sat in front of a mirror and looked deep within your soul (eyes)?  This is the first step in coming out!  The next step is to embrace this identity and live it.  Live the life you know is right for you!  Share with those close to you… “I have great news…etc.”.

The next tier of coming out is to dress and act in a fashion that is authentic to your soul.  Allow those close to you to see the person you truly are within.  It may be like coming out all over again so be patient with them.  Maintain your positive attitude and allow them space to adjust to the new you.  Ask them not to jump to conclusions and offer to educate them or for them to do it themselves.  This is why websites like this one exist, to educate on gender and sexual orientation.  This is a soulful, spiritual journey, thus the Spiritual Learning Center is offered as well.

As the journey progresses you will get to know yourself better and so will your friends and family.  It is a win-win because we are all in this together!  So, coming out is a process that begins within and is shared with close friends, family, and associates (conceptual level).  It then progresses to the visual and interactive level where you are living the life you desire in the fashion you choose.  After a time, this will become natural and the process goes deeper and sometimes goes full circle leading back to where you started, although now this state has been processed and everyone is comfortable with it, most importantly you!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

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