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Makeup Application

on December 13, 2011

Lipstick Beauty


Makeup is an important part of any woman’s wardrobe; although now-a-days it depends on how you identify and where you live as to how important it is.  Since I grew up in the southern USA, it is very important to me.  Just how much you wear is up to you and will depend on the occasion you are preparing to attend.  For instance, my daily wear consists of moisturizing lotion, mascara and lipstick only.  Sometime I add eye shadow for a bolder look and if it is a formal event I use foundation and the works.

It is important to always clean your face first and then use a good moisturizing lotion to protect your skin.  Foundation can dry out the skin and cause wrinkles over time.  From this point just follow the guide below, leaving out any steps you deem unnecessary.

1.       CONCEALER

· Purpose: to hide dark shadows and under eye circles.

·Selection: a shade that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone.

·Application: dot in the inner corners of your eyes and gently blend out with your ring finger.

NOTE: can be applied a second time over foundation for additional coverage.



· Purpose: to provide a smooth base for long-lasting application, add color, even skin tone and hide imperfections.


a. Shade: warm undertones or cool undertones to match your skin. If you have to blend with your neck, it’s too dark!

b. Skin type: normal, oily, dry or sensitive?

·Application: Apply sparingly to forehead, nose, checks and chin using fingertips or sponge. Blend gently downward to the jawline. Never apply below jawline.

NOTE: some foundations change color after application. Wait a few minutes and check color. It should blend so well it’s almost invisible.


3.       POWDER

·Purpose: to “set” makeup, reduce shine and help foundation last longer. Also helps blush apply more smoothly and evenly.

·Selection: match intensity of foundation

· Application:

a. apply after foundation and before blush.

b. as a finishing touch after completion of makeup.

Apply with a puff or loose powder brush. Dust lightly across forehead, down the nose and across the cheeks and chin concentrating on shiny parts of the face.


4.        BLUSH

· Purpose: To add color and glow and accent bone structure.  Adds a vertical lift to the face.

· Selection: select to match coloring and skin tone. Drier skins often do better with a cream rather than powder form.

·Application: Apply blush starting at the center of the cheek, blending up the cheekbone and diagonally out and up toward the hairline right above the ear.

NOTE: Blush and lip color should be selected from the same color family


5.    EYES

Purpose: To accent the face and make you be noticed.  Eyes are the most important feature on your face in terms of makeup.  Using mascara alone will make a big difference.

Selection: Choose a color that matches your hair color, unless you desire a dramatic effect.


  1. put eyebrow mascara (if needed) on first and go lightly, should blend naturally, while making the brows more noticeable.
  2. Apply mascara next and use curler.  Choose colors that accent your clothes and hair color.
  3. Professionals at the makeup counter in dept. stores or specialty stores are good at assisting with color selection and application techniques.
  4. Also look on for visual instructions.  The more you see it done the easier will be to develop your own style.


            6.    LIPS

Purpose: To accent the face and enhance your beauty.  Lips are very personal so experiment to find your favorite.

Selection: Choose a color that compliments your eye color and makeup.


  1. Use a lipliner when using traditional lipsticks and cover the entire lip with lipliner after it is applied along the edge of lips.  This hides the use of lip liner when the lipstick wears off.
  2. Lip inks or other lasting lipsticks really do not need lip liner.
  3. Apply traditional lipstick after eating, drink, or kissing.  Will need to be touched up every few hours unless a long lasting version is used.  This is again personal preference.  Have FUN 😉


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