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Do Your Habits Serve You?

on October 24, 2012

Do your habits serve you?  I mean we all have habits.  Some of them serve you well like brushing your teeth before going to bed and some do not, like using cuss words.  Animals do the same thing and in fact more so.  Paths are paved through the forest by animals taking the same path over and over.  They look for food in the same place, sleep in the same spots and go to the watering hole the same time every day.

Since we are animals on one level, we too have habits, but unlike animals we can use our habits to our advantage.  For instance, say you have a hard time keeping up with your car keys or cell phone.  If you create a habit of always putting the keys in your purse or pocket it makes them easier to find.  Keeping your cellphone in the same place(s) also helps when the phone rings you know where to look.

Habits can be extended to any aspect of living and take 28 days to create.  This means you must do the same thing over and over for 28 days, without variation.  This may seem difficult but with some practice it is not hard at all.  The wonderful thing is the same method is used to break habits.

Say you are going to drop the habit of using cuss words.  This is done by replacing the old habit with a new one.  First of all choose substitute words, ones that make you feel good and ask your partner and friends for reminders as you go about your life.  If you slip up, no worries, simply moving on by repeating the desired term(s) and forgiving yourself (mentally).

So let us review, identify the desired change or habit to create, ask for support, practice for 28 days straight and wah-lah, your habits are serving you now!  An important aspect of this is to stay positive and non-judgmental; with patience and persistence anything can be accomplished.  It also helps to examine how your habits serve you.  Even “bad” habits serve you in some way so understanding this will make it easier to replace them with others which better support you.  Food is often used as a comfort, but this is not necessarily bad when used in moderation.  Alcohol can be a good socialization tool when not used to excess.  Things in and of themselves are not good or bad, it is what we make of them.  How are you going to use this new tool for success?

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

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