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Karmic Money

on October 18, 2014

Have you ever thought about where your money has come from?  I don’t mean printing presses or banks.  I mean energetically.  What sort of energy does money carry with it?  Consider this carefully.  Was that $20 bill your holding involved in a robbery or drug deal transaction?

When money is created at the printing press it is simply paper with ink on it, the energy it carries is neutral.  As soon as it touches a hand it takes on karmic energy and this builds in each and every transaction.  So let’s say you get a large windfall from a relative who wills you the money.  Their side of the family was always wealthy and loved to do philanthropic work.  Most likely this money will possess positive karma and will attract more money like it.  So you prosper from this point on.

Now let us look at a scenario many people dream and hope for every day because most of us don’t have wealthy family.  Winning the jackpot lottery is something everyone desires, right?  Consider where this money has been and since there is a lot of it the energy it carry’s is intense!  Most likely it will have picked up quite a bit of negative energy and so it goes… many of the Grand Prize winners have lost or spent all the money in under five years.  They are right back where they started from.

The moral to this tale is simply be aware of what you wish for and more importantly cherish what you already have!  Know that everything comes with a price and we are not talking money here.  Energy is everywhere and objects can collect and store this energy.

Here is an example you may relate to.  Ever talk to your car?  Are you nice to it?  Do you curse the car when things don’t go your way or it breaks down?  What if you praised your car and held gratitude for it?  I suppose the easiest way to put it is this; What you put out, you get back.  As for the windfall you’ve been wishing for, keep it positive!

🙂 Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity

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