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Virtual Exercise

on January 26, 2015

Some may call virtual exercise ‘meditation’ and they would be close. I call it the power of imagination.  The idea is really simple and goes like this; the two things which characterize exercise are deep breathing and blood flow. Of course the muscles contracting are simply one mechanism to make this work. Heat is another factor which as we do work, heat is produced thus increasing both breathing to cool the blood and blood flow for the same reason of cooling.

What if you were to practice deep breathing techniques while in a warm bath or room? When you get right down to it the warmth is not really even necessary, it just amps things up a bit. It really is all about the deep breathing and the imagination. Nothing exterior is really needed.

If you feel the need you can use things like the warm bath or room, music, virtual imagery, binaural beat brainwave therapy and perhaps even movement (calisthenics, yoga, negative resistance, etc). Imagine yourself climbing a mountain, running in the park, swimming in azure waters, whatever you like! Use the tools to assist your starting and then wean yourself off of them and always focus on the inner gifts and know the outer is simply an expression of the inner.

Deep breathing works because you are literally drawing life into your body. Prana/Chi=Air=Energy. As you breathe use your imagination to feel the energy filling each cell of your body, relax and move your focus from top to bottom and then back up again… focus on each body part starting with the head moving down to the toes and then back up again. Get very specific if you have plenty of time or be more general if this is a brief exercise. Be sure to visualize the energy filling the cells and organs, flushing out stagnant, stale energy and replacing it with new vibrant excitement… Love itself!

The more you practice the better and easier it will get. There will come a time when five minutes deep breathing whenever you are stressed or simply need a break will be all the exercise you need. It should be a regular, at least daily practice for 30 days, eventually becoming a happy healthy habit you will miss if you forget.

Note of caution: Please be careful not to hyperventilate, so go slowly and also keep the warm room, sauna, hot tub, bath to a minimum, 5-15 mins are enough. Tell someone where you are and ask them to check on you or simply have them join you. Common sense applies always and all ways.

Sequoia Elisabeth 🙂

Unity in Gender Diversity

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