Oneness Ministry

We are One

Temet Nosce

on November 1, 2015

Mother came to me last night in a dream and reminded me the importance of Love. My purpose here is to teach/learn that love is all there is and being separate from this love is just not possible. We might as well try to ignore the air we breath. Being without love is like being without air. The body will die without air to breath. Just like air can be infused into water if we adjust to its frequency it sustains us. Gills are used for this purpose to breath under water and you can be a gill for love in this world. I am. I am matching my frequency to love and converting this to a form which is natural for you. Accept my love. Know that we are One. Feel the love which you are… “to thy own self be true”… “Temet Nosce” (Know Thyself).

If you have not read the book, “Sex and Sexuality” then I offer it to you now. This book further explains what I have just explained above. The book uses my own life to illustrate this journey of love. It is a free download from So instead of making this a long blog I will end right here and leave you with the option to read on!

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