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on July 24, 2016

Cloud tunnel

The transgender journey is no different than the many other journey’s we take such as Athletic star, War Hero, Peacemaker, Saint, Villain, etc. It is a role which makes us feel special. And yes, it is just a role. It is not who we are, so how can one be authentic when on the Transgender Journey? Authenticity comes when “playing the role” true to the heart. Meaning the person truly believes their thoughts and even their feelings! They become the role like any really good actor does. Another way of thinking of this is “being in the world but not of it.”

For clarification let me say that each person is an actor playing roles. Perhaps the role is cisgender heterosexual male or perhaps some other. As the ACIM teaches and quantum physics has demonstrated, there is no world out there! There is only the One Mind playing a game with itself. See the game for what it is, a cry for Love and make this Ok. See with compassion for both yourself and other self (the self projected out as other people, places, and things)

I feel it, Heaven is this feeling of Love and compassion which lifts you up and makes it all “Ok”. It is a dream within a dream that feels “real” when the only “real” is this sense of uplifting Love. It is possible to live in Heaven on Earth, I have done it! It does not last that long at this point, but it just keeps on getting better! The deeper I go the more is revealed and the more steady and constant the peace becomes. For clarification, Love, Peace, and Joy are equal to me, as they are all words which describe God, the all that is. Of course words are never quite sufficient, but they are what we have at this point. Look beyond the words and see with your feelings at the heart level. Intuit this knowledge, we all have it, because there is but One. Separation is part of the dream and when it no longer serves us it will fall away. For brief moments now I can connect to the Oneness and this makes “the Journey” tolerable. What we all seek is to connect with this Love, Divinity, Oneness and know without a doubt there is no other truth.

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