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Forgiveness Lession – Attack

on June 13, 2016

Shooting ClipartForgive those who would perceive attack, for they are deluded/ignorant/asleep (choose your word). Attack is simply the attempt to justify the projection of guilt onto others, demonstrating sinfulness and guilt so that we may feel free of it; because attack is always a projection of responsibility for the separation, and it is never justified. Attack or Anger (synonymous terms) is also used to denote the thought of separation from God, for which we believe God will attack and punish us in return. (FACIM)

The event this past weekend in Orlando FL at the Pulse Nightclub reflects this tragic mindset of lashing out at others to quell inner feelings of guilt and pain. Feel compassion for Omar Mir Seddique Mateen!! He apparently believed by harming others it would free him from pain. All it did was multiply it by a factor of 100 (at least). As misguided as this “attack” was it has occurred and now we must use this forgiveness lesson to its fullest opportunity. To look away is to miss an opportunity for freedom. The souls we “lost” are volunteers (at the soul level) for they know that catalyst like this propels us forward to greater heights of love and compassion. On the ego level we experience fear and hatred, what I ask here is to see beyond this and know the ego is temporary. Only Love is real! All else is delusion/distraction/unreal.

My deepest compassion goes to all the volunteers, including family, friends, and Omar Mateen for their courage to manifest this forgiveness opportunity. Thank you for the reminder, We are all Love, and our journey here is to re-member this!

In Peace and Love,

Sequoia Elisabeth  &

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