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Courtroom Law Fails Us

on February 24, 2017

Being a member of the LGBTQ community it is painful sometimes to watch my constituents “fight” for a right they already posses. I mean we all have to use the potty at some point, right? Many transgender people, esp. youth will hold it till they get home or to a safe place and often they will not go out into public at all for fear of being outed or harassed. This is not a Civil Rights issue, but a personal one.

The rule I go by is simple, if you present feminine, then go to the women’s room and vice versa. If you present neutral or non-conforming then use the restroom you are most comfortable with. Birth sex makes no difference in my mind. This is more about how you are perceived by others. If you don’t know, ask your friends. It goes without saying that you go in and do your business and get out. Hanging out, chatting, etc. is all fine, but asking for confrontation, so beware what you ask for.

Why do we need a courtroom to tell us what bathroom to use, or whom we can marry, or where we can go? I say Spiritual Law trumps courtroom law any day. The highest spiritual law is Free Will. When you understand this law the rest fall right into place. This is how it works, we each have free will to make choices as we see fit. We do so understanding there are consequences to our actions. The law of karma sees to this. So if you choose to bully me or even kill me, then the law of karma will give you what you have coming. What you give (do to another) you receive (often in different form and on Spirit’s schedule). The spiritual system works to support your spiritual growth. Have faith in this! The world is your friend and supporter if you allow it. Hope is a false prophet, because nothing ever comes of it other than to temporarily make you feel better, so put no stock in this. Hope is one of many distractions we have in this world. Fear is behind courtroom law and nothing good comes from fear. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Know that you are your ultimate authority and unless you give this power to others (the court, government, teachers, parents, etc.) then it is yours. Fighting is giving this power away. Study Universal Law if you wish to understand this better.

Within the realm of Free Will, forcing others to behave a certain way (not discriminate) is a violation of the highest law of the land. This creates Karma and the cycle repeats. So laws like Civil Rights, Abortion, Death penalty, etc. are all violating Free Will. It is only fear which dictates they exist at all. Many say, we need order and this is true from a limited perspective. What they don’t realize is these things will take care of themselves if we stop trying to dictate the outcome. Detach from your expectations and let Life support you. What you seek you will find! If you expect bad things to happen you will not be disappointed. What you focus on grows. Find Faith and trust in life to support you and those times when it does not, forgive, forget, and move on. Learn from these experiences, but do not think that if it happened once it will happen again. Just because one person bullies you, does not mean others will. And it does not mean this same person will not be nice to you at some other time.

The world responds to your thoughts, words, and actions. So focus on that which you desire, forgive (non-judgment) that which you don’t, and know that what you give you receive.

Blessings on your Journey of Love,

Sequoia Elisabeth

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