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Insights…Part I

on March 18, 2017

We each have one life, our own. When it is over, the consciousness which makes us, us shifts and never occurs exactly that way again. The person you are born as becomes self aware from about the age of 2-6 years old. This person grows and evolves. In certain cases the person can die without the body’s death. This is in fact what has happen to me and possibly to many of us. The form this takes varies. One could say each of us has a different “story”. There are small ego deaths which change ones path only slightly and there are larger life changing deaths which can never be reclaimed. One could argue that each night we lay down to sleep and awaken the next morning a different person, however slightly that may be. On a conscious level we can be aware of these changes, although this takes focus and attention. When we set our intention to remember and map these changes a pattern can be discerned. I have had this experience. Putting all this into words is so difficult and I am doing my best so bear with me as I attempt to explain.

It is like life has access to only one point in Space/Time, the Now. What is shifting is our perceptions. Consciousness moves, we do not. So many lessons can be taken from this simple knowledge. This evening I had the realization that “I” am finite. When this body dies and consciousness transforms to other expressions it is indeed an end. Not in a bad way, but simply in a lasting way. For instance, Albert Einstein the person will never exist again from my perspective. He died 4/18/1955. His legacy will live on forever or as long as consciousness remains aware of him. There are people who are no longer in consciousness or awareness of anyone, so they indeed no longer exist. Again, this is not good or bad, so don’t think of this on those terms. I guess what I am saying is if you wish to be remembered then you must pass your knowledge to others, share a gift of yourself in whatever form works for you. Write a book, build a bridge, coach a baseball team, love your children, etc. Our gifts to others are indeed gifts to ourselves and to greater consciousness. (Working for money is just that, business, so this does not count as giving. Of course if your work comes from the heart as a gift then you are taken care of in return. Many books have been written on giving/receiving or what some call Spiritual Economics, so I will let you do your own research on this one.)

In my understanding, reincarnation as it is taught does not exist. The difference is that a particular mind/body complex does not recur in any form once it has occurred. There is no “soul” that comes back. There is One soul or One Mind and it knows all there is to know. We each are like a blade of grass in a vast never ending meadow! Each blade exists and then never again repeats exactly the same. Each blade of grass is a Universe on to itself!

Refocusing on the perspective of a Transgender individual like myself. My life existed as one mind/body complex to the point of transition and then shifted in such a large way that there is no going back to any part of the previous story. In effect the person I was died quite literally and a new person was born. I even remember grieving that former self. It could be said that he was murdered in order for the new me to exist. However, we are not separate. We are still and always have been one person. Everyone is connected through the One Mind. Since I don’t like long blogs I will close with this one thought. More in the next blog. We give for the greater good as well as for our own good. Goodness grows Consciousness! And who are we if not the One.

Sequoia Elisabeth

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