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Learn to Love

on April 10, 2017

Growth Beauty LightLearning to love is just like any other learning. One step at a time. It is a process. One starts with basic life and learns to love the mineral. Minerals are the most basic form of life on Earth and makes up the Earth herself. Appreciate the landscape! Let her beauty infuse your mind and body. Crystals are the enlightenment of minerals and come in thousands of forms, colors, and makeups. See the beauty in a salt crystal, discover where they come from, and experience them in their native habitat. Ice is water in crystalline form and is found everywhere! The beauty of enlightenment is found wherever you are. Rare minerals are also beautiful and should be appreciated also, but don’t fall into the trap of one is more special or beautiful than another. Each has its own beauty and gift to share. This goes for snowflakes all the way to human beings. Love is found everywhere as you will discover.

The next step in this process is caring for a plant. Any plant, found anywhere. The idea is to grow the plant either as an ornamental or as food. Love it and it will love you back. These steps echo the development of earth, mineral, plant, animal, human. Plants have evolved from basic single cell organisms to complex flowering life forms. Flowering plants are the enlightenment of plants. As you love and care for your plants they teach you about love by simply growing! They ask for so little and in return give so much! This is love. Listen to your plants, research their needs, make them happy and in return you find happiness. When this becomes second nature it is time to move on to animals. Start small.

Perhaps with insect life or reptiles. There are so many choices when it comes to animals, so take your time and give each type a chance. We are each drawn to certain animals, dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, etc. The point is not what type, breed, or species you have but how you care for it. Do you keep their space clean, give them good food, and some form of entertainment? This is love. Provide for them and in return you will be provided for. With each step the choices expand as well as the opportunities to experience love. Soon you will be ready for the next and most challenging step. Loving other human beings. This starts with the self.

To love thy self is to love others and vice versa. We are One. This is the last step, but I get ahead of myself. Self love begins by eating food which makes you feel good and making choices which support your well being instead of destroying it. We all know the basic vices, drugs, alcohol, sex obsession, excessive risk taking, and avoiding activity just to name a few. All good things in moderation as the saying goes. To love the self we keep our bodies clean, well groomed, eat good food, and engage in social activity. Love includes expanding the mind and heart/soul. This includes learning to learn! We have almost gone full circle now.

love3Loving others is a challenge we all must face so when you are ready jump right in. This is usually done with the family or those closest to you. As one looks out to others they are actually seeing themselves projected but that is not what we experience at first. We are fooled into believing they are separate from ourselves and what they do does not affect us. This is not true. What is true is you have no control over what they choose. Not directly anyway. Since “they” are a projection of you, then control becomes the choices you make about both you and “them”. See their beauty and you will find your own. What you see in them is actually what is in you. Do not let this disturb you, but this is really a good thing. Since you have learned to care for yourself, now simply care for them also. Just do it in a way that does not violate free will. This is a topic all in itself, but suffice it to say when helping others make sure you have their permission directly or in the form of a request or question. This love progresses to the point of Loving all there is. As I mentioned above, We are One and this means all there is. Love is all there is. Don’t sweat the details 😉

Sequoia Elisabeth

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